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new ways of working enabled #MWLG14.

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2 new ways of working enabled by technology @keneastwood @nomadbuzz #MWLG14

3 Digital Nomads Limited supports the membership community #MWLG14 Introduction

4 Change




8 Resources

9 Office Rationalisation and Agile Working in Wiltshire Council Julie Anderson-Hill Andy Spurway 30 January 2014

10 3 transformational stages of Wiltshire Councils life Becoming Wiltshire Council Workplace Transformation Campus Programme

11 Stage 1 Becoming Wiltshire Council Elections Council tax Planning Environmental health Highways Education Social care Libraries Waste collection Leisure Housing Elections Council tax Planning Environmental health Waste collection Leisure Housing Elections Council tax Planning Environmental health Waste collection Leisure Housing Elections Council tax Planning Environmental health Waste collection Leisure Housing Support services

12 Wiltshire 1 April 2009 Highways Education Social care Libraries Elections Council tax Planning Environmental health Waste collection Leisure Housing Among the largest UK Councils £800m revenue budget Serving nearly 500,000 people Mainly rural geography Aging population

13 4 Challenges for the new Council Establish and develop a Wiltshire Council culture Improve services and service efficiency Reduce back office property portfolio from 95 to 3 Enable localised services through agile working Deliver better outcomes for customers

14 Leadership Culture & Systems Performance Leadership – Culture – Performance

15 15 (How we view things/what we believe) (Heroes, villains & mavericks) (Organisational status) (What we celebrate & how we do things) (Where power lies) (What & how we measure, reward & punish) (How we organise ourselves)


17 TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMME Resilient communities Community owned, based and operated services Choice, control, lives Corporate programs Culture and behaviour change for all staff/mgrs Campuses In each Community Area All different Defined, designed owned, and operated by communities (New Operational Model) Technology Cloud based Windows 7-8 / SOE / Work anywhere (Lync) In sourced service (-30%) SAP development New systems; Revs & Bens, Housing, Planning Alternative Service Delivery Models Services Campuses New governance models Community leadership RSA, COBs Commissioning & Procurement Deliver £36m (4 years) £9m / year New processes / methods New organisation - simplify Category Mgt / buyers Commissioning strategies Systems Thinking design around customer 25+ interventions 480 staff trained higher performance enables budget savings hub operations; support services in and with Communities Budget, MTFS, Benefits budget decrease £99m/£120m investment £189m revenue reduction (28%) reduce operating costs eliminate duplication stop some services Culture & Behaviour Change Communications Transformation/F2F Events New behaviours and values Appraisal Recruitment OD and L&D Office Hubs 3 hubs Sell / dispose 95 buildings New flexible ICT 2:1 desk ratio Work anywhere Ops buildings Depots Transformation Programme

18 County Hall hub

19 Enabling office rationalisation and agile working with technology

20 ICT on day 1 April 2009 Positives Familiar services and applications Support in place on day 1 Key 1C4W services available Issues Limited ability to share data Unable to operate outside hub Unable to consolidate processes Work is a place you go

21 What did ICT do to support Wiltshire? Service designed around the customer not SLA Responsive to change 27% cost reduction over 4- years Enabled improved reliability Improved performance Reduced time to fix issues Improved user confidence and trust in systems Full access to all system from anywhere, anytime Reduced travel requirement through collaboration services Able to work effectively as teams across the County Full mobile working Simplified ICT Application consolidation Insource ICT

22 Direct Access Enabling office rationalisation? Access to systemsSecure application platformsProductive mobile workforceCentralised management of ICT systems The start of true agile working at Wiltshire Council

23 So what did that mean to Council? Home worker kit Secure printing and scan to send Integration with core telephone system GCSX/PSN compatible Partnership working

24 Real agile working is taking off through use of mobile technologies Guest printing GIS apps (iOS/Win8/Android) My Wiltshire App Field teams BYOD Lync mobile richly featured

