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The Language of the Orientation Call with

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1 The Language of the Orientation Call with

2 Table of Contents 5 Steps To Fielding a Phenomenal Team
Objective, Rules and Setting up the Call Reminder Text or The Language of The Orientation Call Next Steps

3 5 Steps to Fielding a Phenomenal Team
Use the Product Follow the Game Plan Build a Team Initial Contact: Objective of which is to set up the introductory call while saying as little as possible.   Introductory Call: 20 minute call where your prospect can be in front of their computer while on the phone with you. The objective of which is to provide a high level overview and determine area and level of interest; then schedule the next exposure. 3rd Party Validation Exposure: Objective of which is to Provide 3rd party validation through a phone call or an event to connect your prospect to another/other team member(s) who have achieved success in the same area as your prospect’s stated area of interest. Enrolling Language: Objective of which is to order products and schedule the orientation call. Orientation Call: Objective of which is to acquaint your new associate with their account, delegate the auto rewards responsibility and set them up with the tools for a positive product experience AND to create intrigue and engagement with regard to the business opportunity.. Table of Contents

4 Objective: To acquaint your new associate with their account, delegate the auto rewards responsibility, set them up with the tools for a positive product experience AND to create intrigue and engagement with regard to the business opportunity.

5 Rules of the Orientation Call
Do NOT skip this step. When a new customer/associate enrolls, this is when the real work BEGINS, not ENDS. This call should be conducted within hours of enrollment. Prior to the call you should have copied, pasted and ed the welcome, to your new enrollee. This is found on the Game Plan’s Second Base , theISAdreamteam s. During your call, instruct your new enrollee to bookmark the BACK OFFICE LOGIN PAGE, their PERSONAL WEBSITE and theISAdreamteam website. This interactive call allows your new enrollee to visually experience the amazing tools and resources Isagenix offers as you help them to navigate through their back office and their personalized website.

6 Why this step is Critical
Table of Contents

7 Send Reminder Text or Email
“______, friendly reminder that our Isagenix Orientation Call is scheduled for _____ today. Cant wait!” Table of Contents

8 Begin the Call: Set the Stage
“Hi (new enrollee), thanks again for agreeing to speak with me today. I’ve set aside 20 minutes. Does that still work for you? Wonderful. First of all, I want to give you a warm welcome and let you know how excited I am for you to get started with Isagenix.” “(New enrollee) The objective of today’s call is to acquaint you with the tools and resources that Isagenix provides so you’re ready to hit the ground running when your products arrive.” “So (New enrollee) are you in front of your computer? Great, and did you receive the “Welcome from theISAdreamteam?” Perfect….go ahead and open that up and then let me know when you’re there.” Back office Orientation

9 Back office Orientation
“I’m going to encourage you to book mark three places during our call. This is the 1st of the three. I’ve set you up with a username and password that you’re welcome to change at any time, but for now your username is your first initial and last name (if their name is taken when enrolling, add a number to it) ______ and your password is your phone number without area code or tabs_______. Go ahead and log in and tell me when you’re in.” Once confirmed they are in: “Perfect, now if you can click on the X above Kathy Coover’s head or turn down your volume. She’s one of our co-founders and she’s welcoming you to Isagenix. You can definitely listen to her later if you wish.” Auto Rewards Orientation

10 Auto Rewards Orientation
“So (Enrollee) this is your back office and this is where you’re going to be placing your orders, engaging in the business opportunity if you so desire and exploring all of the resources that Isagenix provides. The green bar you’ll see at the top of the page is going to be our best friend during this call. The first thing I want you to do is put your cursor on “Orders” which is the first tab on the left and then click on the link that says “autoship.” “(Enrollee) I enroll everyone into our auto rewards program because I want to set you up with the best possible price and just by doing so, I immediately was able to save you money on your first order. I don’t know about you but I’ve been involved with autoship programs in the past where you can get in but can’t get out. Have you ever been involved with one of those? (laugh make it light) I want you to know that you have complete control over managing your orders with Isagenix. You don’t need to purchase the same thing each month. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to purchase anything ever again.” Advantages of Auto Rewards

