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First Protocol Nigeria Ltd. 12 B Emekuku Street, D-Line, Diobu, port Harcourt 08122888888 -080711111123.

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1 First Protocol Nigeria Ltd. 12 B Emekuku Street, D-Line, Diobu, port Harcourt 08122888888 -080711111123

2 All of us SPEED GARAGE Auto Repair understand the importance of having an auto repair facility you can trust. Your safety (and that of your family) is often dependent on the mechanical condition of your vehicle. When you bring your car to SPEED GARAGE Auto repair, we recognize the enormous trust you are placing in us-and everyone of our staff takes this very seriously. We understand you expect your car to be restored to top driving condition. You also expect prompt service and a courteous, competent staff. You should expect these things. You should also know that SPEED GARAGE auto Repair has been meeting these expectations for many years now. Thats probably why we enjoy so much repeat business! We are facility whom other local shops refer vehicle that they cannot diagnose and/or repair. We have achieved this status among the public and our peers by our rock-solid commitment to truth, integrity and ethics. Today, SPEED GARAGE Auto Repair is still the fastest growing automotive facility in Nigeria. We continue to be at the forefront of our industry with our advanced state-of- art computerized diagnostic and our commitment to excellence.

3 Whether you are looking for engine blocks or complete engine, SPEED GARAGE Auto Repair will satisfy all your needs. For all your engine solutions and parts, rebuild, cylinder heads and used engines, manufactured, OEM crate engine are all on offer. V6 or v8 passenger car/truck engines to give you the torque and on-demand performance you need from highly responsive and versatile vehicle can be found on our engine department.

4 SPEED GARAGE AUTO REPAIR UNDERTAKES THE FOLLOWING: Typical wear and tear Lights and wipers are normal wear items that require periodic replacement. Factors affecting replacement intervals include: operating conditions (winter condition are tough on wiper blades). frequency of use. material and type of light and wipers. sunny weather – wiper blades can Detroiters faster and need more frequent replacement in desert states symptoms. chattering or streaking wiper. rapid signal blinking. dimming lights.

5 Are You Aware? During normal driving, you may not notice a light that isnt working; Inspect your car lights at every oil change. The lights and the wipers of your car most often include: 1. wiper arm 2. wiper blade 3. wiper motor 4. fog lights (optional) 5. headlights (high and low beam) 6. parking lights 7. turn signals / emergency flashers 8. wiper fluid reservoir and fluid 9. fuses 10. instrumentation lighting 11. interior lights 12. stoplights, tail and marker lights 13.Backup lights

6 Exanimate vehicle and identify extent of damage or malfunction; road test vehicles and/or use diagnostic equipment and visual inspection; plan work procedure; complete complex necessary repair to return a vehicle to operating condition. Repair or replace parts such as piston rods, gears, valve, and bearings. Overhauls or replace carburetors, blowers, generators, distribution, starters, and pumps. Rewires ignition system, lights, and instrument panel. Mends damaged body and fenders by hammering out or filling in dents and welding broken parts. Replace and adjust headlights, and installs and repairs accessories such as radios, heaters, mirrors, and windshield wipers.

7 Maintain inventory of parts; order and receive parts; pick-up or deliver parts; follow standard operating procedures to access inventory including computerized inventory system. Inspect and qualify each vehicle certifying that such vehicle have been inspected and are in compliance with all federal road safety regulations. Comply with safety rules and regulations for personal protection and safety of other employees. Schedule, conduct and perform regular preventive maintenance on all vehicular regulations.

8 Raise vehicle with hydraulic jack or hoist to gain access to mechanical units on the underside of the vehicle; remove units such as engine, transmission, or differential; disassemble unit and inspect parts for wear. Rebuilds parts such as crankshafts and cylinder blocks. Relines and adjust brakes, aligns front end, repair or replaces shock absorbers, and solders leaks in radiator. Respond to emergency calls to receive vehicles within and outside rivers state. Perform emergency repairs and preventive maintenance on all vehicle.

9 Keep manual and/or records of services performed on each vehicle or engine. Instruct and guild the work assigned to the auto mechanics Interview vendors and sales representatives for a variety of automotive parts and equipment. Report any problems or difficulties to the supervisor. Maintain equipment, supplies and work area in a neat and orderly condition; return equipment, tools and materials to the proper storage area.

10 SPEED GARAGE AUTO REPAIR Is responsible for keeping all vehicle and equipment in operation. This can include services such as oil changes, transmission maintenance, tire checks, and brake replacements. Going to an auto repair shop can be a daunting task. If your vehicle is giving you problems, we can fix it for you. Of an auto repair shop, make sure to choose a mechanic that you are comfortable with.

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