25 Future for agile working Further develop our Cloud solutions to underpin agile working Develop a more rounded mobile service Make better use of our information internally and externally Ensure the Council delivers better outcomes for Wiltshire Help Wiltshire support the most vulnerable in our communities

26 Thank you Any questions?


28 Striving for excellence Developing a Compliant Strategic Infrastructure Eric Hill Infrastructure Architect, Enfield Council Striving for excellence

29 Context of Enfield Top London Borough! 275,000 Population Savings of £75.6million between 2010/11and 2013/14 More savings to be made over the next 5 years 4,300 staff Acommodation – buildings being reduced and sold off New Ways of Working in practice since 2009, with 8 desks to 10 staff ratios

30 No Council Tax increase for four years Savings of £75.6million between 2010/11and 2013/14 Record breaking satisfaction levels with the Council and its services

31 Transforming our Council: Operating principles The Council has developed a set of operating principles to guide the way we will deliver our services and work in the future. The principles are: Do it once We will only do things that make sense for us to do so (e.g. we wont take on things that we are not specialist in) Automating/self-serving nearly all the transactional activity (where possible) Consolidating teams and creating smaller, more focussed centres of excellence Enabling work to be delivered with fewer resources Empowering customers to help them resolve their own requests and thus managing demand more effectively Partnering with other organisations and agencies more effectively to help deliver better services at a reduced cost Maximising income These principles set a clear direction for the Council to become an even more efficient organisation focussed on customers with the ability to be even more flexible over time.

32 Leaner Programme

33 Why act now? Digital is a reality

34 New Ways of Working 2009 – 2013 Iniially about Desk Ratios 8:10, and people work from home with Access from Home PCs or take home laptops. Remote desktop with Juniper and Citrix 2013 onwards Office and Outlook 2010 Lync 2010 for unified Comms Presence, Instant Messaging, conference voice and video calls, sharing desktops, easier support and collaboration Now moved to Direct Access with Windows 7 Removed any access from Home PCs and Citrix

35 New Ways of Working 2 2014 onwards Evolving into Phase 2 – Mobile Working And Phase 3 – more accommodation rationalisation and desk ratios 7:10 2014 Wider True Mobile Working in the Field with Electronic recording Enterprise Solution – TotalMobile, Good platform across IOS, Android and Windows 7/8 Desktop Integration with Microsoft Biztalk

36 IT Infrastructure Supporting the Business Users IT Partnership with Serco who manage our Systems and Day to day support Staff all work with newest Lenovo laptops X230, with good all round laptop for portability, battery life 3,500 Windows 7 Laptops, recently completed the rollout by December 2013 2,500 Phone contracts, of which about 750 Smartphones, Windows Phone 7/8 Nokia Lumias Microsoft Enterprise Licensing – Desktop, Management and Services No Blackberry, iPhones or Android (at the moment) No BYOD Policy No MDM – Mobile Device Management Some mixed bag of mobile working 5 Highways engineers with 2007 Panasonic Toughbooks (bricks with 5.6 screens!) 4 Health and Safety Officers doing Audits on Samsung GalaxyTab 2 7 Android tablets More recently Implemented TotalMobile Pilot for 4 Pest Control Officers (April 2013) Challenges: BYOD, MDM

37 Planning for New Members in 2014 Move to electronic papers Savings on printing, distribution and Admin Benefits to Members Modern.Gov - System and iPad App (obviously?) But No, Politics - Windows 8 tablets (Remember we have Microsoft Enterprise Licensing) Steep learning curve to design the corporate build Devices – new to market Lenovo Tablet 2 - 10.1 screen, portable, light, 10 hours battery Problems, Too Small! Search for new larger Screens 11.6 Lenovo Helix July 2013 - Rollout to Directors, Build Problems and Hardware failures!!! September 2013 - 11 members Pilot postponed!! September 2013 - CESG Compliance Guidelines Released Challenges: 32 bit and 64 bit, packaging, Windows 8.1 coming? SCCM infrastructure changes

38 Planning for New Members in 2014 Part 2 October 2013 Microsoft release Windows 8.1 Designed for enterprise Improved features New Hardware released Start all over again! Try new improved Surface Pro 2 iPads back in the frame for consideration December 2013 – Restart testing Windows 8.1 IT User testing completed February 2014 – Members Decision for Pilot Devices February to May – Complete pilot, Agree on Devices for 65 Members and standard IT equipment, Decide on MDM and implement Challenges: New infrastructure to support iPads, lack of Serco expertise, MDM testing New Haswell chips, and Atom Baytrail, better battery life Politics: One Member and Director Anti Apple Office 365?

