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Consumer Auto Introduction and Fundamentals Mr. Swartz Bloomer High School.

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1 Consumer Auto Introduction and Fundamentals Mr. Swartz Bloomer High School

2 Objectives Identify people that have impacted the development of the automobile Identify Vehicle Classifications Identify Engine Configurations and Displacement Differentiate between a vehicle manufacturers, makes and models, and types. Describe how cars work.

3 Interesting Automotive Dates and Facts 1769 – Cugnut steam traction engine 1860 – Internal combustion engine was developed 1886 – Carl Benz was credited for building first motor car 1908 – Henry Ford introduced the Model-T Model-T was the first massed produce automobile 1927- The last Model-T was produced (15million Sold) 1930s – Dr. Ferdinand Porsche invented the VW Beetle (20 million sold)

4 Dates and Facts Continued To current date the Toyota Corolla is the record selling car (Over 30 million sold) On average 50 million cars are produced a year in the world 1901 – Speedometers introduced my Oldsmobile 1903 – Ford Motor Company formed – Buick was founded 1908- Model-T sold for $850.00 – General Motors Founded 1937 – Toyota was founded 1948 –Honda Motors was founded

5 Dates and Facts Continued 1996 – Onstar introduced by GM 1997 – Toyota produced the first hybrid 2004 – Ford Escape is the first hybrid SUV

6 How Cars Work Automobiles are powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE) Types of engines found in automobiles – 4 cycle – Diesel – Hybrid – Rotary – Electric

7 How Cars Work Terms to Know – Piston Cylinder Connecting Rod Crankshaft Sparkplug Intake Valve Exhaust Valve RPM Intake Compression Power Exhaust

8 Engines Sizes Engines are measured in two units – Liters (example 2.2L or 5.3L) – Cubic Inches (example 351 Why is this important to know?

9 Engine Configurations Configurations of engines. – V Configuration (V6 or V8) – Inline Configuration (most 4cylinder engines) – Opposed Cylinders – Slant


11 Manufacturers, Makes, Models Manufacturer is a company that produces vehicles.

12 Manufacturers, Makes, Models Make is the various vehicles manufacturers produce.

13 Manufacturers, Makes, Models Model of a vehicle refers to the specific name of each vehicle with a make. Examples: Cobalt Sierra Focus Fusion Corvette

14 15 Vehicle Classifications Microcar – Smart Fortwo Subcompact – Echo, Aveo, Accent Compact – Focus, Civic, Corolla Mid Size – Malibu, Camry, Stratus Full Size – Impala, Avalon, Taurus Sports – Corvette, Viper Mini SUV – Wrangler Crossover – Freestyle, Pacifica SUV – Suburban, Explorer SUT – Avalanche, Ridgeline Compact Pickup – Colorado, Ranger Midsize Pickup – Dakota Fullsize Pickup – Silverado, F-150 Minivan – Caravan, Sienna Van – E-Series, Express

15 Questions???? er_detailpage&v=FfTX88Sv4I8 er_detailpage&v=FfTX88Sv4I8

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