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The Intelligent, Automated IT Infrastructure. 2 EQUALLOGIC IS CHANGING THE WAY PEOPLE EXPERIENCE STORAGE By delivering dynamic virtual storage solutions.

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1 The Intelligent, Automated IT Infrastructure

2 2 EQUALLOGIC IS CHANGING THE WAY PEOPLE EXPERIENCE STORAGE By delivering dynamic virtual storage solutions that enable IT organizations to address changing business needs in real time at a reasonable cost TM

3 PS SERIES COMPREHENSIVE DATA MANAGEMENT ALL-INCLUSIVE WITH NO ADDITIONAL COSTS BASE SOFTWARE FEATURES Management Instant on set-up manager Group manager Rapid provisioning Roles-based management Data Protection and Availability RAID 5, 10, and 50 Automatic RAID placement Multi-path / IO support Maintenance Phone home Enclosure monitoring system Performance monitoring ADVANCED SOFTWARE FEATURES Storage Virtualization Complete SAN virtualization Thin provisioning Auto-load balancing Automatic storage pools & tiering Array evacuation Data Protection and Recovery Writeable snapshots Multi-volume snapshots Instant restore / cloning Multi-way replication for disaster recovery 3 Server Management Integration VSS and VDS Providers Automatic MPIO Connection Management Auto-Snapshot Manager/ Microsoft Edition Exchange, SQL Server and Windows file systems data Auto-Snapshot Manager/ VMware Edition Hypervisor-aware SAN-based snapshots and rapid recovery VMware SRM Storage Adapter Automated DR for the virtual data center New

4 SINGLE-VIEW MANAGEMENT SINGLE SAN MANAGER – ANY SIZE, ANY FORM 4 SAN Virtualizer System Load Balancer Storage Configuration Assistant best practice hints and clues Volume Manager Data Replication Control Multiple Storage Pool Creation online volume movement between pools Enclosure Monitoring System in-depth SAN reporting Group Manager Simple Intuitive GUI Instant Volume Creation 1.Name 2.Size 3.Snapshot size 4.Security Online Volume Modification –Clones –Snapshot –Replication –Volume expansion

5 SAN ECONOMICS 5 HBA (x2): SAN Port (x2): MPIO:$ 500 $ 2,000 NIC (x2): SAN Port (x2): MPIO:$ 0 $ 200 $ 250 Fibre Channel IP SAN $ 4,500 $ 450Total:

6 CONVENTIONAL ARCHITECTURE 6 Storage Processor Capacity Performance Free Space Replication Snapshots iSCSI

7 PeerStorage GROUP Unified Virtual Array PS5000 VIRTUALIZATION FRAMELESS ARCHITECTURE 7 Switch Unified Storage Pool


9 Advanced features dependent on networked storage Changing server infrastructure drives need and desire to rethink storage New abstraction layer create new opportunities and new challenges Storage infrastructure becomes barrier to reducing complexity VIRTUALIZATION KEY DRIVER OF NEW STORAGE LANDSCAPE SAN Fabric SAN Fabric

10 Growing fast in growth markets #1 in iSCSI units #1 in Windows/Linux storage Growing 67% faster than the overall storage market Growing 92% faster than the Windows/Linux storage market …with respected products EqualLogic PS5000 Series Uniquely simple virtualized iSCSI SANs Dell | EMC CX3/4 SAN family Industry leader in Fibre Channel SANs Dell PowerVault family Affordable, flexible storage for SMBs DELL STORAGE IN 2008 Data Source: Gartner Qstats May 2008

11 WHY iSCSI IS IMPORTANT TO VIRTUAL INFRASTRUCTURES Simplifies Networked Storage –Uses more affordable hardware and existing infrastructure –Leverages ubiquitous networking knowledge Enhances Consolidation ROI –Simplifies virtual server deployments –Reduces acquisition, deployment, and ongoing management costs Enables a Simple Virtualized Storage Architecture –Natively supports virtualization primitives –Allows scalable, flexible networked storage grid implementations –Load balances across all SAN resources iSCSI SAN iSCSI SAN IDC's Top Storage Predictions for 2008: Virtual servers will emerge as the killer application for iSCSI

12 Just-in-time scalability Seamless scaling of both performance and capacity Hands-free management Intelligent and automated management that allows you to set it and forget it Perpetual self-optimization Automated load balancing across disks, RAID sets, connections, cache and controllers All inclusive functionality Advanced software capabilities included, no hidden costs DELL EQUALLOGIC PS SERIES iSCSI SAN of the Year For virtualization implementations, you can't do better than a PS3800XV [now PS5000XV]" Intelligent, seamlessly expandable virtualized iSCSI SAN Innovative virtualized architecture enables:

