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AutoAid Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

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1 AutoAid Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

2 TONNEAU COVER Product Presentation


4 TONNEAU COVER “Overview”
Tonneau covers are also known as Cargo Blinds. The name ‘Tonneau’ came from a French word that means rear seating compartment of a vehicle. It is pronounce as “Tanno”. Although the truck bed is not usually a seating compartment, the term “Tonneau” is still widely used. The Tonneau cover adds another dimension to your vehicle. All our Tonneau Covers comes with a slim fit board with textured fabric which matches the interior of your vehicle. The Tonneau Cover is light and is designed to fit your luggage area perfectly. It protects the luggage area from prying eyes and keeps the vehicle safe from harm. It’s a non-Jamming Retractable System, Easily operated, Vibration Free, Quick Installation and Anti UV Aging Cover. At Autoaid Technologies, we have gone a step further by developing the Retractable “Tonneau Covers” for MPVs as well as SUVs, as we see a need for these types of vehicles too.

5 TONNEAU COVER “Brief Description”
Competitive Advantage against your competitors in the same Market segment. Presents your potential customers the peace of mind and a better perceive value of your vehicle. Designed to fit easily into your vehicle with minimal installation. A very practical add-on accessory and the PVC cover auto retracts when it’s released from the hinge. Prevents the vehicle boot space from being exposed. Competitive pricing. Designed for mid range priced cars or 3 row seaters that have a open cargo area.

6 Why ‘Tonneau Cover’? Keeps your equipment and valuables out of sight by concealing your valuables and equipment. Keeps the inside of your car cooler and less strain to your Air Conditioner. It is a practical product and keeps your cargo area neat & tidy. It is designed to be easily dismantled when the 3rd row seat is being used. Whilst using the 3rd row seat, the “Tonnaeu Cover” can be easily kept away behind the 3rd row seat. Resistant to UV rays. No Maintenance Required.

7 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION (Is Attached in your Handouts)

8 NISSAN Grand Livina with “Tonneau Cover”

9 Toyota Avanza/ Daihatsu Xenia with “Tonneau Cover”

10 Toyota Rush/ Daihatsu Terios with “Tonneau Cover”

11 “Tonneau Cover” being stored behind 3rd row Seat

12 (Is Attached in your Handouts)
Tonneau Cover Summary “Test Report” (Is Attached in your Handouts)

13 Other Features Quick Installation. Minimal Training required.
Light in Weight. Designed to meet and surpasses the stringent Automotive OEM Test Standards. Trim and PVC Colours are also designed to be very close to the OEM Colours used. Non-Jamming Retractable System. Vibration Free. Attractive Leather Pattern.

14 (Is Attached in your Handouts)
Tonneau Cover Summary “Test Report” (Is Attached in your Handouts)

15 FAQs 1. Q What is the material used in the Tonneau Cover?
A The Tonneau Cover is designed using all Automotive materials; such as PVC Sheeting, Plastic and Alloys. 2. Q How can it be Installed? A Every Tonneau Cover comes with a D.I.Y installation Kit or a Jig and it takes the Technician 10 minutes to read and understand the guide. It’s a very simple installation method. 3. Q What other techniques can it be installed? A We have designed it to be able to have a flexibility of dual methods of installation, Firstly; is the drill with Scrivets method and the Second method is with Double Sided Tape. 4. Q Have you conducted any Test on both of the method of Installation? A Yes, we have conducted various Test on both method and we have passed with flying colours.

16 FAQs 5. Q How tough and durable is the Tonneau Cover?
A After sending it out for the various external test, we are very convince that it is an excellent product. As we have Tested it more than the require specifications. 6. Q Can I remove the Tonneau Cover once it is installed? A You can dismantle the Tonneau Cover but the Brackets and holders are permanent after your have installed it. 7. Q What happens if I get the Tonneau Cover dirty? A Clean it off immediately with soap and water. Then use only clean water and wipe it again. DO NOT use anything hard to brush on the surface of fabric. 8. Q How long does it take to install? A It takes at least 15 to 20 minutes for an in-experience hand to install the Tonneau Cover.

17 FAQs 9. Q Can you repair a section that has been damaged?
A NO, It is not repairable, if it was the fabric. You may need to buy another set. But if it was the other accessories, you may be able to get them. 10. Q Is the Tonneau Cover flammable? A NO, as we are using Automotive grade of parts and it does not cause flammability to its parts. 11. Q What kind of warranty does the Tonneau Cover have? A We warranty the product against faulty manufacturer and defective materials. Once we see that there is signs that there was tempering or dismantling onto the part. The Warranty is immediately VOID. 12. Q Can I use the Tonneau cover for other vehicles of different makes? A NO, the Tonneau Cover is designed specially for your type of vehicle only.

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