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Farrin N. Abbott, McC Research Administration.

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1 Farrin N. Abbott, McC Research Administration



4 NOTES?? We need to have a system to enter notes to reviewers. Why cant we access the notes screen as we route? Would saving a word document suffice? Perhaps, but its another upload to possibly forget.

5 The Two Routing Functions

6 Shows the current routing approvals: But to see ALL approvals, you have to click the little pirate scroll:


8 Instead: Be sure to click the small document icon with the red X.

9 * Document Size…scanning problems


11 Specific Example The solicitation says: Field 13. Proposed Project: Enter start date: 09/30/2012; Enter end date: 7/31/2017.



14 OSR requested that I remove OSRs site info– to have the PIs performance location instead. Edit the box. Save yourself time by using the DUNS & Congressional district provided in the autoload.


16 validations are saved in a nice checklist for you! Titles are limited to 81 characters. +4 digit zip code is no longer needed. Can route directly to the PI first and continue editing WHILE they sign off. Filing with the SP# to have seamless communication with OSR. Less manual entry. Less double entry.

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