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Seth Yellin Kyle Sala Stephen Pearson Jake Ahrens.

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1 Seth Yellin Kyle Sala Stephen Pearson Jake Ahrens

2 Recap of Project Mass Spectrometer Autosampler Switched from needle puncture to direct tubing connection due to excessive costs and flow rate issues Changed from heating plate to incubator, per MassSpec Research Groups request

3 Valving System Operated and tested Solenoid Valves Solenoids can overheat when operating current is too high (opening vs operating) Power MOSFET (with extra components) design to reduce current through valves during extended use CoolCube (Hit and Hold) Diodes (Back EMF prevention) This design was too costly (1 CoolCube = $40)

4 Quad High Side Driver Four independent outputs Current reduction once switch is open (sleep mode) Overheat shutoff Designed for solenoids Waiting for shipment…

5 Coding Progress Developed pseudo code for all operations of valving system Sampling, Flushing, CO2 Removal, Air replacement Using two independent microcontrollers Extending pseudo code to control new chip

6 Incubator Fisher Isotemp Incubator Senior Model (inside dimensions: 15x 18 x 17) Maintain temperature at 37 degrees Celsius Fit with magnetic stirrer and nine bottles Feed tube and power cords inside and out via air duct on top Valves and tubing positioned and fastened on the top shelf

7 Magnetic Stirrer Digital Multi-Position Stirrer, 9 positions, 230V 50/60Hz Speed range 60 to 1400 rpm Overall dimensions: 17 x 11 x 4 Glass filled nylon top plate that is chemical resistant Stirring function, with continuous duty motor and magnet, maintains set speed even under changing load or viscosity

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