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2 1. Production Capacity 1) Annual Production Capacity : 28,000MVA
2) Maximum Capacity : up to 800MVA(3 phase) 3) Maximum Voltage : up to 765kV, 2050 BIL 4) Factory Space : 16,800m² 5) Manpower for Transformer factory - 55 Engineers - 340 Skilled Workers

3 2. Production Range 1) Power Transformer 2) Distribution Transformer
3) Cast resin Transformer 4) Special Purpose Transformer Rectifier Transformer Furnace Transformer Dry type Transformer Shunt Reactor Mobile Transformer

4 3. Quality Assurance (ISO 9001)
1) Original Date of Issue : July of 1989 2) Registered Parts of Quality Assurance Transformer Design and Development Production and Testing Installation and Service

5 4. Applicable Standard 1) IEC 76 (For Europe and Asia)
2) ANSI C (For America) 3) CAN/CSA-C88-M90 (For Canada) 4) AS (For Australia) 5) ES (For Korea)

6 Specification of Transformer
5. Short Circuit Test 1) Major Performance Record of Short Circuit Test No. Specification of Transformer Test Date Test of Tap Change Customer 1 Generating Transformer 3PH 6/64/85/106/119MVA 230/14.8kV YNd1 Sept. 1995 N.L.T.C PUD in USA 2 Power Transformer 3PH 45/60MVA 154/23kV Ynyno(d) Nov. 1989 O.L.T.C KEPCO in Korea 3 Power Transformer 3PH 35/44MVA 154/23kV YNd1 Nov. 1986 O.L.T.C In-Chon Iron & Steel in Korea 4 Distribution Transformer 3PH 10MVA 22/6.6kV Ynynod(d) Dec. 1986 O.L.T.C PUB in Singapore 5 Power Transformer 3PH 20/26MVA 132/11.5kV Dyn11 Dec. 1986 O.L.T.C WAPDA in Parkistan

7 5. Short Circuit Test 2) Detailed Explanation for the Short Circuit Test Performed to the 230kV Transformers for Rocky Reach Project Customer : Public Utility District No.1 of Chelan County in U.S.A Project : Replacement for Rocky Reach Dam Transformer Transformer Rating 3phase 60Hz 119MVA 14.8/230kV Step-up Transformer Basic Impulse Level on H.V Side : 900kV Standard : ANSI C Tested and Certified by Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

8 Picture of Short Circuit Test

9 6. Development of Transformer
1) 765kV Transformer 1PH 60Hz 2 x 333.3MVA 765/345kV OLTC type Auto transformer (Bil : 2050kV) : Developed 1PH 60Hz 204MVA 20.9/765kV NLTC type Step-up transformer (Bil : 2050kV) : Developed 1PH 60Hz 370MVA 765/345/23kV NLTC type Auto transformer (Bil : 2050kV) : Developed 2) Gas Insulated Transformer 1PH 60Hz 20MVA 154/23kV OLTC Type Transformer (Under Development)

10 6. Development of Transformer
3) Mobile Transformer (Developed) 3PH 60Hz 40MVA 154/23kV (1996) "H" Class insulation (95C temp. rise) Comparison of "A" and "H" class insulation Insulation No Load Loss Load Loss Weight “A” Class 31 kW 241 kW 35 TON “H” class 23 kW 434kW 25 TON Remark 74% 180% 71% Transportation with trailer Weight : 39.4 Ton Size(m) : L8.6 x W2.9 x H3.9

