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BGP L2VPN Auto-discovery and Signaling

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1 BGP L2VPN Auto-discovery and Signaling
Kireeti Kompella

2 Old, Old Document Pre-dates BGP VPLS Introduces an NLRI for L2VPNs
L2VPN is defined as a set of PWs that connect sites of a single enterprise (as opposed to a single PW)

3 Re-uses 4364 Concepts Route Distinguisher to make “routes” unique
Route Target to determine VPN topology

4 What’s New in BGP? New NLRI
contains RD and “site ID” also contains a label block Well, not really new: it is the same NLRI used in BGP VPLS: same format and AFI/SAFI Only difference: “circuit vector status” TLV

5 Other Extensions Extended community “L2 info” that carries PW encap and other information Again, same as in BGP VPLS, but with new encap types (the usual: ATM, FR, PPP, Ethernet, …, and of course, VPLS)

6 Changes to Document Since it predated BGP VPLS, this doc had all BGP format and processing information BGP VPLS referred to this one Situation now reversed Almost all BGP info in BGP VPLS RFC Almost all removed from this one If you notice any more that should be nuked, being redundant, please let me know

7 So, Where Are We? We now have a doc that says how to use the BGP extensions for auto-discovery and signaling defined in RFC 4761 to build a (P2P) L2VPN minor changes in processing new encap types new data plane procedures

8 Next Steps “Liaise” this to the IDR (no serious changes, but let them decide) Change the author from “kompella” to “ietf” I.e., make it an L2VPN WG doc Publish it :-)

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