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Media Making. Agenda About Us Vision Mission Sat-Channel SMS2TV Platform In House SMS Services Web2TV Chat Portal SMS Marketing 2 Way SMS Upcoming Projects.

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1 Media Making

2 Agenda About Us Vision Mission Sat-Channel SMS2TV Platform In House SMS Services Web2TV Chat Portal SMS Marketing 2 Way SMS Upcoming Projects

3 About Us Head Quarter in Egypt. An Egyptian Technician & Media Maker. Art Founder for a number of satellite channels on Nile sat Dynamic Platform with high redundancy. Highly Skilled Staff. Support 24X7 Innovative Ideas

4 Copyright 2008 Smart Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved Vision How to transform media making into a profitable project that could reach the highest ranges of income possible

5 Mission Establishing, Setting up & Operating of a satellite channel Inventing creative ideas in regards to the screen and branding (name, logo, promotions, graphics, SMS interactivity)

6 Sat-Channel SMS2TV Platform

7 SMS2TV Platform Scroll Bar for chatting: with the following features (Normal, VIP) Left – Right and Right – Left auto detect depend on the language of the messages Nicknames appears in different color Ability to insert TV logo as messages separators Ability to insert emotions within the messages Ability to control the speed of the bar Ability to have more than one bar with load balancing Ability to choose from different templates (to be created based on customer request) One to One chatting Profiling Animated chat bar background.

8 SMS2TV Platform Voting – On screen Voting contents and results Quizzes – On screen Questions Love Meter Match Making Info channel pushing service Contents Downloads (copyrights required) Web Enabled Filtering and chatter programs Online Traffic Reporting: online reporting system for SMS and IVR traffic reporting Reverse auction. Competition programs. Interactive games. Auto playlist.

9 TV Platform Animated ads. Animated LOGO. Show clip info. Auto and dynamic playlist. Show dynamic animated character. Web Enabled Scene control. SMS Enabled Scene control.

10 TV Layout Samples



13 TV Application Layout

14 Online Voting Results Sample ContestantKeyword Votes% Ahmed31 1209911.34% Wael24 3089928.97% Mustafa27 2467323.13% Kamel42 3900136.56% Total 106672100.00%

15 Filtering Program


17 Online Sample Reporting

18 Installation Site Inspection Internet Ready Power TV Signal (SDI, Composite, …) Hardware Delivery ( Servers + Character Generator) SW Installation Testing Knowledge transfer Monitoring Go Live

19 In House SMS Services

20 Arabic SMS Services خدمة اسمك ببيت شعر. خدمة صفاتك بأحرف اسمك. خدمة اسمك ومعناه. خدمة مناسبات وتهاني. خدمة خط الرومانسيات. خدمة زمرة دمك. خدمة تحليل الشخصية. خدمة حدث في يوم ميلادك. خدمة الأشعار. خط النكت و الترفيه. خدمة الخلطات السرية للجمال مقدمة من الدكتور مبارك الأشقر. خدمات خاصة بتصميم المسابقات.

21 Web2TV Chat Portal

22 Web2TV Chat Send SMS From web to mobile Receive SMS from mobile to web Send SMS from web to TV Compose text and send it to TV

23 SMS Marketing

24 Web SMS Solution Features and functionalities: Messages Compose Text Message Outbox Address Book Contacts (Add, Edit, Delete, Import, Export) Groups (Add, Edit, Delete, Import, Export) Add, Edit, Delete Templates Reports Bulk Sent Daily bulk sent Monthly bulk sent Credit balance Admin Manage Users (Edit, New, Delete) Manage Credit (Transfer, Details) Account Summery (Transaction Details) Users Usage Bulk Sent Daily bulk sent Monthly bulk sent

25 SMS Broadcasting Service SMS advertising has significantly increased during the past years due to the rapid growth in mobile phone ownership. With the amazing increase and popularity of this media, we have generated SMS campaigns that engage target market, drive response and deliver key customer awareness. What You expects to accomplish Provides publicity for your Company. Contacting multiple potential clients simultaneously. Allows you to target domestic markets across the region. Local visibility and awareness for your offered services. Develop instant credibility

26 2 Way SMS

27 Two-Way SMS Messaging Receive inbound text messages direct to your system applications. Sat-Channel makes extending your messaging capabilities with two-way SMS simple. You can easily receive messages by making use of our HTTP or SMPP application programming interfaces. Financial services - banking, insurance, brokers, lenders (e.g. transaction alerts, account status, etc.) Government - emergency alerts, natural disasters, first responders, public safety Retail & consumer goods - mobile marketing, campaigns, order & account status, customer service, coupons, etc. Travel & Hospitality - flight updates, hotel reservations, booking confirmations Transport & logistics - order, shipping, delivery status, RFID applications Utilities - field service, customer notifications, etc. Healthcare - appointment notifications/confirmations Media & entertainment - mobile marketing/media, voting, quizzing, content, etc. And more - business continuity, operations, trouble tickets, etc

28 Thanks Sat-Channel Setting up&Operating of Satellite Channels CellPhone:+20108796318-+20123174201 Fax:+20233025237 197B–26July St-Sphinx Sq-El

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