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PG&E Automated Demand Response Program Webinar 2008 Program Summary and Participant Forum October 14, 2008.

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1 PG&E Automated Demand Response Program Webinar 2008 Program Summary and Participant Forum October 14, 2008

2 2 Webinar Agenda Welcome (Albert Chiu, PG&E) Review and summary of 2008 Auto-DR program (Greg Wikler, GEP) DRAS technology update (Dan Hennage, Akuacom) New technologies on the horizon for Auto-DR (Mary Ann Piette, LBNL) Participant Forum

3 3 Auto-DR Program – Core Team Program management and incentive program administration Program administration, customer recruitment, prime contractor to technical coordinators, engineering and validation, and incentive processing Primary research, technical advisor, training, quality assurance, system validation and evaluation Auto-DR system architecture and hardware design and production

4 4 Auto-DR Program – Technical Coordinator Team for 2008 APT* – Building Automation The Energy Coalition* – BEC Program Administrator C&C – Building Automation EPS – Industrial Process PowerIT Solutions* – Building Automation SCG* – Technical Services Site Controls* – Building Automation Syserco* – Building Automation * denotes new TC for 2008

5 5 What is Auto-DR? Automated Demand Response (Auto-DR) is a communication and technology platform designed to: Provide customers with automated, electronic price and reliability signals Provide customers with the capability to identify and automate site specific demand response strategies Improve the reliability of demand response programs so they can achieve the same operational status as conventional generation resources at a fraction of the cost Auto-DR can support all DR and pricing options Auto-DR is not a program but rather a platform for enabling existing and proven technologies

6 6 Auto-DR System Architecture

7 7 Auto-DR 2008 Program Summary Program Goals: Ensure that approximately 22.9 MW of Auto-DR from 2007 is available for DR events in 2008 Enable additional 7-8 MW of Auto-DR to bring total capability from 2007-08 efforts to 30 MW Commercialize Auto-DR program delivery 2008 Auto-DR program open to customers on Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) and/or Demand Bidding (DBP) programs

8 8 Accomplishments in 2008 Approximately 7.5 MW recruited with over 1.1 MW now tested and ready for program deployment Remaining 6.4 MW currently in the enablement process A total of 11 CPP events held this summer (between 5/15/08 and 9/4/08) One DBP test event (4 hours) held on 7/9/08 Training and technical transfer Technical coordinators Auto-DR system operations Load assessment and settlement Refinement of program procedures

9 9 New Auto-DR Customers for 2008 A total of 30 PG&E service accounts Baseline peak demand representing over 30 MW Estimated reduction amounts nearly 7.5 MW Average reduction of 29% (mainly driven by large industrial participants) Average facility reduction of 21% (for non-industrial participants)

10 10 Makeup of New Auto-DR Participants

11 11 Auto-DR Participant Makeup (cont.)

12 12 Auto-DR Participant Makeup (cont.)

13 13 Auto-DR Participant Makeup (cont.)

14 14 2008 Results – CPP Events 29 facilities participated in all 11 CPP events in 2008 1.7 MW of actual shed from 3-6PM using the CPP Morning Adjustment baseline method for the 11 CPP events That reduction represents 70% of the automated load shed capability

15 15 Cumulative Auto-DR Shed for CPP Customers on 7/9/08

16 16 2008 Results – DBP Events 54 facilities participated in 1 test event (2PM-6PM) on 7/9/08 Average 12.45 MW of bids received by 3:30PM day-before for the event 11.1 MW provided load reductions for at least 2 hours (drawing upon the CPUC-approved 3/10 baseline method) The achieved reduction represents 85% of the bid amounts

17 17 Cumulative Auto-DR Shed for DBP Customers on 7/9/08

18 18 Program Planning for 2009-11 Customer support for current program participants to ensure continued functionality of automation systems Continue offering enablement incentives (up to $250/kW) for new participants who adopt Auto-DR measures Expand automation into other emerging DR program options Emphasis on distribution and feeder congestion management through Auto-DR

19 19 The Future of the DRAS Client Feedback Shed Potential: What the facility is capable of shedding (at all times) Shed Performance: Facility kW reduction vs. baseline (during events) Location Based Auto-DR Event constraints based upon grid and geographic locations Shed Potential and Performance for groups of clients defined by their grid and geographic location

20 20 Projects at the DR Research Center Supporting Auto-DR Embedding Auto-DR Clients in control systems Piloting small commercial Auto-DR systems using low-cost communicating thermostats Developing large commercial pre-cooling field studies and simulation tools Testing dimmable lighting systems, designs to provide efficiency and DR Evaluating industrial processes - case studies on refrigerated warehouses, wastewater, controls Planning implementation of OpenADR in Title 24

21 21 Linking Energy Efficiency and DR

22 22 Participants Forum – Potential Topics for Discussion Results of the end-of-year participant survey showed that all current Auto-DR customers plan to continue in Auto-DR in 2009. What is your primary reason for continuing with Auto- DR? Savings? Ease of participating in DR events? Employment of advanced technology? What can be done to improve Auto-DR for you? Additional shed performance information? An updated technical audit of your site(s) for additional load shed opportunities? A review of your manual sheds to assess their potential for automation? Were thinking of a doing a webinar prior to the beginning of the 2009 DR season to bring you updated Auto-DR information. Would you be interested in attending and participating?

23 Thank You! Global Energy Partners, LLC 3569 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite 200 Lafayette, CA 94549 Tel: 925-284-3780 Fax: 925-284-3147 Email:

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