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Driver Certificate of Professional Competence Course One Drivers, Hours & Tachographs © Les Kelly 2010.

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1 Driver Certificate of Professional Competence Course One Drivers, Hours & Tachographs © Les Kelly 2010

2 Subjects Covered 1. Daily Walk-around Checks 2. Licence Entitlements (What Can You Drive)? 3. Driving Breaks 4. Daily Rest 5. Weekly Rest 6. Two Driver Operation 7. Domestic Rules 8. Working Time Directive (Road Transport Directive) © Les Kelly 2010

3 Subjects Covered 1.Analogue Tachographs 2.Digital Tachographs 3.Graduated Fixed Penalties © Les Kelly 2010

4 Licence Entitlements Medicals From 19 January 2013 new rules will apply to drivers of LGVs & PCVs. Drivers who pass their test after this date will only be issued a licence that is valid for 5 years. Upon renewal a medical declaration will be required. For existing licence holders once the licence is due for renewal or has any other alteration made to it; the new 5 yearly medical rule shall apply. For those drivers over the age of 45 there are no changes to the existing rules. The medical form D4 is available from; or-lorry-provisional-entitlement Reminders are normally sent out for all of these requirements © Les Kelly 2010

5 12. Unique Identifier 13. Not Used 14. Not Used 15. Category Pictogram 16. Validity Date for Category 17. Information Codes for any Restrictions 18. Security Feature Driving Licence-Rear (Pre 19 Jan 2013 change) © Les Kelly 2010

6 Driving Licence-Rear (Post 19 Jan 2013 change) © Les Kelly 2010

7 Examples for a 4 week period Week 1 Rest taken Week 2 Rest taken Week 3 Rest taken Week 4 Rest & compensation Weekly rest Example 1 31 hours Reduced rest period 45 hours + 14 hours compensation Weekly rest Example 2 45 hours 28 hours Reduced rest period 45 hours + 17 hours compensation Weekly rest Example 3 45 hours 24 hours Reduced rest period 45 hours + 21 hours compensation

8 You must comply with the EU drivers hours regulations at all times to ensure that; 3. Your days journey will not exceed your driving or duty time 4. If you are not returning to your base you have located somewhere to stop for your daily rest period and that you can reach that place in good time The Daily Schedule © Les Kelly 2010

9 Driving & Duty limits The maximum driving time in any working day is 10 hours A day is defined as a 24 hour period which begins at the start of that particular duty period The maximum daily duty limit is 15 hours A driver is exempt from the daily duty limit on any working day when he/she does not drive A driver is also exempt from the daily duty limit if he/she does not drive for more than 4 hours on each day of the week Domestic Rules © Les Kelly 2010

10 How does it work ? The WTD calculations start on or after 00.00 hours Monday This is exactly the same time as the EU Drivers Hours calculation Your travelling time to and from work is not included in any calculations for these regulations The recording of WTD time begins when you start recording your duty time for payment purposes, such as; Daily pre-driving checks, washing or cleaning of the vehicle, any other duties in the depot The calculations stop when you finish your duty and have ceased paid work Working Time Directive Road Transport Directive © Les Kelly 2010

11 Emergency Exemption & Temporary Relaxation of Drivers Hours and Working Time Rules There are a number of exemptions to all of the rules mentioned during this course. For full clarification and to help you understand in your own time your trainer may issue you with a copy. You can also download it for free in a PDF format from; All Rules © Les Kelly 2010

12 What do you know about the wax chart? Analogue Tachograph © Les Kelly 2010 Speed trace Mode trace Distance trace Name of driver Start & finish place Start & finish date Registration number Start & finish mileage Total mileage

13 Driver Card - storage DATA ABOUT THE VEHICLES USED: The date & the VRN The odometer value DATA ABOUT DRIVER ACTIVITIES : Mode activity changes The date The total distance travelled Withdrawal & insertion of card Driving status for the crew and solo drivers How many times the card has been used DAILY WORKING DATA: The date & time Start & finish time Which country was entered The odometer value © Les Kelly 2010

14 Driver - Log on Switch on your ignition & insert your Driver Card. Note that the display for the Stoneridge, Actia & Siemens units will vary quite considerably in their display presentations Upon insertion of the card the display will show the drivers name which is taken from the Driver Card The display will show when the card was last withdrawn (from any unit) with date & time The unit will ask (visual display) if the driver wishes to make a manual entry You will then have to confirm the country in which you started your shift (in Spain you must also select a region (Stoneridge) The standard display will then appear © Les Kelly 2010

15 Manual Entries EDR 05.20 Faulty Tachograph Repaired @ ABC Fixit Tachograph centre 07.15 Card reinserted @ 08.15 to record normal duties

16 The Body Drivers activities Manual entries and unknown time Driver activities with card inserted Time card was removed from the unit The daily summary & locations entered into the unit The daily summary (concise) Printouts © Les Kelly 2010

17 Depending upon your employers preference: It may be easier to work on the 5 week rule as follows; Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Keep all charts and printouts Week 6 begins. Hand in week 1 keep 2, 3, 4, 5, Week 7 begins. Hand in week 2 keep 3, 4, 5, 6, Week 8 begins. Hand in week 3 keep 4, 5, 6, 7, and so on ad-infinitum V.O.S.A. Tachograph checks © Les Kelly 2010

18 End of Course Any Questions? © Les Kelly 2010

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