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Wellness Plan The following training is designed to support company produced marketing and promotional tools. Arbonne is a registered trademark of Arbonne.

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1 Wellness Plan The following training is designed to support company produced marketing and promotional tools. Arbonne is a registered trademark of Arbonne International. Not produced or distributed by Arbonne International. These materials are not sponsored by, endorsed by or affiliated with Arbonne International. Enjoy a Healthier Life!

2 These two women are approximately the same age… Which life are YOU designing? Wellness Plan

3 These two men are approximately the same age… Which life are YOU designing?

4 Get Results with Wellness Includes but is not limited to: Smart Nutritional Hybrids Daily Power Pack Vitamins Omega 3 Dietary Supplement Weight Management System Vitamins & Mineral Supplements are essential. Source: JAMA (Journal American Medical Association) Wellness Plan

5 Hybrid Formula AM & PM Power Packs contain gender-specific, botanically-based formulas. Individual Vitamin & Mineral Tablets contain 32 core essential nutrients. Mens Prostate Formula supports prostate health. Womens Calcium Tablets are formulated for critical bone support (not made from shellfish). Wellness Plan

6 Super Food Antioxidant –Protects & eliminates free radicals that accumulate in our bodies over time & beyond our control. –ORAC Score of 8,000! (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) An ORAC test measures the amount of antioxidant activity in a product and assigns it a score. The higher the ORAC score, the more antioxidant protection the product provides from free radicals. Hybrid Formula (continued) Wellness Plan Powerful Digestive Enzymes Helps the body digest carbohydrates, fats, proteins, lactose and other dietary components.

7 The Hybrid Advantage Pharmaceutical grade Standardized disintegration time of 30 minutes Made with whole foods Cold pressed

8 Omega 3 Plus Supplement 1,000 mg of Omega 3 Fatty Acids From Seed Oils of: Flax Seed, Chia Seed, Perilla, Kiwi, Black Raspberry, Pomegranate & Pumpkin. Certified Vegan No Fishy After taste Benefits: Supports a healthy cardiovascular system Promotes optimal health & wellness Promotes concentration & mental acuity Supports joint health Arbonne pioneered the Vegetarian Capsule known as Licaps® Wellness Plan

9 Protein Shake Low carb and low calorie Low fat and low sugar High Protein Matrix – Pea, Cranberry & Rice Bran No saturated fat No cholesterol No lactose No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors No animal products or by-products-vegan Increase the bodys: Caloric output Metabolic response to food intake Ability to reduce cholesterol Energy at the cellular level Wellness Plan How much protein is needed per day on average? Most people arent getting near enough…

10 Fiber Booster Arbonnes blend of soluble fiber is derived from fruits and grains 1 scoop per day provides almost 50% of recommended daily fiber intake or 12 grams May add to foods and liquids No flavor and no color Benefits of Fiber Improves digestive function Helps lower risk of heart disease & cancer Reduces toxins & cholesterol found in the body Promotes weight loss Wellness Plan

11 Detox Tea Key Nutrients: Milk Thistle supports liver & kidney function (main filtering organs) Couch Grass, an effective diuretic, aids in dissolving kidney stones and supports prostate health Benefits: Gently cleanses & naturally purifies the liver, kidneys & blood Provides detoxification & antioxidant protection Works synergistically with wellness products for best results Wellness Plan

12 NRG GO Fizzing Beverage Tablets Two flavors – Citrus & Pomegranate Healthier alternative to soda or canned drinks 3 key unique ingredients known as get up and go blend –Green tea: standardized to create powerful antioxidants –Guarana: Increases energy, reduces fatigue, promotes weight loss and controls appetite. Also has 50mg caffeine –Panex Ginseng: An adaptogen delivering feel good properties. Relieves stress

13 NRG GO Fizzing Beverage Tablet Also has Taurine: Helps with nutrient assimilation. Will help body utilize nutrients you dont get from food When you pair up our Hybrid Vitamins with the fizzing beverage, you are maximizing the best possible way to provide nutrients and enzymes to your body Chromium to control hunger and B Vitamin complex to create energy help nutrient metabolism

14 On The Go! Weight Loss Chews Great tasting chocolate available all year…Plus seasonal favorites! Take up to 4 every day as a snack between meals Do not use after supper, increases energy Energizing and natural appetite suppressant 30 calories per chew

15 Are You on a Plan Today? Breakfast: Protein / Fiber Detox Tea Hybrid Pack & Omega 3 Between Meals: NRG Fizz Tab Chews Dinner: Detox Tea Hybrid Pack & Omega 3 Important: Stay on the plan for 6 months to achieve maximum results & receive Arbonne reward! Easy to do… Wellness Plan

16 Amazing Results for Low Cost! Wellness Plan Approximately $6.72 a day! What do you spend $6 a day on now? 15 Day Supply $126 – 20% disc = $100.80

17 Compare the Alternative Retail Cost $ (Receipt dated August 11, 2006) Wellness Plan These products cost almost double. Approximately $10.40 a day. Do these products work synergistically together? Do these products contain any animal by-products, artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors used?

18 iii Monthly Auto-Ship Hybrid Power Pack Vitamins $ Fiber $ Daily Detox Tea $ Chews $ NRG Fizzy Tabs (x2) $ Total Retail Cost: $ (Less 20% Discount): - $50.10 $ per month BONUS! Large Size Shake & Omega 3 Supplement for just $20!* Wellness Plan Approximately $6.68 per day! * Minimum $250 retail order required to receive bonus 30 Day Supply I Want it All I Want It All!

19 For Best Results: Commit to 6-Month Auto-Ship Convenience Each month your products are delivered to you vs. you spending valuable time shopping Dedication Keeps you consistent in using products that result in helping you feel and look better Flexibility Adjust or cancel your order at any time Choose your charge date & ship date Wellness Plan Reward! Receive a $250 voucher toward the purchase of any products in our catalog with 6-month autoship orders over $250. It could take up to 6 months to experience maximum results.

20 Why do I need the entire plan? To support daily dietary requirements For optimal digestion For antioxidant protection to fight free radicals For added protection against heart disease & cancer For reduction of toxins & cholesterol Frequently Asked Questions Wellness Plan Consider the cost of illness Budget this into your grocery money (Replace some less important items!) I dont think I can afford this plan… Did You Know? Many cheaper supplements available on the market are synthetic, full of fillers, contain animal by-products, do not have standardized amounts of active ingredients and do not dissolve and absorb quickly.

21 Place Your Order Which date do you prefer for your products to be shipped? (Choose any date between the 5 th and 25 th of each month) Would you like to take advantage of the best deal with the I Want It All Offer? Wellness Plan Complete Registration: $29 Thank You commission check At any point you may share the products with others & receive a Thank You commission check OR you can build a Wellness Clientele with huge rewards!

22 Testimonies Documentation beats conversation

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