39 Mobile Working Programme 2013 – Major Blueprint Planning Gathering requirements Justifying the Business Case Prioritising which Services? Decisions based on: Team Size? Small simpler, but less savings Larger, complex, greater potential savings Savings, Quick wins, readyness for change 2014 – The Rollout begins Challenges: New solutions come into play. Starting with 450 potential mobile staff Maximise exisiting capabilities

40 Maximising Existing capabilities More staff are taking laptops into Meetings Utilising MS Office Onenote more Use Smartphones for Wi-Fi HotSpots Saving on 200 Mobile Broadband Dongle contracts Get Services and Managers to think out of the box, Its not just the technology, but also the people Emerging Opportunities Migration to EE, bringing 4g to users TransitionStaff through to true mobile working Newer 8 Windows tablets now being released Consumer trends in mobile technology are leading the way for enterprise adoption

41 The Enfield Long and Winding Road Good Foundation infrastructure Ambitious aims and deadlines Changing Needs Political power play CESG Security Compliance Strategic Decisions still to be made Fast pace of mobile technology MDM Decision – Third party or existing Build Agility and Flexibility into the infrastructure and strategy Reduce complexity and bespoke solutions Watch Consumer Trends Balance the right devices and solutions to the user requirements and budgets

42 Happy to share our knowledge and experience Eric Hill 020 8379 3934


44 2009-10 2014-15 Set salary, STARS Development Programme Work/life balance, broad skills, people skills, creative business skills Management through outcomes, trust, coaching, listening, innovation Virtual teams, social networking, web conferencing, collaboration with partners Appropriate security Electronic files, right technology to the job Flexible working, Outcome focused Customer led Command & control, presenteeism, hierarchical Resident teams, silo working style Gap between strategy and operations Office files Paper documents Team office based Contracted hours Maslows Hierarchy of Needs & Hertzbergs Motivational & Hygiene Factors Making a Difference Programme

45 Staff Management Teams Directorate SMTs Leadership High performing, skilled, smarter working Culture: empowering, trusting, coaching, living our values Leading by example, encouraging innovation, living our values, building resilience Leading by Example Promote one team Culture change, coaching Innovation High performance Leadership and High Performance Programme


47 Tony Acharia CISSP Technical Account Manager Protecting Data, Systems & Access: Maintaining CoCo Compliance

48 Agenda Review threat landscape Risk Management Who needs a VM Program? What systems should be covered? Whats at most risk? What if we do nothing? Do Something – an action plan Keeping in compliance –PSN, CoCo, PCI, ISO 27001, CIS etc

49 Threat Landscape Primary Threat Vectors –Outsider attack from network –Insider attack from network –Social Engineering –Administrators –Malware These attacks will manifest themselves into:- –A web server compromise will stop us accepting payments –We may expose customer data –An insider who is upset may leave leaving destructive software –People leak sensitive information via Social Engineering –A hacker finds evidence of wrong doing- blackmails us 49

50 The Laws of Vulnerabilities Every system has a flaw – and patches for these are released every week. If you are running a well patched campaign you have reduced the attack surface by over 50% Removing admin rights further reduces risk unless its a Java or Flash Exploit – on any platform. Vulnerability Management is about a program – some organisations take this seriously others dont. Its as basic as locking your car when you leave it – and yet most attacks on networks involving malware exploit an unpatched host. Celebrity Malware – new term for Stuxnet but 2014 we will see an explosion of RansomWare..