11 Advantages of Auto Rewards
“But (enrollee) I want to make you aware of the advantages of redirecting your food dollars to a minimum of 100 points (equates to approximately $150 monthly) every rolling 30 days. As long as you order a minimum of 100 points, the volume will continue to accrue which can be used to offset the cost of the products should you ever choose to engage in our lucrative referral program or income opportunity. Don’t worry about the details of that at this time. Just know that the team component in this business is something really unique.” (If they ask more about this – schedule another call: don’t get off track or forget the purpose of this call.) “So moving on…(enrollee) when does it say your next order is due to ship? (let the answer). Ok, well I suggest that you make a note on your calendar to “Check Isa order” a few days prior to that date. That way you can edit your order after determining what items you need.”

12 Cancelling Your Auto Rewards
“Now (enrollee) if you wish to cancel future orders, and I hope you never do, because once you reach your short term goals most people choose to stay on a maintenance program to continue their journey toward optimal health. But just in case you do, Isagenix requests that you contact them directly so they have the opportunity to correct any slip up that may have occurred on their end. So to cancel your auto rewards, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and either call them at the number listed or use the on line chat feature. Remember, if you do not cancel or edit the date, it will ship on the date noted.”

13 Team Tab “So now we’re going to move back up to our favorite green bar and you’ll want to put your cursor on the Team tab then Click “View Placement Tree” on the drop down menu. Scroll down a bit and you should see your name in a box. Do you see that? (let them answer) Enrollee, you should see your associate id number right above your name and above the box a blue arrow pointing up toward your team leg. Do you see that arrow Enrollee? That arrow points up towards myself and other team members. You might even see someone below you. As myself and other team members continue to grow our business you will see others added to your team leg.”

14 Back Office: Team Tab “(Enrollee) I know you’re going to love these products. I know you’re going to have amazing results and people are going to ask you what you’re doing. Is it ok if I share how easy it is to offset the cost of your products? (let them answer) “You can tell your friends, ‘I don’t know if this would be a fit for you like it has been for me but if you would like we can set up a call with my friend, (Enroller) and she can tell you about it.’ (Enrollee) I have team mates who have organically grown a substantial income from doing just that. So keep that in mind.”

15 Manage My Website “Ok let’s return to the green bar then put your cursor over resources. The 3rd link down says “Manage my Website.” Click on that. “Because you’ve signed up for a wholesale account, Isagenix provides you with your own customizable website. Enrollee – were you aware that you have a website?” (let them answer) As part of the Isagenix mission to impact world health, they recently poured $30 million dollars into this program so YOU can get paid to pay good health forward.” “Scroll down to the middle of the page where you’ll see a blue link to your website. Do you see that?”(let them answer) “Great – click on that and let’s check it out.”

16 Associate Website “You’ll see all the different countries we are currently in and, as we expand globally, more will be added. So just click on (Your Country’s Flag) and I’m going to show you a couple of important sections of your website. I invite you to take some time when you have a chance to explore your website in more depth. By the way, this is the 2nd place I recommend that you bookmark. Now, let’s go back to our favorite green bar.”

17 Product Pak Page “Put your cursor on “Products” and click on (instruct them to click on the system they ordered – If prez pak choose the 30 day system within the President’s pak they chose.) Enrollee – I want you to become best friends with your products before they arrive.” “On the right side you’re going to see all the components contained in your system as well as videos, audios and documents that provide instructions on how to use your system. Choose the way you learn best to learn about how to use your products. Of course you’ll also get a hard copy contained in your box with simple step by step instructions.”

18 Isavideos “Ok (enrollee) we are rock’n through this. The last place I want to show you on your website is the isavideos section of your website. So let’s go back to our favorite green bar and the 5th tab to the right says isavideos. Click on that and here you’ll find product videos on your left and business videos on your right.” “This is a great place to quickly learn about the specific areas you have an interest in.”

