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Welcome to Mr. Fuller.

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1 Welcome to Mr. Fuller

2 By the end of Today you should have:
1. Read through this PowerPoint and answered the assigned questions 2. Completed the Lab Safety and Equipment Online Activity 3. Registered with Quizstar (click on link to save time) 4. Take the first day Online Quiz!!!!!!

3 Class Website: If you are absent and need to make up work, please visit the class website at: To make up notes, click on the “PowerPoint Notes” link my wiki-spaces website To make up bellwork, click on the “Bellwork” link on my wiki-spaces website

4 What is Chemistry and why study it?
-The science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions - Because understanding chemistry helps you to understand the world around you. Cooking is chemistry. Everything you can touch or taste or smell is a chemical

5 CLASS STRUCTURE: My class is made up 4 main parts:
Classwork/homework 10% Lab Activities 20% Tests/Quizzes 60% Midterm/Final 10% On Labs, ALWAYS ANSWER IN COMPLETE SENTENCES!!! ALWAYS SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK AND CALCULATIONS!!!!!

6 CLASSWORK: CLASSWORK is worth 20% of your grade
Classwork Includes: bellwork, homework and interactive notes BELLWORK begins daily as soon as you walk through the door and will be on the board as soon as you enter class A normal week will consist of 5 days of Bellwork (20 points a day so 100 points week) that will be due on Friday!!!!! HOMEWORK will be collected the following day after it is assigned. About 3-4 times a week you will be given a worksheet in class The worksheet is intended to be taken seriously and will usually demand a conserable amount of time What you do not finish in class becomes homework!!!!!!!! If you finish the worksheet in class, congratulations, you have no homework!

7 CLASSWORK: (continued)
INTERACTIVE NOTES or, Cornell Notes will taken about 3 days a week Active listening and good note taking is crucial to performing well in my class Cornell Notes are due on the day of the test!!!!! During lecture we will be using doing practice problems on whiteboards, it is your responsibility to purchase a white board marker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 LABS, Virtual Labs and Online Activities:
Labs are worth 20% of your grade During labs, you will be working cooperatively with 4-5 other individuals. Every one is expected to do their part. Students will ALWAYS clean up labs if they are to be excused when the bell rings. Dirty lab stations are unacceptable and may result in an unfavorable lab grade. As a group, I encourage all students to assist one another. Cooperative learning is the key to all students learning and succeeding. Labs will be collected either the day or day after they are assigned.

9 LABS Labs are made up of five parts:
Purpose, along with a hypothesis or educated guess Materials: What lab equipment are we using??? Procedure: What process did I take to obtain the desired results or data? Data or Results: What kind of data did I collect??? Temperature? Density? Time? Conclusion Questions: ALWAYS ANSWER CONCLUSION QUESTIONS IN COMPLETE SENTENCES!!!!!!!!!!!

10 TESTS & QUIZZES: TESTS and QUIZZES are worth 50% of your grade
The worst thing you can do in my class is miss a test I will usually give a test later in the week; usually on a Thursday or Friday It is your responsibility to make them up. Failure to do so will greatly impact your grade!!!! Test retakes are on option, please come talk to me if you are interested in retaking a test!!!!!! Tests make ups and retakes can be done online

11 Midterm/Final The final is worth 10% of your grade and will always be cumulative. Do not wait until the last minute to study. I will do my best to help you prepare the midterm and final

12 MAKE UP POLICY: Make up work is to be placed in the “MAKEUP BOX”
If you miss an assignment due to an excused absence, you have the same number of days to make it up, as you were absent. Turn any make-up work into the make up box, do not hand the assignment to me! Make-up tests, quizzes and labs will be given before school, after school or during class

13 LATE WORK POLICY: Late work is to be placed in the “LATE BOX”
Late work is will be marked down 50%, so make sure you are turning everything in on time!!!!!

14 GRADING: 90% - 100% = A 80% % = B 70% % = C 60% % = D 0% % = F

15 BOXES: In class are 3 boxes for each period Collected work will go in the “IN BOX” If you were absent, turn in make up work in the “MAKE UP BOX” DO NOT turn in makeup work to me! Put it in the Make up box!!!!! Late work should be put in the “LATE WORK BOX” Late Work will be marked down 50% Do not turn make up or late work in to me!!!!!! Put make up or late work in the “MAKE UP BOX or LATE BOX”

16 RESTROOM USE: You will be given 4 restroom passes worth 10 extra credit points each If you do not use all of your restroom passes, you can turn them in at the end of the term to receive extra credit points DO NOT ask to use the restroom within the first 10 minutes of class That’s what your break is for!!!!!

17 BOOK: Text book: “World of Chemistry”, Zumdahl
The replacement cost is $70.00 Laboratory Facilities and Equipment are provided for your use. Please treat them with care, as fines will be assessed for breakage

18 CHEMISTRY SUPPORT: After school, or lunchtime Textbook sample problems Online tutorials Website: PowerPoint notes and activities

19 PERIODIC TABLE: You will receive a periodic table to use for the whole semester DO NOT LOSE IT or write on it!!!!!!! Your periodic table is for you to use in class everyday You should have your periodic table out everday for the entire 90 minutes of class!!!!! It is to be used for classwork, homework, quizzes and tests

20 Scientific Calculator:
It is your responsibility to purchase and bring a scientific calculator to class everyday!!!!! Do not ask to use the calculator on your cell phone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Below is the type of calculator I recommend: (TI-30X)

21 Whiteboard Marker: During lecture, you will need a white board marker to complete the practice problems Please purchase several markers for the whole semester!!!! Do not try to borrow markers from me!!!!!


23 LAB STATIONS: There are 8 lab stations You will be working in groups of 4-5 at each lab station After each lab, make sure each lab station is cleaned up or you will not be excused from class I will assign you lab stations over the next several days

24 LAB SAFETY RULES: In case of an accident, spill or injury immediately notify the teacher and follow directions Read and follow all instructions carefully. Do not experiment on your own and use special care when you see the word CAUTION

25 Know where all the safety equipment is in
LAB SAFETY RULES: Know where all the safety equipment is in the classroom and be sure you understand how to use it. Fire extinguisher Fire blanket First aid kit Eye wash/shower Fume hood

26 LAB SAFETY RULES: Never eat or drink in the science lab. Do not run, push, engage in horseplay or practical jokes of any kind.

27 LAB SAFETY RULES: Dispose of all chemicals, matches, and other unsafe materials as directed by your teacher. a) broken glass b) spilt chemicals c) burnt matches Wear safety goggles when using chemicals, hot liquids, burners, or flames.

28 Dress correctly for the laboratory.
LAB SAFETY RULES: Dress correctly for the laboratory. a) Long sleeves pushed above the elbow. b) Remove jackets and bulky outerwear. c) Don’t wear loose fitting clothes on lab days. d) Tie back long hair.

29 Use care when working with open flames and heat.
LAB SAFETY RULES: Use care when working with open flames and heat. a) Cover the match box when striking. b) Never leave a lit flame unattended. c) Never reach over an open flame. d) Use care when handling heated items.

30 Use care when working with chemicals.
LAB SAFETY RULES: Use care when working with chemicals. a) Never taste or touch chemicals. b) Only use materials from a properly labeled container. c) Do not mix chemicals unless told to do so. d) Use proper smelling technique, waft the air towards you. e) “Do as you ought to, add acid to water.”

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