51 Government Cyber Security Policy

52 Risk Management Perform an in depth risk management on:- –Review assets – what are they? Windows, Unix/Linux, iOS, CISCO? –Do we know about every device on the network? –Do we understand all the software installed? –Do we know about every advertised port/web server? –Are we monitoring our internal/external systems frequently? We could go on and on but for sanity lets stop here! As a system owner I need to know what I have then I can formalise my Risk Management strategy These threats are alive everyday, every hour, minute and second – scanning for Malware has to be everyday How do you manage Zero Day Threats? Dont run the risk of saying nah wont happen to me…! Hackers do not take time off and neither do their bots……. 52

53 Who needs a VM program? We all do is the simple answer but.. Every piece of software has issues:- –2014 isnt that old and yet:- 53

54 Who needs a VM program? 54 These are merely Windows issues

55 System Coverage Its not just Windows. –Oracle, DB2, AIX, Unix, Linux, CISCO, Apple, Android etc –IP Telephone, SCADA, VM-Ware and so on. –Then the applications! How many do you have across your estates? –What about everyday web browsers, plug-ins, extensions etc. –How do you manage Java and Flash across your estates? Every OS and application deployed has the potential to be an ingress point into your network Once you identify the vulnerabilities, remediate and then rescan Once you have cleansed the network we can establish a baseline for compliance If there is a flaw – how do you know if it affects your network? 55

56 Whats at most risk? A VM program should provide you with:- –Actionable reporting –Immediate Security Intelligence –Valid vulnerability data –Coverage of all systems – define critical systems –Minimum false positives –Specific reports for specific groups – not telephone directories of faults –Demonstrate and report positive efforts of operational teams Optional advantages:- –No cost in deploying a PoC –Reduced cost of ownership –Scalability to scan many systems simultaneously internally and externally 56

57 What if I do Nothing? No longer an option ICO, reputational damage? Fines? 57

58 Do Something There are many resources that can provide independent reviews of people, process and technology Security policy framework, SANS Top 20 Critical Controls etc, etc.. Create a clean estate – review gold disk images 58

59 Integrated Suite of Security & Compliance Solutions *In Beta * 59 Unified and Global View of Security and Compliance

60 Step by Step Process Add IP RangesMap HostsDefine GroupsScan Hosts Review Findings Inspect 0-Days Observe Obscure Ports / Services Summarise Key Issues Prioritise Remediation

61 Keeping In Compliance Get the estate as clean as possible Proving compliance is difficult Recent regulatory campaigns? Length of time to achieve? How do you maintain and manage compliance? If you cant you automate the process… GRC and Policy Compliance tools Centralise Questionnaires to vendors and 3 rd parties 61

62 Automating the Cycle Qualys have a number of tools to help. A simple process:- –Scan a known good host (Compliant PSN Server/Workstation) –RAMA –Setup polices from this Gold Disk Image or RMADS-Policies –Top and tail the control list –Save the policy as PSN benchmark –Scan the rest of the network –Report by business group/asset group or other common denominator –Produce compliance report – compare hosts Scan and report is completely automated – weekly monthly, quarterly or annually.. 62

63 Automating the cycle A Unified and Continuous View of Compliance IT-GRC Automation –Automates the collection of security and compliance data with customizable policies, questionnaires –Provides workflows helping organizations to automate and expedite compliance Benefits –Automated Agent & Agent-less compliance auditing supporting multiple regulatory mandates. –Customizable questionnaires and business workflows to evaluate controls, gather evidence & validate compliance. –Seamless integration with enterprise GRC solutions. 63

64 Thank You


66 Wokingham Borough Council Our Smart Working Journey Stephanie Maxwell Project Manager Jackie Whitney Organisational Development Specialist

67 Wokingham Borough Council Why Smart Working?...... This Project evolved from our Council-wide Transformation Programme back in 2008, and initially was a Property driven project Wokingham wanted to become a modern, flexible workplace Wokingham is the lowest funded unitary authority in the country Government cuts have required us to further reduce our spending Rather than large scale job cuts we wanted to find new ways of delivering services more efficiently In addition, new flexible working styles would enable us to: – rationalise accommodation – give staff a greater work/life balance – reduce congestion – deliver better services – provide value for money

