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Community Development Department LUPI PLAZA AUTO SERVICE CENTER --------------- Application # SP-WVR-07-19.

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1 Community Development Department LUPI PLAZA AUTO SERVICE CENTER --------------- Application # SP-WVR-07-19

2 Community Development Department Location Map 1430 Palm Coast Parkway NW

3 Aerial Map Community Development Department

4 Community Development Department Future Land Use Map (FLUM) Future Land Use Designation: Mixed Use

5 Community Development Department Zoning Map Zoning: COM-2 District (General Commercial)

6 Community Development Department Request and Project History Site Plan Review / Approval for a Non-Residential building containing 7,000 square feet Project contains 2 units: 1 unit for automotive parts sales & automotive maintenance to include 8 bays 1 unit for unknown non-residential use Special Exception granted with conditions by the Planning & Land Development Regulation Board for the automotive uses

7 Community Development Department Local Government Approvals to Date Application DateDecisionBy Final Plat 1-18-2000 -------- 3-7-2000 Approved -------- Recorded City Council Special Exception 5-16-2007Approved with conditions PLDRB Site Plan 8-8-2007 Recommend approval subject to compliance with staffs comments DRC

8 Community Development Department Use Summary Table CategoryExistingProposed Future Land Use Map (FLUM) Designation Mixed UseN/A Zoning DistrictCOM-2* (General Commercial) N/A Overlay DistrictPalm Coast Parkway Corridor N/A UseVacant Auto Parts Sales & Auto Maintenance Acreage1 acre Access Service Road via Palm Coast Parkway Service Road via Palm Coast Pkwy * Auto Parts Sales & Auto Maintenance allowed by Special Exception

9 Community Development Department Site Development Standards (Non-Residential) Standard: COM-2 DistrictRequiredProposed Minimum Lot Size20,000 square feet43,625 sq. ft. (1 acre) Minimum Lot Width100 feet125 feet Maximum Impervious Surface Ratio (ISR) 70%69.7% Maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) 40% (17,424 sq. ft.)16% (7,000 sq. ft.) Maximum Building Height50 feet, inclusive of appurtenances 17'4" to roof deck; 27'4" to peak of hip roof Setback adjacent to arterial or collector roadway 25 feet Setback adjacent to COM-210 feet Minimum Off-Street Parking35 spaces (1 space per 200 square feet) 35 spaces (includes 2 required handicap spaces)

10 Community Development Department Concurrency Evaluation Service/StandardAvailabilityConditions RoadsYesNone WaterYesNone SewerYesNone Solid Waste Disposal YesNone DrainageYesNone Parks & RecreationNot Applicable (N/A): Commercial N/A SchoolsN/A - CommercialN/A

11 Site Plan

12 Landscape Plan

13 Conceptual Landscape Plan Submitted with Special Exception

14 Community Development Department South (front) Building Elevation

15 Community Development Department North (rear) Building Elevation

16 Community Development Department East (right side) Building Elevation

17 Community Development Department West (left side) Building Elevation

18 Community Development Department West Building Elevation (Revised)

19 Community Development Department Signage Monument Sign Standard: Required:Provided: Sign Area Square Footage 32 square feet maximum 32 square feet Sign Height7 feet maximum7 feet Sign Setback 10 feet minimum (unless within 50' of a driveway or right-of-way street intersection, then minimum setback is 20 feet) 10 feet No wall signage proposed at this time. Maximum wall sign area allowed for automotive services unit - 32 square feet. Maximum wall sign area allowed for additional unit - 20 square feet.

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