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Program Orientation Your Sponsor is American Pool Enterprises, Inc. Incorporated in 1985 Employs 6000 seasonal lifeguards each summer season Designation.

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2 Program Orientation Your Sponsor is American Pool Enterprises, Inc. Incorporated in 1985 Employs 6000 seasonal lifeguards each summer season Designation for J-1 Summer Work/Travel in June 2003 Working with University students for over 25 years Providing Cultural Exchange in local communities

3 Cultural Exchange Program You have joined a J-1 Summer Work/Travel Cultural Exchange program. The purpose of this program is for you to learn about American society and way of life, while living and working alongside Americans, and teaching others about your culture. The position that you will work during this program will allow you to earn funds to support your stay in the USA, this is not a program to make money.

4 Gain the opportunity to work and live alongside Americans and meet students from 26+ Countries! Brazil Bulgaria Cape Verde China Colombia Dominican Rep. Ecuador Ghana Guatemala Jamaica Kosovo Macedonia Mexico Moldova Montenegro Paraguay Peru Romania Russia Serbia Singapore Taiwan Thailand Turkey Ukraine United States

5 Types of Seasonal J-1 Host Companies Amusement Park Worker Fast Food Food Service Hotel Worker Lifeguard Resort Area Worker Restaurant Worker Retail Assistant Store Worker

6 Seasonal Positions Not Accepted on the J-1 Program Any position with a Staffing Agency Independent Contractors Door to Door Sales Person Driver Factory Worker Fishery Worker Janitor Mover Pedi-Cab

7 J-1 Process Interview with Home Country Agent Understand the Purpose of this Cultural Exchange Program Complete Necessary Paperwork and Qualifying Documents Screen/Interview with Sponsor or Host Company for Program Eligibility Make Program Fee Payment to Home Country Agent Receive a DS 2019 Form Attend Program Orientation Report to the Embassy for a Visa Interview

8 What Information will I receive with my DS Form? Welcome to the J-1 Summer Work/Travel Cultural Exchange Program Letter Sponsor Communication Flyer USA Information Sheet J-1 Summer Work/Travel Participant Handbook Social Security Letter Health Insurance Welcome Letter with policy detail Cultural Events Information Department of State Welcome Letter Department of State Brochure Tax Refund Information Annual Photo/Video/Essay Contest Flyer Affordable Hostel Suggestions for Travel DS 2019 Form (with SEVIS receipt)


10 What if I do not get a visa? When we receive your DS 2019 Form back to our office, we will refund your program fee LESS the deposit and SEVIS fee. This will be sent to your overseas agent within 60-90 days.

11 What do I do upon arrival? You will follow your arrival instructions which will be emailed directly to you prior to arrival in the USA You will report to your J-1 Employer listed on your DS 2019 Form (unless prior orientation is required) You will travel with enough money for at least 3 weeks of HOUSING, FOOD and RECREATION in the USA. You will check in for your J-1 Program within 72 hours of arrival in the USA Begin forming valuable relationships

12 Program Check In By visiting within 72 hours of arrival and every 30 days Dont forget to hit submit!!

13 30/60/90 Day Check In You are required to check in with United Work and Travel every thirty (30) days. This is J-1 program requirement. We will not accept voicemail or email check in. We need to verify and update your status in SEVIS (student exchange visitor information system). This is for your safety and for accurate SEVIS reporting. This will not happen unless you check in for your program by contacting United Work and Travel, Inc. a division of American Pool Enterprises by phone or go to your student account at

14 Your Host Company Has been fully vetted by your J-1 Sponsor Is fully committed to the J-1 Summer Work/Travel Cultural Exchange Will ensure that you work alongside Americans Is in weekly contact with your J-1 Sponsor Has your health, safety and welfare as a top priority Please be sure you: Arrive on time, with a positive attitude, in the appropriate uniform Positively represent yourself, your family and your home country Share your Culture! Foods, customs, traditions, holidays perhaps not celebrated here in the USA Follow all host company reporting requirements (call out if sick, etc.) Make friends with your co-workers Report any concerns to your Sponsor immediately

15 Second Jobs You are permitted to engage in a second job under the J-1 Summer Work/Travel Guidelines, if and only if it is approved and vetted by your Sponsor. You may not begin working at a second job until it is approved by your J-1 Sponsor Engaging in un-authorized employment will result in program dismissal Your 2 nd job may not interfere with your primary host company Most times, it is best to request to work extra hours with your primary host company The purpose of this program is not to earn money. It is to gain an understanding of the American People and the American way of life, while living in an American society.

16 o Expect a housing deposit between $150 - $300 o This is in addition to your spending money for the first 3 weeks o Expect weekly rent between $80 - $115 per week o Expect a variation in housing style. Could be apartment, hotel or pod style. We work hard to ensure you have the essentials needed at your housing site. o Please keep housing in the condition you found it at move in. Take notes of any issues and complete a brief housing inspection with your housing coordinator upon arrival and at check out. Have this signed. o You will be expected to purchase cleaning supplies upon arrival to keep your living space clean and tidy. Where Will I Live? Housing is the hardest part of the J-1 Program. United Work and Travel, a division of American Pool Enterprises will not issue any DS forms for participants where housing and transportation cannot be cost effectively secured. Affordable housing with safe transportation must be vetted by your Sponsor.