68 Wokingham Borough Council What we have achieved: Pounds: – Disposal of assets, resulting in £500,000 capital receipt – Revenue savings of almost £600,000 a year through disposal, ending leases and income generation – Competitive hourly rates for new business (Accommodation charge reduced by almost 50%)

69 Wokingham Borough Council What we have achieved: People – 82% of our people say they are more productive at home – Staff sickness reduced from an average of 8 days annually to 3 or 4 by staff working from home in a more comfortable environment and not spreading viruses around the office – 20% of our Customer Contact Centre employees work from home – Reduction in car travel, 9% over 3 years – Greater service resilience. Our Customer Contact Centre dealt with calls at home, in their slippers, during the heavy snowfalls last year

70 Wokingham Borough Council What we have achieved: Property – 8400m2 reduction in office space – Reduced storage by 41% Technology – 1200 people had laptops refreshed and Windows 7 Office 2010 installed – Technology Futures Programme: Improvements in technology continue to enable us to connect, collaborate and share – Taking services to the community through mobile technology, providing a quicker, user-friendly service

71 Wokingham Borough Council What we have achieved: Project – Robust governance that is accepted Council- wide as a way to Project Manage – The Project governance received an outstanding assurance from Internal Audit, the first outstanding ever issued at WBC

72 Wokingham Borough Council Knowledge Management Any time any where File sharing Data management Technology New Ways of Working New Ways of Working Office environment & workplace Home Office While commuting Decreased accommodation costs Increase of interaction & communication at the office Flexible shared work places Processes Interaction / mutual knowledge Co-operating Project work Results driven Process improvement / flexibility/productivity Processes Interaction / mutual knowledge Co-operating Project work Results driven Process improvement / flexibility/productivity Social and cultural Responsible and adaptable Results driven management Resilient Using technology to knowledge share

73 Wokingham Borough Council How we did it: Right people Clear aims and objectives Robust governance Project Team Simplified policy – Smart or Fixed worker Face to face engagement and support, as a project team Regular targeted communications and change plan People Early engagement with our technology colleagues Identified solutions to meet initial requirements Deployed kit aligned to roll out plan TechnologyProperty Identify where rationalisation could occur Identified solutions to meet team requirements Worked with teams to implement moves

74 Wokingham Borough Council How we did it: Identify where rationalisation could occur Identified solutions to meet team requirements Worked with teams to implement moves Culture Change Programme

75 Wokingham Borough Council Make it mandatory Change terms and conditionsWait for perfect IT solutions Enforce protocolsPay for broadband for everyoneAllow exceptions – unless authorisedUse external supportDo it to people! What we didnt do:

76 Wokingham Borough Council Make it mandatory Change terms and conditionsWait for perfect IT solutions Enforce protocolsPay for broadband for everyoneAllow exceptions – unless authorisedUse external supportDo it to people! What we didnt do: There are 3 high level principles for Smart Working at WBC as agreed by our Corporate Leadership Team: 1)2:1 Desk Ratio (2FTE:1 Desk) 2)Only Directors would have their own offices 3)Storage would be reduced by 50% There are 3 high level principles for Smart Working at WBC as agreed by our Corporate Leadership Team: 1)2:1 Desk Ratio (2FTE:1 Desk) 2)Only Directors would have their own offices 3)Storage would be reduced by 50%

77 Wokingham Borough Council Have a burning platform Have the right people around the table Buy in and role modelling from the top People engagement and change plan Induction Pilot and learn lessons Talk it into existence – Keep it alive! Key things to get right:

78 Wokingham Borough Council What would we have done differently? Policy in place to support More engagement with elected members

79 Wokingham Borough Council What next for Smart Working at WBC?........ Asset Review Dials Development of system for monitoring Coaching Lean Improved Customer Experience Technology Futures Programme

80 Wokingham Borough Council


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