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Slide 1 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Alfa-Auto Department Tel.: +7 (495) 231-20-02, 223-04-04

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1 Slide 1 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Alfa-Auto Department Tel.: +7 (495) ,

2 Slide 2 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 The software suite Alfa-Auto was developed on top of the 1C:Enterprise platform and it offers comprehensive support of all business processes in motor shops, service centers and companies that specialize in spare parts trade. Manager has access to information concerning different departments of the company. Our software suite offers information needed for decision making. Thanks to the reliable architecture of the 1C:Enterprise platform document movement and specifications can be developed to fit any customers needs. Alfa-Auto 4

3 Slide 3 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 The history of Alfa-Auto begins since 1997; May, 2000 – Alfa-Auto 2 based on platform «1С:Enterprise 7.7», is sold more than 250 copies; June, 2002 – Alfa-Auto 3 based on platform «1С:Enterprise 7.7», is sold more than 3500 copies; May, 2005 – Alfa-Auto 4 based on platform «1С:Enterprise 8», is sold more than 3000 copies (more than licenses). History of Alfa-Auto

4 Slide 4 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Alfa-Auto customers are car business enterprises with various number or users. Description of Typical Alfa-Auto 4 Customer Data is actual on 7/1/2009

5 Slide 5 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 The software suite Alfa-Auto 4 for auto business consists of following products: Alfa-Auto 4 Product Line Alfa-Auto 4 Car Shop + WorkShop + Spare Parts WorkShop + Spare Parts

6 Slide 6 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Alfa-Auto 4 Functional Modules Warehouse accounting Mutual settlement Account of extra profits and losses Support of trade equipment Cash flow Data exchange Classificatory: Spare parts Autowork Automobile Classificatory: Spare parts Autowork Automobile Repair accounting Gain of the performer General system classificatory Administration Budgeting Reports

7 Slide 7 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 The most important features are: Large number of spare parts nomenclatures; Identification of spare parts by its catalogue number (article); Information concerning interchangeable parts is very important; Information about the applicability of spare parts for various car models; Ability to specify additional specification for spare part; Ability to work with tires, rims and sets of spare parts; Support of barcodes scanning using OSG scanners and data collection terminals. Spare Parts Accounting Module

8 Slide 8 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Product card Form of the Nomenclature Directory (Catalogue)

9 Slide 9 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Typical spare parts price list contains thousands to millions of entries. Large enterprises usually process up to entries per year. It is not effective to store such price lists in the 1C:Enterprise database because of following reasons: it takes to much time to update data (e.g., after you received new prices), database size grows seriously in time. It is recommended to save data externally (for instance, in MS SQL or dBASE) when youre using a database with over entries. Plus, in addition to effective data storage you will receive flexible data access control system. Large Volume Price Lists

10 Slide 10 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 The standard Alfa-Auto installation allows to input unlimited number of prices for each nomenclature position. This is archived by using the Catalogue Price Type. Prices can be kept in the database or calculated from a basic price type – this is defined by the catalogue settings; Prices can be given in any currency; It is possible to define interest margins for all the goods, by nomenclature groups or for each position; It is possible to carry out pricing on the basis of a price list; A flexible discount and interest margin system is in place; Supplier prices are also available; The price of goods is subject to change. Spare Parts Pricing

11 Slide 11 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 The following types of trade are supported: Wholesale; Retail; Commission. All necessary documentation was developed according to the Tax Law. Exchange of documents with other standard configurations such as 1C:Accounting is supported. Spare Parts Trade

12 Slide 12 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Spare Parts Order Scheme Process of the order of spare parts is carried out from the order of the buyer till shipment. The program allows to correct existing orders and to replace spare parts.

13 Slide 13 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 It is possible to checkout buyers order as well as internal company orders (internal orders are the orders between departments of the company from one warehouse to another). Flexible mechanism of processing buyers orders for the supplier: Manual selection; Based on received orders; By analyzing the minimal balance of goods at the warehouse; Calculating orders based on sales within a given period. Report Carried out orders. The Buyers Order Form

14 Slide 14 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Suppliers Orders based on Buyers Orders

15 Slide 15 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 There are a number of variants to perform goods reservation: Manual reservations; Automated distribution of goods based on unclosed Buyers orders; Goods Reservations

16 Slide 16 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Alfa-Auto 4 allows to perform following automated operations of warehouse accounting: Goods movement; Inventory; Goods write-off; Revaluation; Sorting. Warehouse Accounting Module