17 How will I get a Social Security Number? A social security number is required to ensure that your wages are properly paid to you. You should apply for a social security number within two weeks of your arrival to the USA. You must wait at least 7 days after program check in to apply for social security. To find the social security administration closest to your location, you can go to or call toll free 1-800-772-1213. To apply for a social security card, take the following items with you to your local social security office and fill out an application: – Letter from your J-1 program sponsor (American Pool Enterprises, Inc.) to the social security administration – Your DS-2019 Form – Passport with your J-1 Visa and I-94 Card – Your job placement agreement – Document older than 1 year (i.e. birth certificate or drivers license) If you have participated in a J-1 program before and already have a valid social security number, you do not need to apply again.

18 How do I get My W2 Form? A W2 Form is a yearly earnings statement. W2s are issued to every American Worker at the end of each year. December 31 st = Year End. January 1 st = Start of the New Year. You should expect to receive this by January 31 st. Your host company will make arrangements to send this to you directly or send it to United Work and Travel, a division of American Pool Enterprises, Inc. for distribution to you. Anything mailed to our office, will be sent via Federal Express track-able mail to your foreign agency for distribution to you.

19 What if I am sick? Your health insurance is accident and injury protection coverage Pre-existing conditions are not covered You should NOT report to the hospital unless it is an emergency For any emergency please dial 9-1-1 from any telephone To find an in-network doctor or provider please dial the number on your insurance card or visit your insurance website: Health Care is not free! It will cost you $150 per visit to see a doctor and up to $500 per visit to the hospital. This is your deductible or co-pay

20 Filling in a Claim Form You must fill in a claim form and send it via regular mail to the insurance company after every doctor visit. Your J-1 Insurance provider will not make any payments on your behalf until this form is received.

21 Federal/Local Laws You are responsible to be aware of all federal and local laws upon arrival The legal drinking age is 21 years You may not drink alcohol in public places You may not purchase alcohol for minors Possession of illegal drugs of any kind will result in arrest Sex with a minor (anyone under 18) is considered statutory rape and is punishable by law Other examples of offenses: destruction of property, theft, disorderly conduct, sexual harassment, shoplifting, disturbing the peace, driving without a proper and valid drivers license Please be certain to report any incarceration or police involvement to your sponsor within 24 hours Your sponsor and employers have a ZERO tolerance policy for breaking the law. Host company regulations regarding behavior must also be followed.

22 Participant Bike Safety While many Americans travel by car, you will most likely be walking or biking. When walking, cross at designated crosswalks, as doing otherwise can result in a ticket for jaywalking. Always wear a helmet! Bikes have a right to ride in the street but must do so carefully. That means you must signal every turn (use your arms to alert other drivers which way you are travelling). You must obey all traffic signs and lights! That means stopping at red lights and stop signs and only riding on the portions of the road you are allowed to. NEVER ride a bike on a highway or any road that has a speed limit of more than 30 MPH. When riding at night, you and your bike must have reflective gear or a blinking light. It is best to attach a light to the back and front of your bike.

23 Cultural Events Your housing and job will be located in an area with many available cultural activities and events. Cultural Events will be organized by your J-1 Sponsor and by your Host Company Employer. Cultural Activities may range from visits to: Local/County/State Fairs, Annual Parades, Ethnic Carnivals, American Monuments, Historical Landmarks, Museums To events such as: Picnics, beach trips, shopping excursions, game night, bowling, movie night, going to a concert, sports games


25 Culture Shock Please be aware of cultural differences – Common greeting Hello, how are you today? – Shake hands for personal and business greetings – Respect authority – Equal rights for men and women – Maintain comfortable distance when speaking, try not to impose on personal space – Avoid discussing tense social issues, politics or religion with your new friends and co- workers! Food/Housing/Recreation is expensive! Please prepare for this prior to arrival Motto: Work Hard, Play Hard – Employers have minimal tolerance for poor work ethic, lateness, laziness and repeated call outs. All of the above can lead to termination UWT will be traveling the USA to meet with you as frequently as possible throughout your J-1 Cultural Exchange Program!

26 2013 Photo/Video & Essay Contest WIN $250 for the winning photo or essay Submissions due by December 1, 2013

27 United Work and Travels Commitment TO YOU! Constant, Dedicated Support Friendly, Experienced Staff 24 Hour Staff Availability A positive Cultural Experience Memories to last a lifetime

28 Mailing Address: United Work and Travel 11515 Cronridge Drive Suite Q Owings Mills, MD 21117 Email Address: Website: Phone Numbers: Main: 1-410-581-7788 Toll Free in USA: 1-866-IGO2USA (1-866-446-2872) Fax: 1-410-581-7950 Department of State Hotline: 1-866-283-9090 Office Hours: October 1 st – March 14 th : Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm EST March 15 th – September 30 th : Monday – Friday, 8 am to 11 pm EST

29 We cant wait to see you in the USA!!

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