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Math Data Validation and Auto-Correction at GM using NX Check-Mate

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1 Math Data Validation and Auto-Correction at GM using NX Check-Mate
Ubaid U Rehman General Motors

2 Abstract This presentation will discuss:
The usage of Check-Mate profiles for checking CAD data for conformance to GM Math Data Quality (GM MDQ) and Drafting Standards, and If non-conformances occur, then auto-correct the non-conformances using GM Standards 2 2

3 General Motors Validation Facts
Check-Mate as globally agreed upon CAD validation tool Successfully implemented Check-Mate at all GM Global Sites Enforced 53 Check-Mate Checkers as part of GM workflow Check-Mate used as CAD Data Assessment Tool More than 200,000 NX parts assessed weekly using check-mate batch mode Significant improvement in Math data quality

4 Problem Statement GM wastes time and money every year due to rework of improper data quality of it’s math files A large percentage of these problems are caused by non-conformances to GM Math Data Quality (GM MDQ) and Drafting Standards 4 4

5 Math Data Quality Validation
GM is using NX Check-Mate checkers and profiles to check CAD data quality for their adherence to GM standards Checkers compare the math model to standards and report details that are out of standards 5 5

6 Math Data Quality Validation
After error detection, issues are fixed manually Manual corrections still cost time and, hence, money 6 6

7 GM Inquire Tool Custom Inquire Tool is used
For searching different object types To get object information To highlight/un-highlight To move objects to different layers 7 7

8 GM Preparation Tool Preparation tool is used
To switch views to wireframe mode Un-blank objects Fit and Orient Views To position WCS to ACS Sets a flag so that preparation becomes part of workflow Execute part clean-up

9 Need of Global Math Data Preparation/Auto-Correction Tool
Currently considering combining validation and error corrections in one tool Check-Mate or separate auto-correction tool? Eliminate running multiple tools (Inquire and Preparation Tool) Maintain and enhance one tool only Cost savings But with auto-corrections, there is always a big question: What is safe to auto correct?  9 9

10 Auto Correction Categories
Low Risks Non Topological Mostly related to object properties (File Structure) Layer Color Display Drawing Standards Part and Object Attributes View Orientation High Risks Modifies Topology Updates Physical Properties (Mass,Material) Product and Manufacturing Information

11 Auto-Correcting in Modeling
Low Risk Auto Correcting in Modeling mode Organizing modeling object types Layer / Category Layer / Entity Entity / Color Model View Display Attributes Object Display Properties Blank/Un-Blank Faces U-V Grids Non Persistent Customer Defaults

12 Auto-Correcting Drawing Files
Low Risk Auto Correcting Drawing Entities as per Drawing Standards Dimension Style Text Preferences Centerline Style Section Line Style Standard Drawing Notes Standard Symbols Drawing 12 12

13 Auto-Corrections Math Data
High Risk Design-critical geometry that can affect the design intent of the original model Auto-correcting draft on ribs Hole position Part Clean-up Solid Body Physical Properties Auto midsurface generation Product and Manufacturing related information 13 13

14 GM’s Auto-Corrections Strategy
GM’s strategy for auto-corrections: For low risk errors Check-Mate checkers will be allowed to fix problems automatically, with intervention from a designer For high risk errors Manual corrections to make sure changes won't affect design intent 14 14

15 Auto-Corrections Strategy
DEMO 15 15

16 Thank You

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