17 Slide 17 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Reports: Remaining part of goods in warehouses; Movements of the goods; The minimum remainder of the goods; Orders of buyers; Condition of orders of buyers; Condition of orders of suppliers. An Example of the Report

18 Slide 18 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Preserves the history of post-sales servicing of automobiles; Accounts for the current, guaranteed and insured repairs; Integration with the module of the order of spare parts for the order of the spare parts necessary for repair; Calculation of the performers salary. Services of the Auto-Service Module

19 Slide 19 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 General scheme of repair support The workflow of Auto-service module can be described in following steps: Request for repair; Job ticket; Movement into production; Movement from production; The Auto-Service Module

20 Slide 20 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 The Document Request for repair is not compulsory and it can be used for preliminary entries for repair and the calculation of the value of repair. Preliminary entries for repair are needed to plan resources of the Auto- services and hence for increasing the quality of client service. In the standard configuration this task is performed by Work day schedule report and Request for repair document. Request for Repair

21 Slide 21 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Data from the Request for Repair report can be transferred to the Job Ticket document. Information of carrying out repair: spare parts, works, and performers are recorded using the Job Ticket document. This document includes other documents concerned with repair, such as client orders on absent parts, movement into production, payment document, bills, invoices. The number of these documents can be very big. Document Subordination Tree. Job Ticket Document

22 Slide 22 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Document Subordination Tree for Job Ticket

23 Slide 23 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Job Ticket Document Form Payer of Job ticket

24 Slide 24 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 There is a report which shows the history of automobiles. Automobile Card

25 Slide 25 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Job Ticket History Report

26 Slide 26 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Choosing of details in the job ticket can be done at any stage until the document is closed. Alfa-Auto 4 allows to choose details from a warehouse, change client details in the job ticket and to order missing spare parts from supplier. Spare Parts Accounting During Repair

27 Slide 27 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 A list of currently performing activities is displayed in a separate table on one of the tabs of the document. Work can be done by a number of performers. The distribution of time between them depends on the percentage work done. Work can be loaded from catalogues such as Silver Dat II, Audatex, AutoData. Accounting for Work During Repair

28 Slide 28 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 During car registration for repair Alfa-Auto performs checking for factory service campaigns if any. Service Campaigns

29 Slide 29 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 The certificate of disagreements allows to correct earnings for closed job tickets (e.g., insurance repairs or guarantee ones). The Certificate of Disagreements

30 Slide 30 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Auto-Work Catalogue «Nominal-hours» The catalogue «Nominal-hours» contains information about the value of one hours work done to repair the a car. Auto-work card The amount of time of work to do depends on the class of an automobile.

31 Slide 31 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 An Example of the Report

32 Slide 32 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Properties of the car: Model; Complete set; VIN; # bodies; # the chassis; # the engine; Colour; The state number; Run; Owner; Options and the established equipment. Automobile Card

33 Slide 33 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 The Scheme of the Order of Cars The order allows to work not only with the cars which are available in a warehouse, but also with ones that are in manufacture or in a way.

34 Slide 34 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Auto-Shop Reports

35 Slide 35 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 A mechanism for filling in client contact information. CRM-Light

36 Slide 36 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 There are options to register different events (Calls, Meetings, Car Test drive etc.); There is a user notification option pertaining to different event; There is an automated working station to work with contact information. CRM-Light : Additional Options

37 Slide 37 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Accounting in three currencies makes available information of the state of the accounts in roubles, in contract currencies, and currencies for management accounting. Currency rates for mutual settlements and management currencies can be regulated in documents. Mutual Settlements

38 Slide 38 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Financial Reports: Profit and Losses; Assets and Liabilities; Debtors and Creditors; Trial Balance; Cash Flow. Financial Reports

39 Slide 39 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 An Example of Debtors and Creditors Report

40 Slide 40 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Sales reports: Sales analysis; Sales rating; ABC analysis; XYZ analysis; ABC-XYZ analysis; Price movement; Price list; Contactors Price list; Loss of profit. Analytical Reports

41 Slide 41 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Any document and report created in the system can be saved in the following formats: *.xls, *.mxl, *.pdf, *.html, and shared via . The exchange of data between different information bases can be done using several methods: Using the integration system directly - OLE, COM Using intermediate files *.txt, *.dbf, *.xml Integration with Other Information Systems

42 Slide 42 of 42 Alfa-Auto 4 Address: 15, building 5, Chayanova Street, Moscow Tel.: +7 (495) (495) Web: Contact Information

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