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Instant Author Income Module 5 with Lynne Klippel.

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1 Instant Author Income Module 5 with Lynne Klippel

2 Using Technology to Deliver and Automate Your Course

3 Words of Wisdom Ive always felt that technology can be used for our benefit and should be used for our benefit. ~ Deepak Chopra

4 Technology Rules! Makes the process of delivering your information easier Allows you to connect with a global audience Streamlines your work Keeps you incompliance with the laws

5 My Premise Use the least complicated and lowest cost technology first Grow in complexity and investment as your business and income grows Start small and scale up

6 Must Have #1 A Website – Domain name- – Hosting-, – Wordpress so you can do your own editing You will use this website both as your online brochure as well as to advertise/sell your course

7 Must Have #2 A method for collecting payment – good until $1000/month incomes – includes an auto responder Required a merchant account for credit cards - check with your bank,, or others

8 Must Have #3 A auto responder to create your opt in list and legally send mass emails Recommend-,, not Shopping carts include this function

9 Must Have #4 A telephone bridge line or webinar service to deliver your content to your students Free- Paid-,,

10 Technology Sequence Free Call You create a class registration page (opt in) Students register and get a auto responder welcome message Auto responder reminder day of class You deliver and record the class Auto responder delivers the replay

11 Paid Course Sequence You create a sales page linked to Pay Pal or your shopping cart Buyers purchase course and cart delivers receipt Auto responder delivers welcome email You deliver and record sessions Auto responder delivers reminder emails and replay links

12 Test Drive Your Technology Set up your website, auto responders, and bridge line/webinar service for your beta class Set up your payment processor and do 2-3 test purchases before you offer your paid course. Refund the purchases Ensure you get the post purchase emails

13 Suggested Time Savers You Do Select technologies Register domain Arrange for payment processor Write emails Write web copy- maybe Set up calls Create power points for webinars Outsource Programming website Set up of auto responder Integrate auto responder sign up boxes and message delivery Setting up order pages and linking to payment processor

14 Your Next Steps Select and purchase – Domain name – Web hosting – Auto Responder Decide free vs. paid bridge line/webinar host Set up payment processor

15 Coming Up in Module 6 Teachers Tips to Delivering a Great Course- Engaging and Managing Your Students


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