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AutoNation Direct Pre-Owned Vehicle Program Program Overview

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1 AutoNation Direct Pre-Owned Vehicle Program Program Overview

2 Table of Contents Invest in America Offer Why AutoNation Direct?
What Makes AutoNation Direct Different? 4 Service Steps 1 Credit Union Member 2 First Response Team 3 Personal Auto Consultant 4 Store Concierge Web Page Highlights How to be Successful With AutoNation Direct

3 Invest in America Offer
AutoNation Direct Pre-Owned Vehicle Program Offers: Exclusive Credit Union Financing Up front pricing with up to 15% off publicly published prices Thousands of pre-owned vehicles in stock Certified pre-owned vehicles with: 3-day, 150 mile money back guarantee 60-day, unlimited mile power train warranty 125 point safety inspection High touch service through entire process: Assist members to make educated purchase decisions Provide reasons to see their credit union first for exclusive financing Assist with unbiased, expert information Provide a positive Member experience Improve the car shopping process

4 Invest in America Offer
AutoNation Pre-Owned Vehicle Program (Con’t.) A phased pilot program beginning September 1, 2010 in: Florida Markets Second phase in: California Arizona, Georgia Nevada Washington Third phase in: Alabama Illinois Maryland Minnesota Ohio Tennessee Texas Virginia

5 Why AutoNation Direct? AutoNation Direct is a wholly owned subsidiary of AutoNation AutoNation is the country’s largest auto retailer More than 200 locations nationwide AutoNation Direct serves Member groups One of the Nations largest inventory A special team of service-minded employees On call 7 days a week for credit union Members

6 Why AutoNation Direct? Our role:
It’s to help Members make informed decisions (Regardless of where they buy vehicles) To provide reasons for Members to see YOU first To assist with unbiased information To provide a positive Member experience To improve the car shopping process

7 What Makes AutoNation Direct Different?
Inventory No “middle-man” Thousands of vehicles in stock Service and maintenance relationships 60-day, no-deductible, unlimited-mile power train warranty on any Certified Pre-Owned vehicle 3 Day,150-mile, money-back guarantee on certified pre-owned vehicles “Up-Front” pricing

8 What Makes AutoNation Direct Different?
Serve Members How They Want to Be Served Online Over the phone In person At the store Shop or buy without leaving home or office Delivery at the branch or dealership Easy delivery process

9 Step 1 Credit Union Member

10 Step 1: Credit Union Member
Member Entry Point Member Responds to Marketing and Requests Information Via: Website ( or live chat) Phone Credit union employee referral

11 Step 2 First Response Team

12 Step 2: First Response Average response time of less than 10 minutes for request Request is received in CRM system An immediate automated response is sent Member Service Representative answers questions, tells the story, and introduces your Member to a Personal Auto Consultant Team is available: Monday – Friday 9am – 7pm Saturday am – 6pm Sunday am – 4pm

13 Step 3 Personal Auto Consultant

14 Step 3: Personal Auto Consultant
Needs Assessment Personal Auto Consultant Begins Relationship Consultant discusses your member’s vehicle preferences: make, model, color, options Consultant guides the Member through the entire selection and purchase process Your Member’s ability to make an informed decision is our #1 objective

15 Step 3: Personal Auto Consultant
Financing Assessment Hand-in-Hand with Your Credit Union If the member is not pre-approved, the Personal Auto Consultant will make a referral back to a Loan Officer at the Credit Union Your Credit Union’s rates or special discounts will be displayed on any marketing materials Our goal is to ensure that the Member comes to you FIRST

16 Step 3: Personal Auto Consultant
Options and Accessories Presentation Personal Auto Consultant Discusses Options with Member Ancillary products will be offered in accordance with business rules of the Credit Union relationship Consultant may offer products such as Lojack, Fabric Sealant or Paint Protection Options are provided with full detail and price disclosure up-front

17 Step 3: Personal Auto Consultant
Trade-In Assessment Initial trade valuation can be handled over the phone or online Your member receives a fair trade value with no games Trade value is never dependent upon or affected by the vehicle being purchased AutoNation Direct will buy the vehicle if your Member does not buy a vehicle from us

18 Step 3: Personal Auto Consultant
Confirmation Personal Auto Consultant Presents Full Details All details associated with the transaction are discussed and confirmed: vehicle price, trade-in value, loan terms as presented by Credit Union, payment, down payment, and any associated figures Member confirmation is obtained

19 Step 3: Personal Auto Consultant
Document Preparation Behind the Scenes All documents related to the sale and trade- in are prepared by AutoNation Direct There’s no need for your member to be present or to wait for F & I There’s never any hidden information, and there are no surprises 19 19

20 Step 3: Personal Auto Consultant
Delivery Coordination In Preparation for Outstanding Service The personal Auto Consultant provides complete information with the Store Concierge who is scheduled to deliver the vehicle The vehicle is cleaned, inspected and prepared for your member The Store Concierge is fully informed regarding all features, options, and functions of the vehicle

21 Step 4 Store Concierge

22 Step 4: Store Concierge New Vehicle Inspection
Conducted by Your Member The Store Concierge provides a thorough presentation of the vehicle being purchased Your member inspects the vehicle and verifies equipment and options Your member confirms that the vehicle meets specifications

23 Step 4: Store Concierge Trade-In Inspection
Verification of Information The Store Concierge completes a thorough inspection of the member’s trade-in All information provided by the member is verified Any discrepancies are discussed at the this time

24 Step 4: Store Concierge Documents Signed Quickly and Simply
The documents already discussed are presented to your member Signing is quick and simple

25 Only Available with AutoNation Direct
Members must contact AutoNation Direct through AutoNation Direct is a subsidiary of AutoNation and does not run the dealer network Members that contact AutoNation Dealers directly may not receive the credit union member discount or credit union financing

26 The Home Page Features Two Main Actions:
Easily locate the vehicle of your choice Connect with a Personal Auto Consultant

27 Narrow your search to any feature that’s important to you.

28 Detailed vehicle description capabilities
Carfax Report 3-day or 150 mile money-back guarantee

29 Have documents sent and uploaded to your personal account.
Access your personal account to manage your transactions, offers, saved vehicles and searches.

30 How to be Successful With AutoNation Direct?
Let your members know! Utilize provided text for newsletter articles, e-blast messages, scrolling lobby banners and web content Add AutoNation Direct web banner with link to to your home page, auto lending page and used car loan rates page Print provided posters and inserts to display in lobby Include inserts in statement mailing Click here for marketing materials

31 How to be Successful With AutoNation Direct?
Encourage your CUs to market to their members! Market the program and encourage members to come in and get pre- qualified Mine data and identify those eligible members who are in market and provide them with a preapproval and low loan rates Identify and market to members with availability on existing home equity lines of credit

32 Q & A

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