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Digital Marketing Internship

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1 Digital Marketing Internship
Holmes Place

2 Who are we? Holmes Place is a premium health, fitness, and wellness brand that has been leading the industry for over 30 years The first club was opened in Chelsea in 1979, and although there are no clubs in the UK any longer, Holmes Place spans across 10 different countries throughout Europe - we’re a multinational company at the core Our focus is on holistic health, based on Move Well, Eat Well & Feel Well

3 Digital Marketing: A world of possibilities
We’re looking for cool, creative & progressive interns who can help our Digital department find the next big digital trends We’ve taken the first steps toward digital prowess with our new websites, our social networking profiles, and our interactive applications, but we want more! Digital is a wide field & we want the best & brightest to help lead us through the world of digital possibilities

4 Are we a good match for you?
Top 6 traits we are looking for in interns Expert English skills! Perfect English is a must Creativity! We want fresh & new ideas Cooperation! It’s all about working together here, whether in the office or with colleagues all over Europe & the Middle East Drive! If you’re a go-getter, you’ll fit right in Independence! We’re always here to help, but we want to see what you’re made of Responsibility! We give you real projects & need you to come through with results

5 What projects could I work on?
Social Networking Content Marketing Application creation Copywriting Reviewing, editing & polishing work Anything else you can think of! CHECK US OUT!

6 What’s the situation? Full time, part time, or project-based (basically, we’re flexible) A few months, a semester, a whole year – however long you want to be with us! Work from home and/or in the office With colleagues on-location and abroad Opportunities to work closely with our Digital Chief Officer and Central Marketing Department Free membership to our Prague clubs for the length of your internship!

7 Tempe‘s experience “My time with Holmes Place was awesome! I learned so much skill-wise – how to work with a website Admin, how to find the right images to portray a consistent face for the company, how to work with colleagues across borders & cultures – but I also gained so much from working with such creative, passionate, and kind people who helped nurture my own talents and develop my skills. The membership wasn’t a bad perk either!!” – Tempe Martens, February - July 2013 READ MORE WATCH THE VIDEO

8 Ready to apply? Send your CV and a cover letter about why you want to work with us to: We want to see your creativity and passion, so go all out when you tell us why Holmes Place is the place for you!


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