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The Castle of the Little Mermaid. El Castillo de la sirenita.

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1 The Castle of the Little Mermaid. El Castillo de la sirenita


3  Andrea Esposito  Paloma Suárez  Nicole Zimmermann Integrantes / Members

4  El perímetro de nuestro castillo es cm. Perímetro Base + Altura + Base + Altura + + + +

5  El área de nuestro castillo es cm 2 Área

6  Un centímetro de nuestro castillo son 10 metros reales Escala 1 cm 10 m

7  We get inspiration from the story of the little mermaid. The castle is the house of Ariel, her 6 sisters (Attina, Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Adella and Alana) and her father, the king Triton Where did you get inspiration from?

8  The castle has one floor but two parts divided by doors.  In the first part has the throne of King Triton, the king of all the ocean  There we could see Aquata and Adella, two king’s daughters.  In the second part is Ariel’ s room.  There Ariel has her “clutters” like a fork (which she thought it was a brush).  She is always accompanied by Flounder, her friend fish.  Over the castle is Prince Eric who has been saved by Ariel. Description

9 Photo

10 The legend tell us that a little meirmaid lived in a castle that was similar as this one. Her name was Agatta. She was a princess, the youngest daughter of King Triton. One day in the castle, everything was quiet, but… there was a explotion. Agatta was sleeping, so she didn’t hear the explotion and she died. Fortunately the King was outside the castle but he was so sad because he had lost his little mermaid. Years later he had another daughter and he named her Ariel, because Agatta called all her dolls Ariel. Weeks later he asked someone to build a new castle in honor of Agatta and a home to Ariel, his little mermaid The Legend of the Little mermaid

11 Agatta

12 Photos of our castle



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