13 INDUSTRY TREND: VIRTUAL SERVERS MEET VIRTUAL STORAGE Physical Infrastructure Virtualized Assets An Extendable, Scalable, and Resilient Infrastructure for Both Servers and Storage Ethernet Fabric

14 HIGH DENSITY PS5500E SCALES PS SERIES GROUP CAPACITY BY 3X 16 drives per array 192 TBs 48 drives per array 576 TBs 3X Capacity New

15 COMING SOON TO A DATA CENTER NEAR YOU SATA SSD 10GbE/ Data Center Ethernet 10GbE/ Data Center Ethernet Fully virtualized storage pools > petabytes in size Intelligent, heuristically defined data layouts Perpetual self-optimization across storage tiers Fully integrated into the virtualized server, network, client infrastructure SAS

16 Available today for Dell EqualLogic –VMware Site Recovery Manager Adapter –Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition Advanced engineering –SAN data copy offload –Higher performance, lower overhead –Thin provisioning –Protect VMs from running out of thinly provisioned space –Advanced multi-pathing –Optimally exploit scale-out, multi-controller EqualLogic architecture ADVANCED SAN INTEGRATION THROUGH VSTORAGE APIS SAN Fabric SAN Fabric GOAL: Leverage the SAN to optimize storage functions CHALLENGE: Coordinate between ESX and Storage Arrays APIs Group Manager Virtual Center

17 EQUALLOGIC STORAGE ADAPTER FOR VMWARE SITE RECOVERY MANAGER Affordable enterprise disaster protection and recovery Auto-Replication coordinates directly with SRM Server Seamless integration of virtualized iSCSI SAN further simplifies the virtual data center All-inclusive feature of PS Series arrays Streamlining disaster recovery management and automation Ethernet Network Wide Area R1R2R3R4 R1R2R3R4 Ethernet Network Group Manager Production Site Recovery Site EqualLogic Auto-Replication

18 High performance, space-efficient online data protection Hypervisor-aware, scalable SAN-based solution Reduced space overhead & enhanced ESX performance Fast recovery of VMs and VMFS DataStores Easy to navigate GUI with SAN & VMware-centric views Snapshot policies logically assigned to VM hierarchies AUTO-SNAPSHOT MANAGER / VMWARE EDITION BUNDLED DATA PROTECTION WITH EQUALLOGIC PS SERIES SANS Automated, Consolidated VM Backup and Recovery With ASM/VE, I can automate the virtual machine backup process and recover a lot faster with a simple, integrated feature. Cody Page, IT Director Peterson Sullivan PLLC CPA New

19 vmdk1 SAN Fabric SAN Fabric HOW ASM/VE WORKS To take a snapshot of all VMs in a VMFS Query VC to identify all VMs in VMFS Query VC to identify SAN volume VMFS is based on For each VM, command VC to take a VM snapshot (i.e., put each VM in snapshot mode) Command EQL to take SAN- based snapshot of VMFS volume For each VM, command VC to delete VM snapshots PLAY DEMO VMFS-1 Virtual Center ESX Server

20 VMFS-1 Data must be read from SAN into server, then written back to SAN Inefficient data copy with significant CPU and network overhead SAN DATA COPY OFFLOAD EXAMPLE: STORAGE VMOTION SAN Fabric SAN Fabric VMFS-2 Without vStorage Integration vmdk1

21 Optimized data movement within the SAN Significantly lower CPU and network overhead Additional Provisioning Use Cases: –Clone From Template –Clone VM SAN DATA COPY OFFLOAD EXAMPLE: STORAGE VMOTION SAN Fabric SAN Fabric VMFS-1 VMFS-2 With vStorage Integration vmdk1 PLAY DEMO

22 22

23 EQUALLOGIC VMWARE FOCUS GREATER AUTOMATION, INTELLIGENCE, ADVANCED INTEGRATION 20062008Future Core Technology SAN Scalability Advanced Integration - Site Recovery Manager - Auto-Snapshot Manager/ VMware Edition Core Technology Native 10GbE Data Center Ethernet Solid State Disk arrays Enhanced load balancing across tiers Advanced Integration - Linked clones/deduplication - Thin provisioning -Custom multipathing - SAN data copy offload Core Technology - iSCSI - Virtualized SAN Advanced Integration - HCL - Auto-Snapshot Manager/ Microsoft Edition

24 Automated, Policy-Driven Management Based on Real-time Intelligence Strategic Alignment Of Technology Suppliers Advanced Integration Across Multiple Layers of Infrastructure Virtualized Resource Pools Platforms Optimized for Virtualization SUMMARY: ARCHITECTING THE DYNAMIC DATA CENTER

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