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Double Seam Measurement with auto S.E.A.M.scan

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1 Double Seam Measurement with auto S.E.A.M.scan
The Double Seam Inspection Process Alex Grossjohann Vice President, CMC

2 auto S.E.A.M.scan SPC This is a standard MANUAL system for Double Seam Inspection of Beverage Cans. Fully AUTOMATIC systems are available.

3 Manual Seam Thickness Measure Seam Thickness
STG-3000MH Seam Thickness Gauge More accurate than “on-screen” readings. Readings sent automatically to the computer

4 Manual Countersink Depth
External Gauge for better Accuracy CDG-3010M Countersink Depth Gauge Readings sent automatically to the computer

5 Automatic Seam Saw Cut cans for internal double seam inspection
HGS-3000A S.E.A.M. Saw with Autodrive Safe to use and very accurate cut

6 Video Seam Imager Measure internal double seam components
Video SEAM Imager and SEAMview Software Automatic Double Seam Measurement

7 Automatic Seam Stripper
Remove Cover Hook for Tightness Inspection STR-1000 S.E.A.M. Stripper Safely remove Cover Hook Manual data entry at the computer database

8 Reports and SPC

9 Network Access SPC Network Sentry

10 Data Exchange Integration with Other SPC Systems Manual Data Export Automatic Data Exchange

11 Semi-Automatic Gauges (optional)
Automatic Measurement Countersink Depth Seam Thickness Optional: Seam Height

12 On-Line Seam Inspection (Optional)
Increased Inspection Frequency Operator Independent Measurement Enhanced Data Interpretation Increased Productivity Reduced Cost

13 Basic Principles Automatic Sampling
Automatic Measurement using Currently Available Technology True Statistical Process Control “Early Warning System”

14 Automatic Sampling Maximum Benefit Cans Removed for Measurement
Cans Returned to Mass Conveyor Cans May be Held for Further Study

15 Automatic Measurement
New Application of Currently Available Technology : A progressive measurement solution using industry standard tools and methodology. Fast Delivery Time Reliable Operation Maximum Results with Minimum Investment

16 Triple S.E.A.M. Gauge with Autofeed
Stage #1 Continuous External Measurement Seam Thickness Countersink Depth Seam Height Can Height







23 Triple S.E.A.M. Gauge with Autofeed
18 Heads Measured Every 10 Minutes Data Automatically Sent to SPC Software Monitor for Measurement Shifts Continuous Statistical Process Analysis

24 auto S.E.A.M.q.c. System Stage #2 Complete Seam Measurement
External Dimensions with Contact Gauges Internal Dimensions with Video Imager after Automatic Sectioning

25 auto S.E.A.M.q.c. System Triple S.E.A.M. Gauge (with Autofeed)
Purge and Rinse System S.E.A.M. Saw (with Autodrive) Video S.E.A.M. Imager auto S.E.A.M.view Software auto S.E.A.M.scan SPC Software SPC Network Sentry

26 auto S.E.A.M.q.c. System External Measurement with an Option to Cross-Section for Overlap Measurement External Readings Every 10 Minutes Scheduled Video Seam Inspection as Needed “Emergency” Cross-Section as Needed

27 More External Readings
18 Heads Measured Every 10 Minutes Cans Automatically Returned to the Line Data Automatically Sent to SPC Software Monitor for Measurement Shifts Continuous Statistical Process Analysis

28 Scheduled Seam Inspection
Complete Double Seam Inspection Scheduled to Occur as Needed Every 2 Hours? Every 4 Hours? Once a Day? Once a Week?

29 “Emergency” Cross-Section
Completely Evaluate Any Head if a Possible Problem is Detected During Non-Invasive Seam Measurement Out-of-Spec Condition Measurement Shift Statistical Anomaly

30 auto S.E.A.M.q.c. System Fully Automatic Operator Independent
Reasonable Cost Fast Delivery: 12 to 14 Weeks Current Technology: Available Since 1996

31 Statistical Process Control
High Volume of Measurement Data Regular Sampling Secure and Redundant Data Storage “Good” Data without Operator Interference No Data Entry Errors No Measurement Procedure Variation No Data Modification or “Correction”

32 “Early Warning System”
Predict Production Issues and Make Corrections Before They Happen Evaluate Production Data Identify Process Anomalies Notify Appropriate Personnel Log Corrective Actions

33 Contact in Mexico! Juan Zavaleta La Rondalla # 5 13020 México D.F
Phone: [52] (5)

34 Contact Us Directly! Container Machinery Corporation 250 Falls Road
Hudson, NY Phone:

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