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Online Student ORIENTATION. MGTC MISSION To contribute to the economic, educational, and community development of the state by providing quality academic.

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1 Online Student ORIENTATION

2 MGTC MISSION To contribute to the economic, educational, and community development of the state by providing quality academic and technical education to the citizens of Middle Georgia through: associate degree, diploma, and technical certificate of credit programs, adult education services, continuing education, customized business and industry workforce training

3 KEY PERSONNEL MGTC is committed to assisting you in successfully reaching your career goals. Key personnel include…

4 KEY PERSONNEL Dr. Ivan Allen President

5 KEY PERSONNEL Dr. Amy Holloway Vice-President Academic Affairs Craig Jackson Vice-President Student Affairs

6 KEY PERSONNEL Julia Nell Shaw Dean Allied Health, Business, Information Technology and General Education 478-988-6800 Ext 6886 Jim Lane Dean Aerospace and Industrial Technology and Services 478-988-6800 Ext 6924

7 KEY PERSONNEL Cynthia Rumney Distance Learning Coordinator 478-988-6800 ext 4054

8 KEY PERSONNEL Dann Webb Director of Admissions 478-988-6800 ext 4023 Steve Greene Director of Financial Aid 478-988-6800 ext 5031 Bruce Foster Director of Student Support Services 478-988-6800 ext 4046

9 KEY PERSONNEL Sonja Jenkins Registrar 478-988-6800 ext 5012 Pat Ivey Director of Career Services 478-988-6800 ext 5014 Judy Colson Manager, Book Store 478-988-6800 ext 6997

10 KEY PERSONNEL Donna Dutcher Special Populations Coordinator 478-988-6800 ext 5031 Please contact if you have: Physical Needs Emotional Needs Learning Disabilities Attention Deficit Disorder (or any documented condition requiring special accommodations)

11 KEY PERSONNEL Dr. Dumont Bunn Librarian 478-988-6800 ext 4001 Ruth Faircloth Library Assistant 478-988-6800 ext 4002

12 Georgia Library Learning Online GALILEO is a World Wide Web-based Virtual Library which includes hundreds of databases indexing thousands of periodicals and scholarly journals The password for GALILEO is listed in your online course under Public Announcements The link for GALILEO is http://www.galileo.usg.edu For additional information, please contact the Library at 478-988-6800 ext 6863 GALILEO

13 LIBRARY Location: A-108 Computer Lab Copier Available The Library Orientation presentation is located at The Library Services and Resources site is located at 478-988-6800 ext 6863

14 CARE CENTER Location: A-126 Program Counseling Career Counseling 478-988-6800 ext 5020

15 Location: A-124 Tutoring Services My Skills Tutor Keyboarding Pro 4 Basic Math & Algebra Reading & Writing Tutorial Software 478-988-6800 ext 5016 STUDENT SUPPORT CENTER

16 TEXTBOOKS & FEES Location: A Bldg Extension Books & Supplies MGTC Logo Items Fee Payments 478-988-6800 ext 6805

17 TECHNOLOGY Directions for: BannerWeb Student Email Student File Storage Online Course (ANGEL) Access Located at

18 TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANCE Unable to access BannerWeb? Contact admissions at 478-988-6850 Unable to access Student Email or Student File Storage? Contact IT at 478-988-6800 ext 6988 Unable to access ANGEL? Contact your course instructor. Instructor contact information is located at Additional ANGEL questions? Contact your course instructor. Need ANGEL training?

19 Located at https://bandit.middlegatech.edu View and print a class schedule (Current Student) View and print a transcript (unofficial) Register on line View, print and complete HOPE application View, print and complete MGTC Application View school calendar BANNER WEB

20 Student Council Debbie Price 478-988-6800 ext 5011 LaToya Lawson 478-988-6800 ext 5002 STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Phi Beta Lambda Janet Kelly 478-988-6800 ext 5024 Kelly Icard 478-988-6800 ext 4089

21 STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Association of Information Technology Professionals Shawna Early 478-988-6800 ext 4043

22 STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS SkillsUSA Debbie Price 478-988-6800 ext 5011 LaToya Lawson 478-988-6800 ext 5002 National Technical Honor Society Kelly Sorenson 478-988-6800 ext 4021

23 STUDENT SPORTS Basketball, Cheerleading, Softball Bruce Foster 478-988-6800 ext 4046

24 In addition to program concentration areas, MGTC students are graded on 10 Work Ethic Traits in order to develop a viable and effective workforce. Three primary results of the Work Ethics Program make it a winning proposition for all concerned. These results are: o Students begin employment with positive work ethic skills, which will enhance their value as employees. o Instructors develop more motivated and attentive students. o Employers acquire employees with desirable work habits. WORK ETHICS PROGRAM

25 There are 4 possible grades: 3, 2, 1 or 0. 3-Exceeded Expectations 2-Meets Expectations 1-Needs Improvement 0-Unacceptable 10 Work Ethic Traits Attendance Character Teamwork Appearance Attitude Productivity Organizational Skills Communication Cooperation Respect WORK ETHICS PROGRAM

26 TECHNICAL EDUCATION GUARANTEE State standards allow Middle Georgia Technical College to offer this guarantee: If an employer finds a Middle Georgia Technical College graduate to be deficient in specific competencies listed in a state standard curriculum within two years of graduation, the student will be retrained at no instructional cost to the student or employer. This guarantee applies to any graduate of Middle Georgia Technical College who is employed in the field of his/her training. It is in effect for a period of two years after graduation. To inquire or file a claim under this warranty, employers or graduates may call the Vice President for Academic Affairs. (MGTC Catalog)

27 All electronic communication for college related activities, including communication with online instructors (when not using ANGEL email), will be conducted using a MGTC provided student email account. MGTC reserves the right to have appropriate college employees monitor the use of MGTC-provided student email. Use of foul language or transmission of inappropriate material, written or graphical, is a violation of the MGTC Acceptable User Policy and may result in disciplinary action against the offenders. MGTC reserves the right to determine appropriate and/or inappropriate use of the MGTC provided email account. Questions concerning appropriateness of email content should be directed to college faculty. EMAIL GUIDELINES

28 Student Guarantee Academic Evaluation (Grades) Attendance Policy Student Conduct Code Code of Discipline, Drug Free Policy The MGTC Catalog is available at CATALOG ITEMS

29 Your Future… …is our business 80 Cohen Walker Drive Warner Robins, Georgia 31088 478-988-6800 800-474-1031

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