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Marco Maria Menicucci. THE FIAT AUTO BRAND FIAT is not only the logo: today FIAT cars are recognized: 1.their fresh style, 2.their Italian design, 3.because.

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1 Marco Maria Menicucci

2 THE FIAT AUTO BRAND FIAT is not only the logo: today FIAT cars are recognized: 1.their fresh style, 2.their Italian design, 3.because they offer innovation and technology. FIAT Auto is one of the pioneers of the car industry. Fiat built its first car in 1899 and today the brand has evolved in a new direction for Italian design where details are carefully emalgamated with harmonious forms and homogeneous styling: a combination of traditional and innovative values. The principle of the brands Italian quality is expressed by the rediscovery of influences from Italian cars of the Sixties and Seventies and expressions of Italian culture particularly fashion.

3 FIAT Auto operates in international markets under four brands, all distinguished by their innovative content style and manufacturing solutions. is known for creativity versatility practicality is known for elite and exclusive line of models is characterized by the combination of sportiness, tecnology and elegance in a unique design

4 ENVIRONMENT FIAT research activities aim at two objectives: Low fuel consumption Low pollution New low-consumption, low emission petrol and diesel engines have been developed by FIAT Auto with the contribution made by the Fiat Research Centre. EXAMPLE Second Generation 1.3 Multijet common rail turbodiesel: a really compact power unit that can be installed on small cars, with a reduction of 10 % in consumption and 50 % less emissions. Methan Project: Fiat Auto has launched new bipower (natural gas and petrol) vehicles (Ducato, Doblò, Doblò Cargo, Multipla and Punto

5 STRATEGY: AGREEMENTS Fiat Group and Tata Motors have signed an agreement to co- operate in India. Infact Tata Motors will manage the marketing and distribution of the Fiat branded cars. From March 2007 selected Tata outlets will sell a lot of Italian cars in many Asian countries. So dealers will display the new Fiat logo alongside the Tata logo in their outlets. AGREEMENTS ADVERTISING BRAND STRETCHING INNOVATION SAFETY

6 ADVERTISING FIAT was the Main Sponsor of the Turin Olimpyc games FIAT decided to contribute to the success of the event by providing the Olympic Committee with: Financial resources Products Professional skills Organizational know-how In economic terms, total contributions was worth 40 million Euros. Naturally, Fiats gratest commitment was represented by the supply of vehicles. In total there was more than 3,000 Fiat Auto Cars and 1,200 Iveco Irisbus that was the exclusive means of transport for athletes, journalists, spectators and volunteers.

7 BRAND STRETCHING The FIAT shoes by SABELT, with both mens and ladies models, one in white leather and the other in beige suede and white leather were conceived, developed and manufactured in Italy. The brainchild of Lapo Elkann, the Fiat Auto Brand Promotion manager, and Gregorio Marsiaj, director of the Sabelt fashion department, they are the result of a partnership between the two Turin companies. Today this style improves the image of LANCIA, ALFA ROMEO and FERRARI. Available in the most exclusive Italian boutiques and at the Sabelt shop in Corso Venezia in Milan the Fiat shoes by Sabelt offer to fans of the two brands, among others, the style and quality that have contributed to success in international motoring competitions.

8 INNOVATION FIAT RESEARCH CENTER The Fiat Research Center, with a staff of approximately 930 employees and an equal number of pertners, has developed solutions that had a significant impact on product and process innovation, helping improve the Group Sectors industrial competitiveness. Achievements reached during the year include: Multijet engine, the 2° generation of the Common Rail; The development of alternative propulsion systems, such as fuel cells (Fiat 600 Hydrogen); The infonebbia integrated traffic safety project

9 INNOVATION … an example Blue&Me Is the innovative telematic solution for cars. It represents the first result of the strategic partnership between FIAT AUTO and MICROSOFT. It will have its world premiere at the up-coming Genevra Motor Show. It is safe and simple to use: the voice command system, which is completely integrated with the steering wheel controls and information display, allows customers who own a Bluetooth mobile phone to use the phone even when it is in the pocket of a jacket or in a handbag, without having to take your hands off the wheel. Among the various audio functions on offers, you can listen to all your favourite music, whether it is stored on your mobile phone, on a new smart phone, on an MP3-player or on a USB pen-drive. In the near future, it will also affer a simple navigation system and access to a set of services such as a personal assistant to look for addresses or weather and traffic information

10 SAFETY GRANDE PUNTO: 5-STAR SAFETY The Grande Punto has been awarded as the highest possible recognition in the field of car safety: Euro NCAP 5-star protection for passengers. 15,000 hours of mathematical calculations, hundreds of component tests and crash tests have resulted in a car that meets the very highest safety standards.

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