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Tentmaking – an introduction professionals - business people - students.

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1 Tentmaking – an introduction professionals - business people - students

2 is tentmaking?

3 Anno Domini MMXIV …and because John was an English teacher as were James & Nora, he stayed and worked at their English school is tentmaking?

4 "Christian professionals, business people & university students integrating work and witness where Jesus is not yet known. Ari J. Rocklin

5 are tentmakers? They are 18 year old English teachers to 80 year old retirees, going abroad with their studies, professions & business skills to make disciples of Jesus through their work and witness.

6 are not tentmakers? Christian professionals with overseas jobs are not tentmakers unless they intentionally seek to make Jesus known to the local people of the host country Ruth Siemens founder of Global Opportunities

7 Tentmaking Business people Professionals Students are tentmakers © Ari J. Rocklin

8 is tentmaking needed? 1/3 of the world still remains outside the reach of traditional missions strategy. This same area is open to Christian professionals, business people and university students to live out their faith in everyday life.

9 is tentmaking needed?

10 65 nations 2/3 of worlds population 3% of mission workers 97% of unreached 3 major religions Islam - Buddhism - Hinduism is tentmaking needed?

11 Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice as long as there are still people who have yet to hear it once? is tentmaking needed?

12 do tentmakers go? There are no closed countries for Christian professionals with the needed skills, education & experience.

13 do tentmakers prepare? Tentmakers should prepare well for what is undoubtedly going to be the most challenging job they have ever done.

14 1.Biblical basis of tentmaking & work 2.Today's tentmaker challenges 3.Cross cultural preparation 4.Working in sensitive areas 5.Spiritual challenges 6.Sharing your faith at work 7.Hospitality as ministry 8.Starting a Bible study in your home 9.Making disciples that make disciples 10.House church planting 11.Teams that work 12.Tentmakers and their churches 13.The preparation process What you should know

15 should YOU go? when all the pieces fit together… …and you have found answers to the questions



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19 Questions? going where Jesus is not yet known professionals, business people & students going where Jesus is not yet known

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