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Sales Guide of DCS-3710 Megapixel Day & Night WDR Network Camera

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1 Sales Guide of DCS-3710 Megapixel Day & Night WDR Network Camera
Version 1.0 D-Link HQ, Nov. 2009 D-Link Confidential

2 Contents Product Competition Overview Positioning Highlights Selling Point Technology Briefing Target Market Product Roadmap Product Application Guide Competitive & Comparative Analysis Competitors Analysis Key Comparison

3 Positioning Highlights
Excellent image quality DCS-3710 is equipped with Megapixel Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) CMOS sensor and ICR module for night surveillance. With WDR and auto iris lens this camera can be used for applications or environments with varying light conditions. Excellent optical lens DCS-3710 also equipped “Computar” High-End Vari-Focal Auto Iris Megapixel Lens. Computar Lenses have long been recognized as the leader in surveillance lenses. Low power consumption The first low power consumption Megapixel WDR camera model, normal operate power consumption is around 2 Watt.

4 Positioning Highlights
Consistent design Advanced surveillance features and compatibility with DCS-3110 makes DCS-3710 an ideal solution for the SMB and Enterprise surveillance market. Varied functions of DCS-3710 Varied functions was one of the key factors to increase the diversity of DCS These functions are hard to find together in a camera and therefore stand a good competition with the other high-end cameras.

5 IPv6 Selling points Sony Exmor 1/3” Megapixel Progressive CMOS sensor
WDR for critical light source Excellent Image quality and Low light performance Built-in removable IR-cut filter for day/night surveillance Equipped Computar Megapixel vari-focal auto iris lens New ID design of D-link box type camera Local SD slot support both SD 1.1 and SDHC 2.0 storage card Real-time MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG compression Simultaneous dual-stream support 2-way audio support

6 IPv6 Selling points Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE)
3GPP mobile surveillance Built-in Samba client for NAS Supports HTTPS streaming Privacy Mask feature Advanced Event Management functions Supports multiple access list Low power consumption

7 Megapixel v.s D1(720x480) ,VGA(640x480)
Technology Brief Megapixel v.s D1(720x480) ,VGA(640x480) Traditional CCTV Camera send video data by composite signal, and that have D1 ( ex: 720 x 480 NTSC ) resolution limitation, on the contrary IP Camera send data by network, that can support Megapixel resolution which have better quality. VGA resolution 1.3 Mega resolution

8 Megapixel CMOS v.s Megapixel CCD
Technology Brief Megapixel CMOS v.s Megapixel CCD Megapixel CMOS sensor have as good color as CCD In normal light condition, CMOS quality is the same with CCD Sony Megapixel CMOS sensor Sony Megapixel CCD sensor

9 Technology Brief CMOS CCD
Megapixel CMOS can get better low lux performance than CCD In 0.5 lux light (Night mode), CMOS quality is better than CCD. Sony Megapixel CMOS sensor Sony Megapixel CCD sensor

10 WDR for high contrast light source environment
Technology Brief WDR for high contrast light source environment The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) function of a camera is intended to provide clear images even under back light circumstances where intensity of illumination can vary excessively. WDR cameras are usually recommended for situations where light enters a premise from various angles such as a multi-window room. A camera placed on the inside of the room will be able to see through the intense sunlight or artificial light coming in. If an indoor security camera is pointed towards a window or an entrance door, you will see the background washed out during daytime. This is very common situation in restaurants and stores which have big glass windows.

11 WDR performance is better then BLC
Technology Brief WDR performance is better then BLC Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Technology uses two shutter speeds in alternative video fields, high and normal, and combines these two fields into one frame. It allows every detail to be captured accurately even if one portion is bright while other portions are dark. As a result, combined fields yield a frame of high quality images. Below is a comparison of camera technologies with its video images of Regular, Backlight Compensation (BLC), and Wide Dynamic Range. 11

12 Technology Brief WDR Effect Comparison
In comparison with disable WDR and enable WDR image, WDR displays better color and brightness. 1200 lux 25 lux 1200 lux 25 lux NO WDR IMAGE WDR IMAGE 12

13 Computar Megapixel Vari-Focal Auto Iris Lens
Technology Brief Computar Megapixel Vari-Focal Auto Iris Lens Focal length : 2.8 mm ~ 12 mm (4.28x Manual Optical zoom ) Angle of View (HOR) ˚ : 102.2˚(2.8mm) ~ 23.7˚ (12mm) Aperture (F) : F1.3 ~ 360 M.O.D(Minimum Object Distance) : 0.3 m

14 Technology Brief Aspherical lenses for exactly focus

15 Technology Brief IR Corrective Lenses for exactly Day & Night focus
Day & Night camera normally operate in the near-infrared/infrared zones at night, making the image “out of focus” and unsuitable if used with a conventional lens. IR Lens that utilize a special optical glass material which minimizes light dispersion

16 Technology Brief IR Corrective sample
Image will always focused when both Day and Night.

17 Megapixel lens for megapixel sensor ( camera )
Technology Brief Megapixel lens for megapixel sensor ( camera ) Megapixel lens provide high contract, brightness and sharpness across the entire image plane. 17

18 Technology Brief Non-megapixel lens will not fully display the resolution of megapixel sensor, especially in corner of image.

19 SD slot for local storage
Technology Brief SD slot for local storage Local SD storage for network loss event purpose, SD 1.1 Maximum capacity 4G Bytes SDHC 2.0 Maximum capacity 32G Bytes When video bit rate set 500kbps, 32GB can save 3 days video datas.

20 Content of SD card remote accessible
Technology Brief Content of SD card remote accessible SD card content can be read, download by web user interface. User doesn’t need to get data from card. Support format function (FAT32)

21 Technology Brief 12V DC 200mA output
- 12V output for external peripheral like IR LED. - Friendly software feature for control related action together - Scenario example: When ICR sensor trigger ICR active, DCS-3710 switch to night mode, 12V output sync with ICR to active external IR LED.

22 HTTPS for network security
Technology Brief HTTPS for network security Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer or HTTPS is a URI scheme used to indicate a secure HTTP connection. It is syntactically identical to the scheme normally used for accessing resources using HTTP. Using an https: URL indicates that HTTP is to be used, but with a different default TCP port (443) and an additional encryption/authentication layer between the HTTP and TCP.

23 Technology Brief HTTPS (cont.)
The HTTPS cannot be enabled if there is no certification on the device. There are three possible ways make you can enable the HTTPS, create certificate request and upload the certificate file which is signed by third party already, create self-signed certificate automatically and Create self-signed certificate manually. 23

24 Privacy Mask for personal secret
Technology Brief Privacy Mask for personal secret Privacy Mask feature allows you to block out certain sensitive zones for privacy. You can set up to five privacy mask windows in the same screen. Privacy masks will appear on all video streams and recording videos and will overlap with motion detection windows. As seen in the figure below, the masked area does not detect any motion.

25 Target Market DCS-3710 is an ideal choice for bank offices, airports, governmental, industrial buildings, traffic surveillance, Education, POS and prisons etc Megapixel, excellent image quality: Scenario example 1: Vehicle identification number of Traffic application Scenario example 2: Face Recognition Biometrics of airports application Scenario example 3: Monitor cash desk of POS application WDR and Day & Night: Scenario example 4: suppress spotlight interference of Traffic application Scenario example 5: 24 hour security of Prison application Scenario example 6: Reception, door, treasury of Bank application

26 Application DCS-3710

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