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NEATO Employment Services A proud supporter and partner of Go Clubs

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1 NEATO Employment Services A proud supporter and partner of Go Clubs
Providing services funded by the Australian Federal Government

2 Overview Overview NEATO Employment Services have been providing support and assistance to job seekers since NEATO currently has 32 offices servicing Northern, Central and Southern Queensland. In the Cairns area, NEATO has offices located in Cairns City (Aplin & Grafton Street), Earlville and Smithfield. Over the past few years, NEATO Employment Services has developed a range of volunteer work experience activities that have benefitted communities all over Queensland, while assisting job seekers gaining employment. At NEATO Employment Services, we work closely with many clubs and not for profit organisations to provide much needed support and assistance. This support varies from administration, maintenance, minor construction work, landscaping, and much more.

3 Services Go Clubs Services
The vision through our partnership with Go Clubs is primarily to support affiliated Go Club members with their administrative duties which impact on their operations. This support will be provided through NEATO’s Work for the Dole activity; Cairns Community Administration Support. (CCAS) The support and assistance available to Go Club members will vary depending on their category level within Go Clubs.

4 Services Cairns Community Administration Support (CCAS)
CCAS is a small group of dedicated volunteers providing a range of support services to Go Club Members. This includes: Newsletters Promotional material Meeting minutes Customer surveys Application assistance for the various levels within Go Clubs Data entry (eg. competition results, maintenance reports) Various Word, Excel and Publisher resources to meet your needs

5 Additional Support Those members who are at a level 4 or above within Go Clubs, may also be able to gain assistance from our outdoor work crews. These supervised crews perform a range of tasks including: Renovation and Maintenance Minor construction works (non-trade) and repairs Painting Minor concreting and paving Ground Maintenance Landscaping and garden design Lawn &garden maintenance Retaining walls and features

6 Beneficiaries Previous Experience in assisting Community Groups
Lifeline upgrade (Aumuller Street, Cairns) FNQ Soccer Zone (Endeavour Park) Cairns BMX Club PCYCs throughout Queensland Three Sistas Crisis Accommodation facility Cairns Regional Council community work (Cattana wetlands, Petersen Road, Gordonvale Beautification, Woree pool, Mt. Sheridan sound and privacy barrier makeovers).

7 Provisions Our workforce teams are fully supervised by staff, who hold appropriate qualifications and experience to provide quality work. Many of our participants gain formal qualifications while undertaking this community work to enable them to enter the workforce. All necessary insurances and Workplace Health and Safety requirements are covered under our agreements.

8 Results Some examples of our work Before After Before
NEATO’s - Cairns Community Administration Support Offices After Current

9 Results Some examples of our work Before Before After After Before

10 Contact NEATO Employment Services 132 Grafton Street Ph –

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