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Totem VDR Following IMO regulations and SOLAS requirements for VDR, certain classes of vessels are required to install VDR units by July 2002. Totem VDR.

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2 Totem VDR Following IMO regulations and SOLAS requirements for VDR, certain classes of vessels are required to install VDR units by July 2002. Totem VDR meets and exceeds IMO Performance standard A.861 (20), IEC 61996, IEC 60945 and IEC 61162-1. Totem VDR is approved by DNV.

3 Totem VDR (Cont.) Totem VDR consists of: Protective Memory Capsule (PMC) mounted on deck, where it can be easily retrieved by divers or ROVs following an incident. Totem PMC rugged design exceeded IEC 60945 requirements for marine going equipment Main Unit cabinet, placed inside the ships bridge, containing a computer (PC), a monitor and UPS (Un- interrupted Power Supply). Replay software, which enables the retrieval and the display of all recorded data is included as a standard feature of the Totem VDR system.

4 Totem VDR Block Diagram System Overview

5 VDR on board of a New Building The VDR Protective Memory Capsule Contains 2Gb flash disk, Ultrasonic location beacon, 2 handles, and 1 cable connection socket. Stores data of the last 12 hours on a final recording medium inside the PMC. Special storage capsule protects the final recording medium. Designed to withstand the extreme shock, heavy impact, high pressure and heat, which could be associated with a maritime incident. Easy installation on deck by 2 simple 300mm welding.

6 Cabinet contains Main Unit computer (PC), 15 monitor, keyboard, mouse and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). PC contains CD-W for saving data on a CD (e.g. saving non catastrophic events). UPS backup provides at least 2 hours continuous recording following a blackout. Keyboard is locked inside the cabinet - only authorized personal using a password can operate it. Lower portion of cabinet, reserved for cables and terminals, provides easy installation and maintenance. VDR - Main Unit Cabinet

7 Totem VDR – System Highlights Eight (8) independent single audio channels, NO MIXING of Audio channels. Main Units PC is connected through Ethernet cable to the Totem PMC. Integral CD-W (CD writer) in PC for saving of non- catastrophic data. PC monitor displays status of recorded items at all times (Redundant IBS – Integrated Bridge System – information). Redundancy – data stored on both hard disk (of PC) and on final recording medium (inside the PMC).

8 VDR-Recording Inputs The following items are recorded (as per IMO Resolution.861(20): Date and TimeMain Alarms (IMO Mandatory Bridge Alarms) Ships PositionRudder Order and Response SpeedEngine Order and Response HeadingHull Openings (Doors) Status Bridge AudioWatertight and Fire Doors Status Communication AudioAcceleration and Hull Stresses (if available) Radar Data – post display selectionWind Speed and Direction Echo Sounder

9 Totem VDR - Main Screen Redundant IBS Information

10 Save Non-Catastrophic Events Screen Data saving and deletion is possible at any time Data can be saved on a CD or on the computers hard drive

11 System Configuration Screen Displays system configuration as entered during installation

12 Alarms Screen VDR Password Menu options are restricted to authorized persons only, requiring a username and a password Always on top

13 Totem VDR Advantages Novel design allows for affordable cost. Open architecture design based on PC technology easily adapted to suit any type of vessel. Fast installation on new buildings or retrofit, based on product simplicity and Totem Plus experience in Automation and Monitoring Systems. Easy setup during installation. Faster annual inspection then most VDRs in the market.

14 Totem VDR Advantages (Cont.) Data can be saved for much longer periods than the mandatory 12 hours on the PCs hard disk (suitable for owners use). Easy expansion of binary or analog inputs – built in Siemens S7 PLC (14 binary inputs included as standard). Replay software module for both ship and office is included as standard. The PMC is manufactured by Totem Plus eliminating the need to rely on a third party and insures conforming to the highest standards without compromising.

15 The replay software enables retrieval and display of all recorded data. Current data (e.g. non-catastrophic data) can be saved in a file and displayed on a dedicated PC onboard (or sent to the head office). The stored data can be analyzed for incident investigation and performance monitoring, for crew training and analysis of ships operation. Data can be displayed on most major Electronic Chart Display units (ECDIS). Replay and Analysis Software

16 Replay software – Main Screen Enables the selection of saved data type to be replayed individually or simultaneously

17 Replay of Recorded Radar Pictures Radar pictures in the saved file can be advanced manually or automatically (fast forward)

18 Navigation information in a tabular form Information in the saved navigation files is presented in tables

19 Replay of Recorded Audio Saved Audio files can be replayed using any MP3 media player program or the built- in Voice Replay program

20 Multiple Information Screen View Radar pictures, listen to the Audio channels and view the navigational information simultaneously. The recorded times are automatically synchronized

21 Totem Plus at a glance Totem Plus goal is to create modern, reliable and affordable systems. It has been developing ship automation and marine computerized applications since 1994 and was one of the pioneers in integrating several systems into one control system. The Unique array of products developed by Totem Plus leads to easy integration of several systems into one control system. Totem Plus supports a global network of representatives and a considerable installation base. Quality assurance is under the assessment of DNV s - ISO 9001.

22 Totem Plus Products at a glance Additional products: Engine Alarm, Monitoring and Control Systems. (IMACS) Loading programs (stress and stability) and Emergency Response programs. (LoadMate) Integrated Tank Gauging systems with its unique built in loading program. (TankMate) Dry Dock Organizer and automatic specification report generator. (DDO)

23 Thank you Please contact us with any technical or commercial questions at: Totem Plus 29 Sokolov St. POB 164 Herzliya 46100, ISRAEL Phone: + 972-9-9572458 Fax: + 972-9-9562018

24 Rua Voluntários da Pátria 190/402 Rio de Janeiro – RJ CEP 22270-010 Tel.: (21) 9982-6015 Fax: (21) 2535-8289

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