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Auto Belays past, present, and future

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1 Auto Belays past, present, and future


3 Clutch Units NORTH MSA Redpoint Descender Stop Use: 10/2009
EN341 Class A Certified, 10.7 Kilos in weight, 12 metre steel cable, mps descent speed, All weather cast alloy case MSA Redpoint Descender Stop Use: 10/2009 Recalled: 12/2010 This is no longer available in the US. All recalled units must be sent to Europe.

Spectrums Sports Int'l is the original manufacture of the air/oil hydraulic dual redundant belay system. EXTREME ENGINEERING Extreme Engineering invented THE FIRST auto-belay system 14 years ago VERTICAL REALITY

5 Belay in a Box EXTREME ENGINEERING AB34 - $ 2,395 AB52- $ 2,995
TM EXTREME ENGINEERING Meets and/or exceeds ASTM, AWS and OHSA standards. Extreme Engineering’s auto-belays are perfect for rope courses, climbing gyms, fitness centers and search and rescue. All Extreme Engineering’s patented Belay in the Box™ auto-belay systems meet or exceed ASTM, CE and other climbing wall standards. "Best Technology Applied" by IAAPA this is the safest auto-belay system on the market.  Self Installation Zinc coated steel case and come equipped with two pressurized hydraulic rams and internal check valves. Galvanized steel cable with marine eyes, swivel, sight tube and safety boot pre-installed AB34 - $ 2,395 AB52- $ 2,995

6 SPECTRUM Mission Statement: - Spectrum Sports, Int’l is the premier provider of portable and stationary amusement products under $500,000. We utilize height, speed and/or adrenaline activities to the amusement park, carnival/fair and destination markets. The latest Generation 4 Auto-Belay is available for climbing heights from 12' to 75'. ABZIP 40' to 80' = 40' - 80‘ Auto-Zip PRICES AB32 - $2,295 AB40 - $2,995 AB80 - $4,995 ABZIP- $5,695 4th Generation AB32 = 12' - 32' AB40 = 40' AB80 = 75'

7 Vertical Reality VERTICAL REALITY
Rods are Starnited (nitro-carburized) for corrosion resistance(out performs zinc, chrome & nickel by 10:1) Pressurized Hydraulic Composite Tank: Opaque for easy inspection. 8 inch by 24 inch, 5.5 gallon. Each cylinder type is cycle tested at our standard rate of 1 million cycles, or 1,000 miles. Assembled with pride and rigorously tested before shipping. $1,995 PER UNIT BASED ON THREE STATIONS VERTICAL REALITY With thousands of loyal customers around the world, our mission is to create the safest, most exciting, durable and competitively priced attractions in the extreme entertainment and amusement industry. For almost 2 decades, Vertical Reality has been the industry leader in interactive amusement devices in North America and around the globe.

8 Magnetic Units TRUBLUE - $1,995
TRUBLUE is designed specifically for the climbing industry, the TRUBLUE self-regulating braking system is the result of over four years of research, development and testing. The TRUBLUE auto belay is the only auto belay device that meets the same safety standards as other climbing gear. American National Standard ANSI/ASSE Z Canadian Standard, CSA Z Australian/New Zealand Standard, AS/NZS European Union Directive BS EN 341 CAN BE USED FOR: 41’ Vertical belay line Traversing Elements (cat walk, vine walk, etc.) Zip Line Breaks TRUBLUE - $1,995

9 Fall Protection CE 341, AS/NZS, CSA ANSI Non-Certified | Certified
Fall Arrest Systems 5,000 lbs. (22.2 kN) | 2 X maximum arresting force Work Positioning Systems 3,000 lbs. (13.3 kN) 2 X foreseeable force Restraint & Travel Systems 1,000 lbs. (4.5 kN) 2 X foreseeable force Rescue Systems 3,000 lbs. (13.3 kN) 5 X applied load All fall protection equipment and anchorages must be inspected at the beginning of each eight-hour shift by an authorized person and at least once per year (or more frequently if required by manufacturer) by a competent person or a competent rescuer as appropriate to verify equipment is safe for use. Written or electronic records of inspection should be kept on file for service life of product. ASTM F-24 Specifically, within the scope of the F – 24 standard referred to (F-1159), the only mention of anything related to a climbing wall, is: a.) For design purposes, the weight assigned to a “passenger” shall be 170 lbs., and: b.) That any required fall protection for such rides, shall meet the minimum design requirements specified in OSHA 29 CFR Part (d) – Personal Fall Arrest Systems. OSHA 29 CFR Part (d), (d) (9): States that Lanyards and vertical lifelines shall have a minimum breaking strength of 5,000 lbs. (d) (12): States that self retracting lifelines which automatically limit free fall to 2 ft or less, shall be capable of sustaining a minimum tensile load of 3,000 lbs. CE 341, AS/NZS, CSA The static load required in the CE 341, AS/NZS, and CSA are roughly 12 kN (or 2,697 lbs). The dynamic load is much greater, but is dependant upon the how the catch mechanism works

10 Certifications * 13.7 kN 3,100 lbs N/A 12 kN 2,697 lbs ?? 310 lbs
STATIC LOAD SWL ANSI 359. ASTM F24 C E 341 TUV Max break Strength 13.7 kN 3,100 lbs N/A 12 kN 2,697 lbs ?? Safe Working Load 310 lbs 170 lbs TRUBLUE 50k 15kN web 330 * EXTREME ENG. 5.5 kN 1,250 lbs 250 SPECTRUM VERTICAL REALITY SAFECLIMB/NORTH 310 Certifications



13 Extreme Engineering TROUBLE SHOOTING
Cable does not retract at all or not all the way to the top of the wall. Not enough air pressure in air/oil tank. Pressurize the tank. Reference the maintenance section for proper pressure setting. Something is interfering with cable travel. Verify cable does not touch anything but pulleys and all pulleys rotate freely. If the cable is rubbing on something, remove the obstruction. Something is blocking one or both check valves. Replace the check valves. Climbers can climb up the wall quicker than the cable retracts. Something is interfering with cable travel. Verify cable does not touch anything but pulleys and all pulleys rotate freely. If the cable is rubbing on something, remove the obstruction or correct the positioning of the item causing the obstruction. Something is partially blocking one or both check valves. Replace the check valves. After climbing to the top of the wall and then releasing to lower back down, the Auto-belay drops freely without restriction a foot or more. The Auto-belay possibly has air in the check valves. Follow the Prime Before You Climb instructions at the beginning of this manual. The oil level in the Auto-belay air/oil tank is insufficient for proper belaying operation. Follow the Oil Check procedures found under the maintenance section of this manual.

14 Spectrum Trouble Shooting Guide Appendix C
Problem: Auto-Belay cable will not retract Q: check the air pressure in the tank If NO; • Charge tank to the appropriate psi, and then check for air leaks by using soapy water. If YES; • Check cable/rope routing to ensure there is no cable obstructions. • Check pulleys and the pulley cart to ensure the pulleys are turning freely and that the cable/rope pulley cart is free from obstructions. • Ensure the ram alignment is true. Q: When proper air pressure, does the tracking pulley cart seem to stop at a point and not track?? IF NO; • Spectrum Sports Int’l for advice IF YES; • Check bearing for proper turning/tightness or track is clear of debris

15 Vertical Reality Trouble Shooting Guide
Auto belay cable will not retract when wall is vertical • Check air tank pressure is between 35 to 40 psi • Check for air leaks using soapy water • Check cable routing for obstructions • Check that pulleys are rotating freely • Check Hydraulic ram alignment. Contact Vertical reality if further assistance is necessary.

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