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2005 Auto Body Industry Compulsory Certification Feasibility Study NS Automotive Human Resource Sector Council.

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2 2005 Auto Body Industry Compulsory Certification Feasibility Study NS Automotive Human Resource Sector Council

3 Shortage of youth entering trade Safety rating Professionalizing trade standards Quality of workmanship Industry image Workforce demographics Availability of training Reasons Prompting Review

4 Apprenticeship Statistics 2004 Automotive Service Technician trade Auto Body (MVR Metal & Paint trade) Active Apprentices63541 New Journeypersons561 New Registrations761 Section 30 Exam Applicants812 Apprenticeship Statistics

5 1999/2000 Calling On the industry Bridging the Gaps Prep for the Future Youth Decision Association Communication Meetings Survey History

6 Benefits of Compulsory Certification Improve consumer assurance and protection Improve public awareness Improve training culture within the industry Create a level playing field for businesses Create provincial skills-level standards for all repairers Recognizes the importance of windshield installers and Appraisers Stablizes the workforce - long-term Promote mentorship within the workplace Create structure for the next generation of workforce

7 1. 4 Industry Advisory Committee meetings 2. Employer & Employee Surveys 3. 6 Provincial focus groups 4. 2 validation meetings 5. Industry interviews 6. Stakeholder meetings 7. Follow-up telephone calls 8. Public Notice 9. Final Strategy & Recommendations Report 10. Presentation to NS Apprenticeship Board 2004/05 Review Process

8 Alistair McElwee – Colonial Collision Laurie Hutt – MacPhee Pontiac Blaine North – Norths Auto Body Lennie Adams – Carroll Pontiac Kelvin Campbell – Chapman Auto Body Lindsay Gates – Executive Director, CRANS Maurice Anderson – Canavans Central Appraisals Marjorie Davison – NS Apprenticeship Winston Ingraham – UCCB Walter Roy – Nova Scotia Community College industry Advisory Committee


10 Status Quo is not sustainable Industry faces serious challenges Attracting/retaining qualified young people Getting incomes up Health and safety Compulsory certification is not a magic solution to all our challenges General Themes

11 It will take some time to reap the rewards of compulsory certification General Themes Some short-term investment Overall confidence that it will pay off over the medium term The consequences of doing nothing are far more serious than moving forward.

12 32 of 37 support compulsory certification (86%) 31 support motor vehicle repair 13 support painter (35%) 23 support windshield installer 26 support appraiser Employers Employees 78 of 86 support compulsory certification (91%) 75 support motor vehicle repair 51 support painter (60%) 61 support windshield installer 61 support appraiser Survey Results

13 Financial incentives, tax breaks Local training & exams Personal assistance from certification officers Assistance with Section 30 exam Use language commonly used on the job Provide upgrade training, refresher training and pre- test to prepare people for exam Considerations for Transition

14 Next Steps Final Report Presentation to Apprenticeship Board Application Process (June 2005) Workforce Demographic Impact Study (2005/06) Apprenticeship - Associations - Council Partnership Development Industry Capacity Building Review of Apprenticeship Curriculum (2005) Implementation of Compulsory Certification (2006/07)

15 NSCC Akerley Campus will deliver the Apprenticeship Training Program for Nova Scotia beginning Fall 2005 An instructor will be hired to work with Apprenticeship to develop the curriculum for the Province, promote Apprenticeship and to deliver the program Apprenticeship will be delivered as a combination of theory and hands-on training using the Akerley facilities

16 For technicians already in the industry a course will be developed and available to these individuals to assist in challenging the exam Examination fees will be waived for a period of time in order that existing technicians have the opportunity to become compliant with the new regulations Apprenticeship may include I-CAR based programs for purchase


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