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The Paperless Classroom: The Future, or the Future is NOW? Karla Hammond, MA, MS Pennfield High School Science Instructor Battle Creek, MI Created for.

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1 The Paperless Classroom: The Future, or the Future is NOW? Karla Hammond, MA, MS Pennfield High School Science Instructor Battle Creek, MI Created for BLAST Presented at MSTA 03/06/09

2 Pennfield Stats: Approximately 2,000 Students in District, K-12

3 Overview of BLAST Organized through Western Michigan University, Mallinson Institute and Participated in the Logistics Small GroupMallinson Institute Intent : BLAST-BC seeks to create a collaborative and supportive atmosphere for high school science teachers who are interested in working to align their instruction more closely with the new High School Content Expectations (HSCE) and the National Science Education Standards. It is based on an action research model for instructional improvement. My Action Research focused on creating new lessons based on the new HSCE, and presenting them in an Electronic Classroom, and documenting that process and its affect on the failure rate in my classes. – I completely created my Moodle classroom and lessons from scratch this year while teaching the class and participating in BLAST!! – I have not typed out every page from our resource textbook!!

4 Pennfield High School, 2008 Currently on an 8 block schedule (Next year 6) – Maniac Monday – 7:35-2:30 – Tuesday and Thursday ODD – Wednesday and Friday EVEN See students 3x/wk: 45 min; 90 min; 90 min Electronic Classroom is set up this year by week, but students can access it AT ANY TIME!

5 Why a Paperless Classroom? PHS PUL Rolled out 2007

6 Welcome to my Classroom…heres thedoor!

7 Take a seat You are in Biology! This is where students click to upload the work they have saved. This allows me to access it from anywhere to grade it!

8 This is what I see when I grade! (I do not take papers home…) Assignments I made up and posted for them to complete! Due Date

9 For our Paperless Classroom, we also use CPS for assessments. We began with a test over the Pre-Reqs for Biology. This got them used to technology… Students used a clicker system instead of paper and pencil for an Assessment over what they remembered from Elementary and Middle School on: Biochemistry, Cells, Cell Energetics, Comparative Structures, Human Systems, and Homeostasis. – I created this using the State Standards at BLASTBLAST 58% (not passing by our 70% standard)…why? From the automatic grading, we knew what they scored the lowest on were specific plant terms the State has listed as required pre-reqs for Bio. We will make sure this is passed on to the Middle School teachers! (ex: Monocots and Dicots) The students did take the pre-req test seriously, but this was also the first time some students used the CPS!

10 Students also create movies and podcasts of their work, or as a reference for their labs!

11 Another Assignment: DNA Forum

12 Lab Write-ups occur at the desks

13 Paperless has been interesting and exciting to the students, and I see greater %s of work submitted, but as with traditional work, it can be incomplete, too, so you MUST check!

14 My Paperless Gradebook: Zangle

15 Our network is monitored by LanSchool. Each teacher has a different channel the student selects!

16 Student View of His/Her Grades for Biology. I have this on the Semester View.

17 Example question from an Assessment if taking as a class. If taking individually, they see the second picture.

18 We also use Moodle Quiz

19 PHS is starting to use Data Director in lieu of CPS and Moodle for District Failure Data and a Central Bank for Assessment Questions

20 Our initial plan for our Paperless Classroom…how we are going higher tech Every question on every Unit Test is connected to a Biology Expectation (From State of MI)From State of MI Students are to pass the Unit Tests with a 70% minimum, or must retake the test until at 70% in order to show mastery. Final grade is an average of each test taken. First semester covers the first 6 Units from the State of Michigan Expectations; 2 nd, 7-12 Grades primarily focus on Unit Tests, although MANY assignments in Moodle

21 For CPS, Moodle, and Data Director, Student Assessment information can be broken out Notice where you can quickly identify which questions the students excelled at, and which ones they did not understand (or it wasnt written well as a question!) Benefits: Not just automatic grading, but also each question checked for individual and class and subject comprehension

22 An example of a Moodle Quiz Results Section (Essay not graded)

23 Frustrations of the Student Must keep electronic work backed up… I cant find it is no excuse! Must complete work before taking Unit Test, so must stay organized and take responsibility for learning When absent, if trying to complete work at home, must have a reliable internet connection with good speed! Must remediate…cant accept a non-passing score!

24 Frustrations of the Parents Having to purchase a good, updated Internet connection for educational purposes – Almost 90% of parents surveyed already have one they are using for email and gaming! Not knowing what the homework is because they do not have a sign-in to Moodle – Have their students sign in weekly for them! Not being able to always refer to the Biology book to answer the questions at the end of the chapter, where you can find #13 on page 235! – Actual problem-solving not just regurgitation!!

25 Benefits for Parents: Paperless means they CAN check of their student submitted the work!

26 Frustrations of the Technology Department Students who download inappropriate material so the computer must be reimaged – Honestly, few students after the first batch! Students who do not care for the technology by the signed agreement (and therefore have maintenance issues) – Honestly, few, because then they are without! Teachers who do not really understand how the electronic gradebook or classroom work, so they send Maintenance requests when it really is a comprehension issue – Honestly fewer now 2 nd semester, because we help each other!