11 Insulation (NOMAX Paper)
Picture of 154kV 40MVA Mobile Transformer-Using H Class Insulation (NOMAX Paper)

12 7. Major International Clients and Performances
1) North America Country Client Rating of Transformer U.S.A Alumnium Company of America 161/13.8kV, 93MVA Los Angeles Department of Water and Power 34.5/5.04kV, 16MVA Chelan Country 230/14.8kV, 119MVA Black & Veatch 230/15.75kV, 315MVA General Electric Company 138/13.8kV, 125MVA Baltimore Gas & Electric 13.8/2 X 3.9kV, 20MVA CRS Sirrine Engineers 69/13.8KkV, 90MVA Zurn Nepco 132/11.5kV, 90MVA Westinghouse 138/13.8kV, 150MVA Florida Power Corporation 16/230kV, 235MVA Colorado River Commission of Nevada 230/69kV, 200MVA Sacramento Municipal Utility District 230/69/13.8kV, 200MVA Duke Fluor Daniel 115/11kV, 93MVA Babcock & Wilcox Engineering 138/15.5kV, 160MVA Lower Colorado River Authority 138/22.8kV, 490MVA Puget Sound Energy 230/117.8kV, 325MVA National Electrical System Inc. 115/13.2kV, 115MVA City of Tacoma 115/13.8kV, 56MVA New York Power Authority 230/13.2kV, 86MVA

13 7. Major International Clients and Performances
2) South America Country Client Rating of Transformer Colombia Interconexion Electrical S.A 230/34.5kV, 50MVA 500/230/34.5kV, 150MVA EPM 230/115/46kV, 90MVA ESSA 115/34.5/13.8kV, 40MVA Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobogo Electricity Commission (TTEC) 33/12kV, 6MVA Panama CELMEC 115/13.8kV, 50MVA Chile Chilectra 230/110/13.2kV, 130MVA Peru Proyecto Ampliacion de LA S. E. 220/60/10kV, 50MVA Guatemala JBV Guatemala, LCC 230/13.8kV, 150MVA Venezuela ENELVEN 200/115/13.8kV, 200MVA Puerto Rico Abengoa 115/2 X 13.8kV, 300MVA Brazil CERJ 138/13.8kV, 33.3MVA

14 7. Major International Clients and Performances
3) Asia Country Client Rating of Transformer Japan Tokyo Electric Power Company 66/6.9kV, 20MVA Singapore Public Utilities Board (PUB) 22/6.6kV, 10MVA Malaysia Tenaga Nasional Bhd. (TNB) 275/132kV, 240MVA Sarawak Electricity Supply Corp. (SESCO) 275/230kV, 250MVA Sabah Electricity Board (SEB) 275/132kV, 180MVA Indonesia Perusahaan Umum Listrik Negara (PLN) 150/20kV, 100MVA Philippines National Power Corp (NPC) 230/115/13.8kV, 300MVA Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) 110/34.5/13.8kV, 83.3MVA Vietnam Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) 230/121/22kV, 63MVA Vietnam POSCO Steel Co. 110/6.6kV, 20MVA Bangladesh Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) 240/140kV, 150MVA

15 7. Major International Clients and Performances
3) Asia Country Client Rating of Transformer Thailand Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) 115/34.5/11kV, 50MVA Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) 60/11.5kV, 60MVA Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) 115/23.1kV, 40MVA Myanmar Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE) 132/33/11kV, 30MVA Parkistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) 230/11kV, 125MVA Karachi Electricity Supply Corporation (KESC) 132/11kV, 40MVA D. G Khan Cement Company 132/6.3kV, 20/26MVA India Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) 6.6/0.433kV 2000KVA (Cast Resin Type) Srilanka Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) 132/33kV, 31.5MVA

16 7. Major International Clients and Performances
4) Middle East Country Client Rating of Transformer Saudi Arabia Electricity Corporation 132/33kV, 60MVA SCECO-Central 132/13.8kV, 100MVA SCECO-East 230/115/34.5kV, 400MVA Tabouk Electricity Company 132/13.8kV, 100MVA Arabian American Oil Company 66/13.8kV, 67MVA Iraq State Organization of Electricity (SOE) 400/138.6/11kV, 250MVA Yemen Yemen General Electricity Corp. (YGEC) 132/33kV, 25MVA Lebanon Council for Development & Reconstruction 66/20-11kV, 40MVA U.A.E Dubai Electricity Company 33/11kV, 15MVA Water and Electricity Department 11/0.433kV, 1500KVA (Cast Resin Type) Oman Ministry of Electricity and Water 33/11kV, 20MVA Turkey Turkiye Electric Kurumu Shunt Reactor 154kV, 5MVAR

