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Designing Journeys for Documents within the Virtual Realm

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1 Designing Journeys for Documents within the Virtual Realm
Imaging Workflow: Designing Journeys for Documents within the Virtual Realm SACRAO 2013, M2.5 Joe Papari Deena Nadig

2 Southern Methodist University
Private Research University Fall 2012 Enrollment , Undergraduate ,349 Graduate/Professional 4,644

3 Southern Methodist University
Student Information System, Oracle/PS Access.SMU Upgrade to 9.1, June 2014 Imaging System, ImageNow 6.5 AdminImages.SMU Upgrade to 6.7, March 2013 The two systems are integrated

4 Workflow Implementation
Data Capture for Transfer Transcripts Schools and Registrar’s Office Workflow Financial Aid General Checklist Workflow School of Engineering Graduate Admission Workflow Undergraduate Admissions Workflows HR to IAE Workflow for Search Summaries Funding Request Form Approval Process AP Invoice Processing Fax Agent Mail Agent eForm Content Server and Replication Agent

5 Data Capture for Transfer Transcript
Transfer transcript is scanned. Data from the transcript is used to index the image automatically – Name, DOB, SSN etc. Data from the transcript is put into a file which is imported into Access.SMU. Make needed adjustments in Access.SMU. Image is routed to Registrar Academic Records staff for review based on the student’s last name.

6 Data Capture for Transfer Transcript

7 Transfer Workflow in Access.SMU
Transfer courses without SMU equivalency rules are electronically routed to Academic Director at the SMU college offering the equivalent course. Academic Director inputs SMU equivalent course. Completed course evaluations are routed back to the Registrar’s Office. Registrar’s Office reviews the transfer evaluation and completes the file.

8 Schools & Registrar’s Office Workflow
Undergraduate and Graduate schools scan documents at their work station. ImageNow routes document to either Records area or Enrollment based on the document type. Records Area: ImageNow performs alpha-based routing to 4 different queues. Documents are then processed and sent to complete queue. Enrollment Area: Based on document type, ImageNow sends documents to either Scheduling Manager, Enrollment Manager or Enrollment Supervisor. Documents are reviewed, processed and then sent to the complete queue. Mail Agent and Fax Agent

9 Schools and Registrar’s Office Workflow

10 Schools and Registrar’s Office Workflow (contd)

11 Financial Aid General Checklist Workflow
Financial Aid documents are scanned directly into an indexing queue. Documents are then sent to a ‘General Checklist’ queue for review. Reviewer routes document to ‘Verification review’ queue, ‘Temp General Checklist’ queue, ‘Specialist Checklist’ queue, ‘MBA/Theo No Assistance’ or ‘Missing Items’ queue. Documents are then routed to ‘Auto Route Advisor’ queue which sends the documents to an advisor based on Academic Career and Program Plan. Advisor then reviews and routes documents to ‘General Checklist Complete’ queue. Documents are archived from the ‘Complete’ queue after 180 days. Fax Agent

12 Financial Aid General Checklist Workflow
Documents are scanned and indexed Reviewer routes based on document type to specialist for review/ processing Financial Aid General Checklist Workflow Auto Route to UG or Graduate advisors based on Career, Academic Plan or Students Last Name Academic program

13 Document Imaging System: Data Capture and Workflow
3/31/2017 Mail Agent Workflows s and attachments are sent to the Imaging account. FA Award notifications are sent to Student’s with a blind copy to the FA Imaging mail box. Admissions (AD) counselors forward s and attachments from applicants. MA converts s/attachments to images and puts it in an indexing queue – ‘Mail Agent Incoming’. FA images – TIFF AD attachments not converted to TIFF Images are auto or partially indexed based on the Subject line text and forwarded to Success queue. FA s have all index keys in Subject line Auto indexed; No manual processing AD s have only SMU ID in Subject line Partially indexed; Doc type changed manually Images that do not get indexed are routed to ‘Mail Agent Failure’ queue. Once a day an notification alert is sent if any documents are in the failure queue. FA Imaging group relinks the documents Archive set to 3 days AD Imaging group relinks documents Archive set to 30 days TACRAO 2010, Joe Papari

14 Based on Email Subject Line Text:
Mail Agent Workflow Based on Subject Line Text: Images Fully/Partially Indexed s Converted to Images Images are Linked Manually

15 Engineering Graduate Admission Workflow
ImageNow Access.SMU 1. Application Documents Received Application and other relevant documents are added to ImageNow Project. Transcript, Test scores and Work Experience is entered in PeopleSoft. A checklist is updated. 2. Application Ready For Review ImageNow Projects that are completed are routed to ‘Graduate Division Review 1’ queue. N/A

16 Engineering Graduate Admission Workflow
ImageNow Access.SMU 3. Application Director Review Admission Director reviews documents in ImageNow and routes to appropriate Program Director. Admission Director reviews application data, enter decision and comments in Custom Evaluation Page. 4. Program Director Review Program Director receives notification, reviews student documents, and then routes to ‘Division Review II’ queue. Program Director reviews application data, enters decision and comments in Custom Evaluation Page.

17 Engineering Graduate Admission Workflow
ImageNow Access.SMU 5. Admission Coordinator Review Admission Coordinator reviews documents in ImageNow and routes to associate Dean Coordinator. Admission Coordinator updates Program Action in Custom Evaluation Page. 6. Associate Dean Coordinator Review Associate Dean Coordinator prioritizes Project Folders, and routes accordingly to ‘Associate Dean’ queue. N/A

18 Engineering Graduate Admission Workflow
ImageNow Access.SMU 7. Associate Dean Review Associate Dean receives notification, reviews imaged documents, and routes Project to ‘Letter Generation’ queue. Associate Dean reviews application data and enters his decision and comments. 8. Process Decision Letter Final decision letter is imaged to Project Folder, and the Project is routed to complete queue, which is auto-archived in 7 days. Admission Coordinator reviews comments on the Custom Page, completes letter generation, and enters the final admission decision.

