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The Auto Channel Network TACHNet Carre Gordon, Manager of Affiliate Relations

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2 The Auto Channel Network TACHNet Carre Gordon, Manager of Affiliate Relations

3 I am delighted to inform you that our editorial board has included your site as a potential Auto Channel Network Affiliate.

4 The Auto Channel (TACH) The largest independent automotive site on the Internet. TACH continues to grow in –audience –original content –technological leadership

5 The Network Affiliate Program Through our new program of network affiliates, we are making available to a select group of automotive content providers, the benefits of a co-branding association with TACH.

6 Easy Access As the Internet continues to evolve, we believe that the value of Easy Access to relevant information will be the mark of a successful entity.

7 Traditional Search Engines As you know, the number of sites with an automotive orientation is already massive, making traditional search engine use unrewarding and impractical.

8 Benefits As a select Auto Channel Network Affiliate, your site will receive:

9 Full Site Key Word Search The Network will provide for a full site key word search for the affiliates site with result integrated/linked into TACHNet index at no charge to the affiliate.

10 Network Promotion Each affiliate will be included within network promotion.

11 Increase Site Traffic It will increase your traffic manifold.

12 Multi-media Capabilities Each affiliate can utilize The Auto Channels Multi-media capabilities, including the encoding and streaming of affiliate video and audio, at little or no cost.

13 Icon Linked to Archived and Live Videos Affiliates can install a supplied icon that allows their visitors to access all TACH archived and Live videos and view them on affiliate site.

14 Cost Becoming an Auto Channel Network Affiliate is absolutely FREE.

15 To Ensure an Affiliation Call (502) 584-4100 or E-mail –If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

16 The Auto Channel family is looking forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship.

17 Agreement Instructions Attached to the e-mail of this presentation is the Basic Network Affiliation Agreement which can be printed, executed, and then sent to The Auto Channel. Please mail agreement to The Auto Channel, Inc. Network Affiliation 624 West Main Street Louisville, KY 40202 or fax to (502) 568-2501

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