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CIP4 JDF APIs JDF Editor Elena Skobchenko

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1 CIP4 JDF APIs JDF Editor Elena Skobchenko
This is simply a suggestion, feel free to modify it and add some graphics

2 Overview The CIP4 JDF APIs JDF Tools Java C++ Documentation CheckJDF
JDF Editor

3 CIP4 JDF APIs JDFLib C++ Java Implementation of the JDF Specification
Probably one slide per Workitem is reasonable. Do not reiterate the whole work item, only status and interactions that need resolution Clear state any potential for missing deadlines

4 Implementation of the JDFSpecification
JDF Library C++ JDF Wrapper Lib Implementation of the JDFSpecification High level JDF Wrapper Core Lib Kelement, XMLDoc, Parser, DataTypes defined in JDF Low level JDF Tools Lib Corresponding Java packages : lang, io, mime, util, net

5 Implementation of the JDFSpecification
JDF Library Java Package org.cip4.jdflib Implementation of the JDFSpecification High level org.cip4.jdflib.core - Kelement, XMLDoc, JDFParser org.cip4.jdflib.datatypes - dataTypes defined in JDF Low level

6 JDFSchema – Generator - Auto files
Almost every high level class has a corresponding Auto generated class, e.g. JDFJMF – JDFAutoJMF JDFMedia – JDFAutoMedia With the new release of JDF Schema Auto files are usually replaced with new Auto files. (Any changes in Auto files will be lost) JDF Schema JDFSpecifcation in XML code Generator XML to C++ code Auto files C++ e.g. JDFAutoJMF Generator XML to JAVA code Auto files JAVA e.g. JDFAutoJMF

7 JDFLib Package structure
JDFLib (JDFWrapper) JDF Node JDF JMF editable JDF Resources JDF Device Capability JDF Core Auto - Auto auto generated classes not editable !

8 Documentation, Sample Applications
JDF Library Class Overview Doxygen documentation FAQs Installation Manual Help instructions “How to…” Code Samples (JDFExample) the best starting point

9 JDF Tools 1. Check JDF 2. JDF Editor Validation
User settable parameters Device Capabilities test 2. JDF Editor Graphic User Interface JDF Tree View JDF Process View JDF Resource View (In & Output) Editing, Spawn, Merge Validation FixVersion Send JMF Device Capabilities Support

10 Check JDF Tests one or more JDF files
Looks for Invalid Elements and Attributes Tests their Cardinality For every type of Job tests input and output resources Missing Unknown Invalid Tests every pair “ResourceRef - Resource”, “ResourceLink - Resource” : looks for invalid references checks their location in the tree Looks for duplicate elements and duplicate ID entries and more…

11 Check JDF Input Output JDF files to test User Parameters (Optional)
Validation options Schema location Show elements and attributes in foreign namespaces … Device Capability file to test against (Optional) Output Error report in console window Error report in XML form (in Java Version CheckJDF)

12 JDF Editor Tree view Hierarchical job representation
Easy navigation, “Find” option Icons for Links, Refs… Highlight of the elements and attributes in private namespaces Edition “Copy” “Cut” “Paste” options Insert and Auto insert of the required attributes and elements Spawn and Merge functions Device Capabilities and more…

13 JDF Editor Process view graphical representation of the processes
Short description of the Process and Input&Output Resources Parallel shows active element in the tree

14 JDF Editor Input & Output Resource View
Shows the processes that consume and/or produce the chosen resource Reflects its position in a Tree View

15 JDF Editor Validation & Error View
Validates JDF and displays errors in an Error View Highlights invalid elements/attributes in a Tree View

16 Info CIP4 APIs, JDFEditor and CheckJDF Forum – T&I Working Group
Forum – T&I Working Group Questions?

17 Thank you for your attention!
Elena Skobchenko Solution Management

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