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Legal Internships & Entry-Level Attorney Hiring At the United States Department of Justice JOIN TEAM JUSTICE!

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1 Legal Internships & Entry-Level Attorney Hiring At the United States Department of Justice JOIN TEAM JUSTICE!

2 WHO WE ARE Prosecutors, civil litigators, appellate experts, advisors, policy crafters, counselors, scholars, leaders. With approximately 10,000 attorneys, we are the largest law firm in the world.

3 Protect the people ofProtect the people of the United States the United States from criminal acts from criminal acts and enforce the rule and enforce the rule of law of law Represent the U.S.Represent the U.S. Government in civil Government in civil litigation litigation WHAT WE DO Civil Rights, Tax, Antitrust, Immigration, Criminal, Civil, Environment, National Security, and more

4 WHERE WE WORK Washington D.C. and across the Nation and in the U.S. Territories ACROSS THE NATION 94 US Attorneys Offices in US and territories 59 Immigration Courts in 27 states 95 US Trustee Offices nationwide Antitrust and ENRD Field Offices in major US cities Federal Bureau of Prisons locations nationwide WASHINGTON, D.C. Litigating Divisions and Offices Legal and Policy Offices Leadership & Management Offices Investigatory & Law Enforcement Offices HQ for the US Trustees, BOP, EOUSA, FBI, DEA, ATF&E, and more.

5 WHO WE HIRE There are multiple career paths to Justice VOLUNTEER INTERN PROGRAM (1800 +) SUMMER LAW INTERN PROGRAM (60-100) ATTORNEY GENERALS HONORS PROGRAM (65-200) EXPERIENCED ATTORNEY RECRUITMENT (650+) Open to attorneys with a minimum of one year post-J.D. experience who are admitted to the bar. Vacancies are posted on OARM website

6 VOLUNTEER INTERN PROGRAM Opportunities in Fall, Spring, and Summer Vacancies updated and posted on the web year round Apply directly to each organization early – if possible at least four months ahead Application requirements and deadlines vary Visit the OARM website for postings and details Volunteer, Work-Study, and Part-Time Opportunities open to all law students with at least one semester of law school experience.

7 SUMMER LAW INTERN PROGRAM Compensated positions during Summer 2012 Centrally-managed, online application Opens July 25, 2011 Application deadline: September 6, 2011 Visit OARM website for details Open to all law students with at least one semester of law school experience and to law school grads entering judicial clerkships, legal fellowships, or full- time graduate law programs.

8 ATTORNEY GENERALS HONORS PROGRAM Entry-level attorney positions, and 1 to 3 year fellowships and clerkships Centrally-managed, online application Opens July 25, 2011 Application deadline: September 6, 2011 Visit OARM website for details Open to law students graduating in Dec 2011 or Jan-Oct Also open to judicial clerks, legal fellows, and graduate law students whose terms end after October 1, 2011 but before September 30, 2012


10 PERMANENT POSITIONS Antitrust Division (DC, Chicago, NY, SF) Civil Division Criminal Division Environment & Natl Resources Division National Security Division USAO, Central District of California USAO, Northern District of Ohio INFORMAL PARTICIPANTS USAO, Western District of New York Executive Office for US Attorneys, GCO WHOS HIRING Honors Program Hires for 2011 CLERKSHIPS Drug Enforcement Administration - 1 year Executive Office for Immigration Review years (courts nationwide) FELLOWSHIPS Federal Bureau of Prisons years Criminal Division – Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Fellowship – 3 years TERM POSITIONS USAO, Northern District of WV- 1 year Office of Professional Responsibility – 2 years For more information, visit

11 WASHINGTON, D.C. Antitrust Division ( DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Philadelphia, NY, SF) Civil Division Executive Office for Immigration Review (courts nationwide) Federal Bureau of Prisons Professional Responsibility Advisory Office Tax Division U.S. ATTORNEYSS OFFICES District of Wyoming Southern District of Alabama WHOS HIRING Summer Law Intern Program - Summer 2012 INFORMAL PARTICIPANTS · Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives · Office of Legal Counsel · Middle District of Pennsylvania · Western District of New York

12 WHAT WE LOOK FOR Each component has its own mission, culture, and values Many attorneys and interns have: Demonstrated interest in the work Strong academic credentials Relevant undergraduate majors Commitment to public service Energy and enthusiasm Plus an application package that communicates all of the above! JUSTICE IS MISSION DRIVEN, NOT DRIVEN

13 APPLICATION TIPS Online Applications Require You to Rank Your Choices Select 1-3 organizations Consider the number of vacancies. Think through your ranking Does your resume demonstrate an interest in the field? Use Employment screens to sell your skills

14 MORE HP/SLIP APPLICATION TIPS Provide thoughtful, well-crafted responses to short- answer questions, such as: Why do you want to work for the Department of Justice and what attracts you to the components you selected? If you could tell the hiring official one thing about yourself, what would it be? Use the Employment screens wisely. Explain your duties and responsibilities in detail. Articulate how you contributed to the employers success. Take advantage of the Additional Information screen Flesh out earlier check the box qualifications. Provide other relevant information you want reviewers to consider. Avoid TMI & inappropriate comments. Exactly what message do you want to send to reviewers? Answers serve as mini writing samples.

15 The greatest asset of the Justice Department is its dynamic and diverse workforce. Justice welcomes applications from all qualified candidates whose backgrounds reflect the Nations rich diversity. It is our goal to eliminate barriers and make available new opportunities for people with disabilities to contribute to and thrive at the Justice Department. WHAT WE VALUE … DIVERSITY

16 In the statements on your application … In your reported employment history … In your accomplishments … In stating your class rank, standing, and GPA … DOJ reserves the right to disqualify any candidate whose application materials contain false, misleading, or substantially inaccurate information and may report the factual basis for such action to the applicants law school for further review. WHAT WE VALUE … INTEGRITY

17 VOLUNTEERS Credit check & fingerprint records Pre-employment forms reviewed SUMMER LAW INTERNS Same as volunteers plus drug test ATTORNEYS Same as above plus full FBI background investigation SECURITY AND SUITABILITY Credit Issues Drug Use Tax Issues Providing false or misleading information on pre-employment forms Advisory opinions on potential problems available post-offer POTENTIAL PROBLEMS

18 THINK ABOUT IT! Visit to see the many opportunities offered to law students and eligible recent graduates. CONSIDER What programs am I eligible for? Where do I want to work? Where am I a good fit? APPLY! Watch out for deadlines! The 2011 HP & SLIP deadline September 6, is September 6, 2011.

19 Experience the Many Benefits of Justice! Balanced worklife Early responsibility Great training Cutting edge issues Meaningful work YOU? As well as The Attorney Student Loan Repayment Program The Attorney Student Loan Repayment Program The Mentor Program The Mentor Program Employee Affinity Groups Employee Affinity Groups

20 Thank you for Your Interest in the Department of Justice For more information, Visit

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