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IDS Search Built for Sharing. What is IDS Search?

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1 IDS Search Built for Sharing

2 What is IDS Search?

3 A Brief Overview Integrates discovery and ILL borrowing World Cat results plus local ILS call number/circ status Search scope: local, IDS, and world-wide Bells and whistles: Yahoo spell check, Google Books info, RSS feeds, etc. Web-based, centrally hosted service

4 Interface Design Extensive Usability testing University of Rochester Eye tracking at Geneseo Test pilot library focus groups Seamless integration of several systems Progressive disclosure of search options and item detail.

5 How It Works

6 What does it look like?

7 Results Screen

8 Item Detail

9 Can I change the way it looks?

10 Customization

11 Customized Home Page

12 Customized Results

13 Customized Item Detail

14 What can I customize?

15 Customize the Header What can you change here? Colors Logo Background Image

16 Customize the Groups What can you change here? Titles for existing groups New groups custom to you library

17 Customize Items in the Results What can you change here? Text for availability link Text before and after Get It button Text inside Get It button Show/Hide service links (Cite, Permalink, Etc.)

18 Customize the Limits What can you change here? Show/Hide any limit Change title of any limit

19 Customize the Links What can you change here? Add any custom link you want Links to reserves? Links to databases? Completely remove list of links

20 Customize E-Books What can you change here? Show or hide link to e-book version of book Z39.50 look-up of the 856 record in your local record Change title of link (eBook, E-Book, Electronic Book, Etc.)

21 How do I customize it?

22 Dashboard: Customization Web-based, hosted service CSS, visual styling Options for search functionality Allows libraries to match with local needs

23 Dashboard: What it Looks Like

24 How does it affect instruction?

25 Less click-by-click instruction User does not leave IDS Search to use other services (OPAC, World Cat, ILLiad, spell check) Focus on research concepts not Web site navigation. As IDS Search is user friendly, can introduce ILL at earlier stages. Information Literacy Instruction

26 IDS Search and Reference Integrates ILL functionality into time sensitive reference transaction. Reference transaction for ILL easier (one easy to use interface and tool) Leverages IDS Project quick turnaround times for positive transactions. Easy permalinks for virtual reference.

27 Auto Search If a search results in zero hits, IDS Search will automatically widen the search for the user: Maintain users search terms Remove any search limits Change the scope to world wide Change the index to key word Change the sort order to relevance * Auto Search assures that the user is presented with search results.

28 Auto Search: Example Search: 0765607395 (ISBN) in IDS Group Zero Hits Auto Search: 0765607395 (kw) in World Wide group Found the item, and provided Google preview A link to ILLiad Let user know that item was owned in 4 IDS member libraries A link to the author A link to the subject If the user wants a known item that the library does not own, IDS Search will deliver

29 Auto Search: Example Search: The Bug That Plagued the Entire Third Grade (kw) in my library Zero Hits Auto Search: Found the item, and provided: A link to ILLiad Item was not owned by library, consortia or IDS project

30 Auto Search: Example Search: Juvenile delinquents economics (su) in IDS Group Zero Hits Auto Search: Juvenile delinquents economics (kw) in World Wide group Found 35 books 5 were owned by IDS member libraries Recommended 5 related subjects

31 Auto Search: Example Search: statistics of teen pregancy (kw) in my library Zero Hits Had Auto Search been disabled Spelling correction would have been presented Found 1 book Auto Search: statistics of teen pregancy (kw) in world wide group Found 1 book A subject link to Womens Health was provided Spelling correction presented Found 203 books 19 were owned by IDS member libraries Recommended 7 subjects

32 Auto Search: Example Search: somali pirates (su) in my library Zero Hits Auto Search: somali pirates (kw) in world wide group Found 59 books 1 owned by local library Would not have been shown without auto search! 9 owned by IDS member libraries

33 Auto Search: Example Search: Roghman Geertruid (kw) in my library Zero Hits Auto Search: Zero Hits Spelling Correction (Rothman, Geertruid)Rothman, Geertruid Zero Hits What should have happened next?

34 Point-Of-Need Auto Search happens when help is needed most: Zero Hits Other actions possible Email alert to reference staff? Help form or chat box? In an ideal world, the zero hits page would… What do other library search tools offer?

35 Auto Search: Utilization Buffalo State21.5% Geneseo16.6% Oswego17.2% TC317.1% Potsdam18.6% Purchase18.6% Plattsburgh12.1%

36 Librarian Testimonial Today at the front desk a student asked about GRE reviews. We searched the collection, and found no suitable records, we searched books and media [using IDS Search], the student found the perfect book. I helped him set up his ILLiad account and he ordered the book. He was very pleased. Thank you!

37 How does it affect my library?

38 Promotes Interlibrary Loan One click linking to ILL request form ILL link displayed under item title Owned and shared items displayed together If results not found (zero hits) locally, Auto Search queries world-wide libraries

39 Promotes Resource Sharing Seamless inclusion of other library collections: IDS World-wide Custom groups Intuitive ILL Documented increase in ILL requests Leverage your IDS partnerships!

40 Increases Borrowing Oswego – 68% increase in borrowing 1 year period (3,593 to 6,071) Buffalo State – 95% increase in borrowing 6 month period (526 to 1024)

41 How do I know if it gets used?

42 Evaluation IDS Dashboard Usage statistics IDS and individual library breakdown Weekly, monthly, and yearly breakdown All aspects of search behavior

43 Hour of the Day

44 Day of the Week

45 Month of the Year


47 Search Form

48 Sort Keys

49 Search Scope

50 Query Index

51 Auto Search

52 How much is it?

53 No Additional Cost IDS libraries are flush with cash*, so we wont mention that IDS Search is available to member libraries at no additional cost * not intended to be a factual statement

54 How do I get it?

55 Easy and Instant Set-Up Remotely hosted service No specialized/devoted staff to maintain Minimal set up, no system maintenance Only a World Cat API key is necessary Z39.50 set up same as z39.50 in ILLiad Customization Manager Now, exposed in dashboard Visual style/branding within minutes

56 Contact Us Mike Curtis Mike Mulligan Shannon Pritting Sites

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