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Confidential – Internal Use Only September, 2011 Introduction to TalkSwitch, FortiVoice and FortiFone Distributer, IT Service and install: Romppais 22.

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1 Confidential – Internal Use Only September, 2011 Introduction to TalkSwitch, FortiVoice and FortiFone Distributer, IT Service and install: Romppais 22 Laukka Laine, Kaministiquia, On. Phone: 807-627-3854 866-547-6777 – Web: :http:/ - email: On the Home tab, click the view tab at top, then click reading view, 1 row down, to get slide show effect, on keyboard hit Esc key to cancel slide show.

2 Confidential – Internal Use Only Introduction Concero Switchboard introduced in 1997, TalkSwitch debut in 2000. Products include phone systems, phones and productivity applications. Sold directly and through a growing network of 1,500 resellers and distributors. Expanding globally. TalkSwitch Systems currently available in North America, Mexico, Middle East, UK, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. Excellent reputation and numerous distinctions and awards. Acquired by Fortinet in April 2011.

3 Confidential – Internal Use Only Testimonials Upswing: Customized promotion and branded merchandise specialists TalkSwitch is the most effective business tool I have purchased in the last 10 years. The system and its features have brought credibility to our small business. Cobra Motorcycles: Racing motorcycle designer and manufacturer TalkSwitch has enabled our company to take customer service to an entirely new level. Chem-Dry: Carpet and upholstery cleaning franchiser It has performed flawlessly, and has had a dramatic impact on the quality of service we offer our customers. Clemson University: Land grant university extension offices The flexibility of the system is just too good to be true. Its exceeded anything I could possibly have imagined.

4 Confidential – Internal Use Only Current TalkSwitch Customers

5 Confidential – Internal Use Only 5 Why Romppais sell TalkSwitch/Fortinet telecom products? Expand our product portfolio, customer base and increase revenues! Sales Proposition

6 Confidential – Internal Use Only 6 The Opportunity. Growing convergence of data and telecom infrastructures Growth in the SMB market The Advantages. Competitive price points and value leader TalkSwitch reputation for reliability and presence in the SMB space Hybrid: The best of both worlds! Analog and IP VoIP networking of locations at a low cost. Built-in SIP Server/Client + Sales Proposition

7 Confidential – Internal Use Only TalkSwitch/FortiVoice Phone Systems Affordable, full-featured, telephone systems include everything small business needs to sound big, control costs and stay connected everywhere. Owner-Friendly: Easy to buy, set up, manage and use. Vendor-Friendly: High volume of sales through low-touch channels. Scales from 2 to 64 users per location. Modular to fit a wide range of office sizes and connection preferences for a very fragmented market. SIP for interop with common VoIP serviced providers and telephony equipment. Remote management – Use dealers provide remote configuration, backup and firmware update support. No truck rolls. With FortCare MSRP from $695 to $1,895 USD. – FortCare extra

8 Confidential – Internal Use Only Robust Features Auto Attendants Auto Discovery Auto Provisioning Voicemail Multi-lingual Dial-by-name directory Voicemail to E-mail Music on hold Call cascade Ring groups System speed dials Call queue Automatic route selection Toll restriction Call detail record logging Line appearance Call forward Auto fax detection Call conference Hotline calling Call back/Call bridge Mode scheduling Call hold/transfer/park Call screening Hunt group balancing Intercom Call pickup Distinctive ring Public announcement Remote management

9 Confidential – Internal Use Only Owner-Friendly

10 Confidential – Internal Use Only Connected Anywhere Branch Office Internet Branch Office Teleworker Mobile Networks Customers Mobile Worker

11 Confidential – Internal Use Only FortiFones Auto-discovery and provisioning Speakerphone Modular headset jack 2 angle stand or wall-mount Message waiting lamp 8 fixed function keys 3 dynamic soft-keys Programmable function keys* Feature keys Speed-dials Appearance keys 80 entry phone book Call logs Dual Ethernet ports (LAN, PC) PoE - 802.3af Class 2 Bluetooth headset support * FON-350i (6) * FON-450i (10) expandable to 34** * FON-550i (22) expandable to 46** ** Using the TS-50e expansion module Using the TS-60b Bluetooth module (550i only) FON-350i FON-450i FON-550i TS-50e TS-60b

12 Confidential – Internal Use Only DECT 6.0 IP Phone Range up to 1000 feet (300m) outside, 150 feet (50m) inside Speakerphone Multiple handset capability: Up to 3 handsets Multiple bases per system Long life: 10 hours talk and 200 hours standby time per charge Backlit color display Message waiting light 9 polyphonic ring tones Hybrid analog or IP phone operation Call logs 170-entry phone book 2.5 mm headset jack Belt clip TS-860i Handset TS-860i Base

13 Confidential – Internal Use Only Productivity Applications FortiVoice Console PC screen-based call status and control for the entire office. 30 day free trail on system set-up FortiVoice Reporting Reporting and analysis of calls. Essential management tool.

14 Confidential – Internal Use Only 14 The Future Were working on new products and solutions that will increase your revenue streams! New phone system models. Increased capacities and features. New phone models. Additional software applications. Voice services and additional revenue generating streams.

15 Confidential – Internal Use Only 15 TalkSwitch/FortiVoice/FortiFone Products DISTRIBUTER: North Western On. Canada Romppais Phone: 807-627-3854, / 866-547-6777 Fax:807-933-4972 22 Laukka Laine, Kaministiquia, On. P0T 1X0 Email: herehere Retail web: http:/romppais.cahttp:/ Wholesale web: http:/, Skype: arnold.romppaihttp:/ You-Tube CH: Arnold Romppai Thank You

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