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Brio 6 to Hyperion 8.3 USDA – Forest Service Experience.

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1 Brio 6 to Hyperion 8.3 USDA – Forest Service Experience

2 Brio 6.6 Started in 2000 Grew slowly till 2004 Very little financial data online User community grew from a few to a few hundred

3 Brio 6 Queries Initially simple –Results and 1 or 2 pivots –Variable limits Build your own query –Query section with meta data model –Results section and maybe a pivot Eventually more complex queries –Sub-queries and preformatted reports.

4 Build Your Own Query Query section with meta data model Do not save results. Set in startup –var SecCount = ActiveDocument.Sections.Count –for (j = 1; j <= SecCount ; j++) –{ if (ActiveDocument.Sections[j].Type == bqQuery) – ActiveDocument.Sections[j].SaveResults = true } Auto logon-users can save query to PC. –name = "fs_public" –ActiveDocument.ODSUsername= name –ActiveDocument.SetODSPassword(name) Auto process of queries

5 Hyperion Intelligence 8 New financial data warehouse coming Number of users to multiply Number of queries to multiply Need to use SQR Need to publish other than.bqy

6 Installation First install on test server (8.2.1) –Repository in Oracle –Oracle user id HISERVER Test queries and administration IRM setup Tomcat 4 –Tomcat 5 had errors Thin-client queries did double process Tried services set to auto

7 Installation of 8.3 Production server –W2K, IIS Install SQR first Standard 8.3 install including JRun Problems –Oracle userid HISERVER same as test Need to completely clean out old tables –JRUN default parameters too small. –Still cant set services to auto

8 Posting Queries All users logon as one user id. – Turn off personal pages –Hyperion has special version of launchApp.jsp Hyperion fixed thin-client process –Process queries in startup script Some build-your-own queries but –User has to logon to run in plug-in

9 Lessons so far Dont do standard install Separate Foundation, Java server and Oracle Plan your folder structure Publish end-user documentation Dont be afraid. Its not difficult.

10 Our Look

11 User Instructions

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