27 Each grading, if you set it up to do so, also tells the student why they got it wrong, so it is IMMEDIATE feedback!

28 Frustrations of the Teacher Students who email daily who want to know when the assignments will be graded because s/he uploaded it at 11pm last night …wheres my grade??? Parents who email daily who want to know when the assignments will be graded because s/he stayed up until 11pm last night to help their student uploaded it …wheres the grade??? Parents who let their student loose on the computer at home without supervision, and then complain because the students computer isnt available due to being reimaged …WHERES THE GRADE???

29 Seriously, the major complaint this year is the TIME it takes to re- create your classes (for example, when the cat takes over PT because you are still grading student work on the computer!!

30 The Paperless Classroom…how successful has the program been? Well, we survived first semester and the students were very happy with the format! For Pennfield this year, it was based on the number of failures of students percentage- wise compared to past years… – Do computers better organize and engage todays learners, so they do the work, and therefore are prepared for the Unit Tests? – Are students passing the Unit Tests?

31 Statistics from last year (1 st hour Bio) 100% passing As=2 7% Bs=9 32% Cs=8 29% Ds=9 32% Es=0

32 Statistics from this year (2nd hour Bio) 82% passing As=0 Bs=5 23% Cs=7 32% Ds=6 27% Es=4 18%

33 Statistics from last year (8th hour Bio) 96% passing As=1 3.7% Bs=9 33% Cs=8 29.7% Ds=8 29.7% Es=1 3.7%

34 Statistics from this year (6th hour Bio) 89% passing As=0 Bs=7 27% Cs=8 31% Ds=8 31% Es=3 11%

35 Reviewing PUL at semester For Biology, the comparison for my classes did not show an increase in student achievement in terms of passing the first semester of Biology. This was true for all Biology classes, too. Is there a variable we are missing at the semester check? Is it simply growing pains?

36 Passing Unit Tests at 70% Most students for Unit 1 needed take the Unit Tests 3x before passing with at least a 70% – Teacher had to record initial score, then go back and average each subsequent score and update the electronic gradebook – Teacher had to email student and parent/guardian to secure student participation, including after- school remediations if the number of retakes past 3, or if s/he had been absent

37 Passing with a 70% continued For the subsequent units, students passed Units 2 and 3 usually after 2 retakes For Unit 4-6, the majority of students passed the first take – Students and teachers found retaking the tests were…surprise, surprise…getting old!! – More assignments were uploaded and/or completed by Unit 4 than Unit 1, even though it was nearing the Holidays So, again, we are seeing progress!

38 Comparison of Unit Test Scores to…. The final exam: – It appeared that students who did not pass their Unit Tests did not use the Moodle site to study for their Final Exams, as they also failed the Final – Students average for the Unit Tests were also comparable to the Final Exam – This is not surprising, as most questions from the Unit Tests were taken to make up the Final exam (approximately 10 questions from each Unit, representing the majority of standards for that Unit)

39 Remediation Students were allowed to retake their Unit Tests after they had shown that they remediated for their tests. This included: – Seminar/study hall sessions with teacher – Monday after-school sessions for an hour with a Biology teacher tutor If students needed to take the test another time in order to achieve the 70%, then they must complete another remediation session. Variable in addition to growing pains?? Suspensions: Students who didnt show to remediation who were remanded didnt pass their Unit Tests nor their Final!

40 Final Exam Assessment of Assessment With the 2 days off immediately prior to Finals, we believe students were not as successful as past exams and this was a contributing factor. We did see Qs of success!

41 Paperless Classroom…able to identify misconceptions quickly! From the First Unit…did they review? – Function of Carbohydrates – Energy in bonds: Living vs Non-living – Macromolecules with high energy bonds From the 5 th UnitLevel of organization – Read too quickly? From 3 rd and 6 th Unit- Totipotent From 6 th Unit- pH of Human Blood (PUL no lab) From 3 rd Unit- # of ATP from glucose Interestingly, 6 of the 7 above I would have re-emphasized in the past with a lab activity that we didnt do this year, but instead did a computer simulation.

42 Ok, so if you hadnt thought about this consequence yet… This program is extremely time-intensive on the teacher especially the first year… – Re-writing new Unit Tests, which align with standards AND are common for all Biology teachers – Entering in Tests to CPS (They can easily be resorted) – Obtaining and posting scores from CPS to Zangle – Re-averaging each test and emailing student and parents/guardians – Remediating – Preparing for the next Unit, and doing this ALL over again

43 Heres the example of what we felt like, even with a work-in-progress!

44 However, because of the Online Experience State Requirement, the ISD sponsored workshops along PHS line of thought….

45 Student Progress Percent of students in 1 st semester Biology class who passed last school year (2007/2008): 98% from representative classes Percent of students in 1 st semester Biology class who passed this school year (2008/2009): 85.5% from rep classes Overall failure rate for Biology is: 13% from all classes…at semester we dont see the success for which were were hoping, but this is the FIRST year! (Variable: suspensions)

46 Therefore, so far, we feel that this program has been… Somewhat successful… – It has caused a lot of work for the teachers, but it can be used again this summer and next year, and lessons are aligned to HSCE (Long-term benefits) – A LOT of buy-in by the parents to keep arranging rides for remediation (Benefit of communication) – Increased skill set for students by daily using computers and problem solving and meets the Online State Requirements (Long-term benefits for careers) Preparation for success, as increased science understanding and retention on the MME is the ultimate goal!

47 Thank You! Questions?

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