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By Lucy Stone Auto-Tune: The Drug of the Music Industry AUTO-TUNE: THE DRUG OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY.

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1 By Lucy Stone Auto-Tune: The Drug of the Music Industry AUTO-TUNE: THE DRUG OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY

2 The Artists of Our Generation

3 Why do you attend concerts?

4 Concert Experiences

5 Celebrity or Musician?

6 What is Auto-Tune?

7 Andy Hildebrand Oil consultant Interpreting seismic data Created on a dare Implemented in 1996 autocorrelation

8 Auto-tune back then…

9 I never figured anyone in their right mind would want to do that. Chers Believe Increase of re-tune speed 0-400 milliseconds Eliminates natural transition

10 Comically artificial, like a chorus of '50s robots singing Motown

11 Misuse? Or Abuse? None could remember a pop recording session in the past few years when Auto-Tune didn't make a cameo--and none could think of a singer who would want that fact known

12 T-Pain: "I know [Auto-Tune] better than anyone. And even I'm just figuring out all the ways you can use it to change the mood of a record. ***

13 T-Pain Application

14 Death Cab for Auto-Tune Weve been a lot of good musicians being affected by this newfound digital manipulation of the human voice, and we feel enough is enough.

15 There's no shame in fixing a note or two Lets just say that Ive had Auto-Tune save vocals on everything from Britney Spears to Bollywood cast albums. And every singer now presumes youll run their voice through the box.

16 The Power of Auto-Tune

17 The Million Dollar Performance

18 Music Today The music Music scene in Philadelphia Live concerts, smaller scale It takes $$$

19 What will happen to the Music? Singers will become obsolete Expectation of the audience

20 Understanding Auto-tune used in conjunction with pro-tools

21 Tik-Tok?

22 Music Industry Applicable to my future


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27 FIN.




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