19 At UG Admissions Workflows

20 Beginning of Admission’s Journey
Leadership Directive: “paperless” for 2013 First Year Application Cycle No “paper” Folders Online Images of Application Documents Online Transcript Evaluation Online File Reading Online Application Evaluation Online Review by Schools, Scholarship Committees and Athletic Department

21 Path Leading to “paperless”
Historical Snapshot: Flow Chart of Current Process Preparing for “paperless” Journey “paperless” Snapshot: Flow Chart of New Process AD Imaging Workflows in Place

22 Historical Snapshot Electronic Docs

23 Preparing for “paperless” Journey
Committees Formed Based On Key Processes Brainstorming Sessions Impact from External and Internal Factors: Market and Technology New Leadership Initiatives Resources – Budget, Staff, Time and Space Image Now(IN) versus PeopleSoft(PS) In House versus Consulting Services Phase 1 and Phase 2 Deliverables “paperless” Journey Takes Shape

24 “paperless” Snapshot Electronic Docs

25 Imaging Business Requirements
Custom PS Admission’s Page Linking Documents for Imaging Updating and Adding Checklist Items Triggers PS processes Add New Linking Field Custom Property – Internal App ID SMU’s Standard for Imaging Drawer Student ID Student Name Student Date of Birth Student Social Security Number Admit Term Doc Type Specific Doc Types for Each Document Map to Checklist Items Accommodate Various Delivery Methods PDF Files from Vendors Mailed Paper Documents s and Attachments Faxes eForm Submissions Mail Merged Letters Minimize Manual Processing Setup Auto or Partial Indexing Image Documents Related to Both Applicants Prospects

26 Admissions Doc Types Academic Forgiveness Form Appeals Appeals Course Credit Appeals Decision Appeals Scholarship Application Application Update Fee Athlete ARIS College Report Comm App Arts Supplement Comm App Intl Supplement Comm App Optional Grade Comm App Supplement Counselor Recommendation Course Description Courses in Progress Decision Letter Essay Financial Statement - IU Grad App Pieces Home School Supplement Gap Year Form Good Standing Form Passport Pre Admission Application Professional Evaluation Prospect Pieces Re-Admit Form Recommendation Letter Resume Scholarship Letters School Profile School Report Final Year School Report Mid Year Secondary School Report Supplemental App Material Teacher Recommendation Test Scores Transcript College Transcript College Unofficial Transcript HS Transcript HS Final Transcript HS Mid Year Transcript HS Partial Transfer Evaluation Report Transfer Update Form Waivers - Fee

27 Imaging Workflows in Place
Vendor Apps Applications with Pieces PDFs Auto Indexed App Materials Application Pieces Paper, Faxes Vendor PDFs s/Attach Files Manually Indexed Letters Decision & Scholarship Mail Merge PDFs eForm Deferral Update Form IN eForm (Next Cycle)

28 Vendor Application Workflow
Vendor Application PDFs files from Royall CommonApp ApplyTexas Automated File Transfer Process Transfers Files from Vendor Site to Imaging Folder Stores a Copy in Archive Folder Perceptive’s iScript Picks Up PDF’s and INMAC Process Converts PDFs to TIFF Splits into Multiple Imaged Documents Based on Specific Doc Types Auto Indexes the Imaged Documents Deletes Original PDFs from Imaging Folder

29 Vendor Application Workflow

30 Application Materials Workflow
FYR and TRN Application Queues Scanned Paper Applications Load Balance Pieces Queues Scanned Paper Pieces App Pieces PDF files from Vendors Import Agent Faxes Fax Agent s and Attachments Mail Agent Workflow ImageNow Printer

31 Application Materials Workflow
Scanned Mail Pieces Docs Manually Routed Forward PDF Vendor Pieces FaxAgent Queue Load Balance Distributes Docs Evenly ImageNow Printer

32 Letters Workflow MS Word Mail Merge Macro Creates Individual PDFs
Filename has Specific Format Saves in Imaging Folder ImageNow Import Agent Process Picks Up the Individual PDFs from Imaging Folder Converts PDF to TIFF Auto Indexes Deletes PDFs from Imaging Folder

33 Letters Workflow Mail Merge Creates Individual PDFs
Fix the PDF and Place In Imaging Share Drive Folder PDFs Placed in Imaging Share Drive Folder Pick Up Successful? PDF Placed in Fail Share Drive Folder No Import Agent Picks Up the PDFs Yes PDF Goes in Success Folder (Share Drive) PDFs Converted to TIFF Documents Auto Indexed

34 Deferral eForm Workflow
eForm and iScripts Setup by Perceptive Consulting eForm Validates Student Record in PS Upon Submission: Sends Notification to Student Images and Auto Indexes the Submission Based on Student’s Response, Places Image in 2 Separate Queues Generates a CSV File Manual PS Checklist Updates Phase 2, Automate Checklist Processing

35 eForm Workflow – Deferral Update
Student enters SMU ID and Last Name Student is validated using Custom PS Query View Validation Successful? No Pop Up Error Message Displays Yes Student fills out and submits eForm eForm is auto indexed Auto Notification to the Student

36 Questions? Joe Deena Thank You!

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