19 Take them to theISAdreamteam
“Now let’s go back to your I sent you. Click on the link theISAdreamteam within it. Enrollee, this is our team website and, as you can see, we have lots going on. We have on line webinars, presentations and trainings on a consistent basis as well as group cleanses you’re welcome to participate in. This is the 3rd and final page I encourage you to bookmark.” “The next tab is “Use the Products” which is where we will go next, but I want to make you aware of the “Follow the Game Plan” tab in case you are interested in the cash flow opportunity, now or in the future. The Game Plan is a password protected section containing our turnkey business system so if you are ever interested in exploring that section, just let me know and I can give you our password. ”

20 Step 4 “Now click on the “Use the Products” tab and then “Orientation Call on the drop down menu…let me know when you’re there. Super, see the 5 steps on the left side under orientation call? I’m not as smart as you might think I am – I’m just walking you through the steps listerd here. So now, Enrollee – we’ll quickly finish up with the last 2 steps. “Under #4, the Product Resource Section you’ll find some great tools to equip you in achieving optimal results. I recommend printing out the Cleanse and Shake day schedule. This is a very simple step by step protocol. Once you finish a day or two you’ll have the program down pat. I also love Kjersti Cote’s alternate ideas. She happens to be the daughter of our master formulator. C and D are great resources if you’re looking for healthy recipe ideas and tasty Isagenix shakes to add some variety.”

21 Maintenance Mode “E describes the typical day of a woman who has reached her target weight and this is her maintenance program. Personally, I would never dream of going a day without putting the 6 pillars in my body. My health is just too important to me. Enrollee -- Just like getting physically fit, we don’t just go to the gym for a couple of months, get fit and then stop. We have to maintain our fitness. The same holds true for becoming nutritionally fit and maintaining a nutritionally sound body.”

22 Dr. Ina Nozek “Under F you’ll find information pertaining to our nutritional consultant, Dr. Ina Nozek.” She is a wealth of information and a terrific resource for attaining professional advice. As you can see, she’s available to answer questions 9 times per week by calling the phone number and access code listed.”

23 Symptoms To Expect “Enrollee, I do want to make you aware that sometimes when you are cleansing and improving your diet it’s normal to experience certain symptoms. You might want to read or even print out the “Symptoms to Expect” document.. At first you might be a little uncomfortable. Know that’s normal and you just need to keep pushing through. Becoming nutritionally fit, just like becoming physically fit is not always paved in perfect comfort – really nothing worth attaining is. Wouldn’t you agree?”

24 Facebook Page “So (Enrollee) we are wrapping things up but two quick things…do you happen to be on Facebook? If yes – I would love to add you to our team facebook page. This is a great place to go for support, to ask questions and to share your challenges and successes. Would you be open to that?”

25 IsaBody Challenge and ALTN Blood Test
(If in St. Louis) Enrollee, I want to make you aware that we’ve partnered with Any Lab Test Now. Many of our team members have gone to get base line blood work done now that they’re starting on this new program. ALTN offers a discounted price for our associates and you can print out the coupon and bring it to one of their locations to take advantage of this. Although we can’t make medical claims, it has been astounding the results we are seeing in blood work after just 30 days on Isagenix. I “(Enrollee) Last, but definitely not least, if you are interested in joining our Isabody challenge… simply for signing up and completing it, you will receive $200 worth of free Isagenix products! You can check it out by clicking on that link. body becomes a miracle and heals itself when fueled with the right nutrition.”

26 Conclude Call “So (Enrollee) that concludes our orientation call. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your time and trusting me with your most important asset – your health. I am really looking forward to following your success.” “Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I’m a phone call or text away.” END THE CALL Table of Contents

27 Next Steps If you use My Isagenix, sign them up to receive the drip s and follow up information. Friend them and add them to our team facebook if you received permission. Follow up regularly, invite them to events and keep them informed. If interested in the business, move them to the Batter’s Box: Decide and Commit. If ready to engage in the business, move them to First base and connect them to our system. Help them with each step for their first 5 enrollments! Table of Contents

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