17 7. Major International Clients and Performances
5) Oceania and Canada Country Client Rating of Transformer Australia Pacific Power (The Electricity Commission of New Sourth Wales) 132/11kV, 20MVA 132/69/11kV, 20MVA Power Link (Queensland Electricity Commission) 230/34.5kV, 80/120MVA BHP Engineering Pty Ltd. 132/66/11kV, 120MVA Shortland County Council 66/13.8kV, 67MVA New Zealand New Zealand Aluminium Smelter Ltd. (NZAS) 220/11kV, 50MVA Papua New Guniea The Electricity Commission of P.N.G 132/66kV, 20MVA Canada British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority 512.5/242/25.2kV, 500MVA Richmond Hill Hydro 212.5/2 X 28kV, 125MVA Manitoba Hydro 114.3/2 X 12.47kV, 50MVA Alberta Power Ltd. 144/25kV, 50MVA Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Ltd. 230/13.8kV, 62MVA Yukon Electrical Company 138/13.8kV, 40MVA Stone & Webster Canada Ltd. 243/2 X 13.8kV, 171MVA Transalta Vtilities 260/72kV, 224MVA Agra Monenco/ Aurora Mine 260/72kV, 116.2MVA Saskatchewan Power Corporation 128/24.9kV, 29.8MVA

18 7. Major International Clients and Performances
6) Europe Country Client Rating of Transformer Switzerland ABB Power Generation Ltd. 220/21kV, 420MVA Germany Siemens AG 132/6.9kV, 40/45MVA Denmark Johs Gran-Hassen Product Ltd. 220/60/10kV, 40/50MVA 7) Africa Country Client Rating of Transformer Egypt Egyptian Electricity Authority (EEA) 21/220kV, 395MVA Arco Steel 220/22.5kV, 80MVA Ethiopia Ethiopian Electric Light and Power Authority (ELPA) 132/15kV, 22MVA Libya Heavy Industries Secretariat Tripoil Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamshebreya 11/225kV, 105MVA

19 8. Major Production Facilities
1) Over-Head Crane (300 TON x Span 38m) 2) Vacuum Vaporization Facility (L 13m x W 4.8m x H 6.6m) 3) Air - Cleaning Facility (L 45m x W 40m x H 7m) 4) Oil Filtering Machine (8,00 litter / hour) 5) Motorized Transporter for Test (400 TON x 2EA) 6) Core Binding Machine (40 TON x W 8m) 7) Core Lamination Table (120TON)

20 9. Major Testing Facilities
1) Impulse Generator System ( 400KV / 600KJ ) 2) Oscillation Lightning Impulse Test System (1,800KV / 90KJ ) 3) AC Series Resonant Voltage Test System (1,200KV / 4,800KVA ) 4) AC Power Generator System ( 23MVA x 2sets ) 5) AC Power Generator System ( 23MVA x 2sets ) 6) Condenser Bank ( 158KV, 225MVAR ) 7) Transformer Loss Measuring System (200KV / 4,000A )

21 10. Major Manufacturing Process
1) Winding Works

22 10. Major Manufacturing Process
2) Core lamination

23 10. Major Manufacturing Process
3) View of Core Structure (After Completion of Core Lamination)

24 10. Major Manufacturing Process
4) Coil Insertion Works

25 10. Major Manufacturing Process
5) View of Core and Coil Assembly Works

26 10. Major Manufacturing Process
6) Drying Works in Vacuum Vaporization Facility

27 10. Major Manufacturing Process
7) Completion of Core & Coil Assembly

28 10. Major Manufacturing Process
8) Factory Test


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