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Social Policy Contemporary Social Policy, The Big Society & Young People.

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1 Social Policy Contemporary Social Policy, The Big Society & Young People

2 Social Policy My Research … 8790.pdf

3 Social Policy What do we know?

4 Social Policy Broken Britain? How to change it and who does it…

5 Social Policy Reclaiming Society Thatcher – no such thing as society (1987) Cameron – There is such a thing as society and it needs to be BIG (2009)

6 Social Policy The Big Society? One word to describe what you feel, think or know about the Big Society …

7 Social Policy The Big Society - Vision [the] recent growth of the state has promoted not social solidarity, but selfishness and individualism [we need] a re-imagined state to actively create the big society, directly agitating for, catalysing and galvanising social renewal Cameron, D. (2009). The Big Society. Hugo Young Lecture, In 2010 he went further declaring, You can call it liberalism. You can call it empowerment. You can call it freedom. You can call it responsibility. I call it the big society... the biggest, most dramatic redistribution of power from elites in Whitehall to the man and woman on the street Cameron, D. (2010). Big Society Speech. Liverpool. society-speech/ society-speech/

8 Social Policy What is the Big Society? Nigel Pimlott 2013

9 Social Policy What do you thinks its really about?

10 Social Policy However, how can we get to where we want to go when we are not sure of the intended destination, we dont have a map and there is insufficient fuel in the tank Caron Bradshaw, Charity Finance Directors Group What we do know is that it is underpinned by several key declared values. These are: The desire for long-term social action and change Public service reform Effective community engagement and localism Empowering and involving people Increasing volunteering Opening up of public services Decentralisation of power Promoting transparency Developing civic action and responsibility Maximising innovation and enterprise Paying service providers by results N Pimlott The Big View, 2011

11 Social Policy Impact on the church/Christian community?

12 Social Policy Current Policy - Key Elements 1.Community Empowerment 2.Opening up Public Services 201012/cmselect/cmpubadm/902/90202.htm

13 Social Policy 1. Community Empowerment Decentralisation, devolution & empowerment Empowering state, rather than an overpowering state Transferring power from the central state to local people and institutions When people know their actions can make a difference they are more motivated to get involved PROS & CONS

14 Social Policy 2. Opening up Public Services New structures in education, health, welfare Greater involvement charities, voluntary sector, mutuals, social enterprise, businesses, philanthropists Commissioning, procurement, tendering, payment by results PROS & CONS

15 Social Policy Opportunities

16 Social Policy Invited to engage Encouraged to do even more But with less resources And then theres the capacity and infrastructural issues Challenges So actually the Big Society, in my opinion, is being asked to do what we have already being doing, but with potentially even less resource than was previously available. Also, picking up the pieces of things that are around the community that have been dropped and been let go because of lack of funding.

17 Social Policy Challenges

18 Social Policy Closely related policies Education – Academies, Tuition fees, Free schools NHS reform Council/social housing reforms - Stunnell: Theres no reason why a home in future should always be a home for life. New improved right to buy Reducing public expenditure Welfare Reform

19 Social Policy Welfare reform Present system is too complicated and work incentives are poor No one in work will be worse off than a person on benefit Universal credit – a single benefit (amalgamating Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Housing Benefit, Income Support, income-based JSA and income-related ESA ); merges out of work and in work benefits Sanctions for refusing job offer – (Relying on nudge – behavioural economics) From white paper: Universal Credit: A welfare system that works

20 Social Policy Localism Bill Youtube

21 Social Policy Localism Bill - given Royal Assent on 15 November 2011 new freedoms and flexibilities for local government new rights and powers for communities and individuals reform to make the planning system more democratic and more effective reform to ensure that decisions about housing are taken locally pdf

22 Social Policy Big Society & Young People

23 Social Policy Positive for Youth Positive for Youth – Governments in the past have focused on the negative stuff about young people, such as antisocial behaviour. Tim Loughton Massive Cuts and a dismantling of youth work provision across the sector - So well instead do negative stuff to the provisions they value and need Me ve%20for%20Youth

24 Social Policy Positive for Youth Raising young peoples aspirations and driving up participation and attainment in learning is the best way to help young people realise their potential and get ready for work. The Government will therefore retain the duty on councils to secure young peoples access to sufficient activities and services to improve their wellbeing, including their duty to seek and take account of young peoples views in decisions about these activities. From: 00198-2011.pdf

25 Social Policy Axing of a Universal Youth Service If the days of a universal youth service are threatened by a thousand cuts and we fall back solely onto targeted support for those most at risk, we risk too great an emphasis on presenting symptoms, such as unwanted teen pregnancy and educational failure, and too little on supporting the whole young person. Plus, this is a long game. It is establishing trust and real relationships that makes real inroads in youth work: you don't change young people's lives with a website and a communications plan. You do it by showing up on wet Wednesdays and being there when they need you. Think Big Society, Children & Young People Now, 14 September 2010 Nick Wilkie, chief executive, London Youth, Society /

26 Social Policy YW Challenges Understanding? Paradox – massive cuts = empowerment? Who sets the agenda? Involving young people Undermining of existing work? Paradox - Diminishing of the volunteer voluntary yw sector Infrastructure? Longevity?

27 Social Policy Commodification of Young People Things and people that were originally not for sale, are now for sale – schools, health, prisons, getting people into employment, youth services YP seen as economic units Services – tendering, commissioning, competition Payment by results Social returns on investment

28 Social Policy Young People - Double Standards? 'Those who make the wrong decisions, who engage in criminality, must be identified, arrested and punished, and we will make sure that happens' : Theresa May, August 11, 2011 after the riots 'The UK further states that the criminal prosecution of bank employees due to participation in tax offences is highly unlikely' : Clause in UK-Swiss tax deal agreed by George Osborne, 23 Aug 2011.

29 Social Policy Big Challenge in motivating the Church to engage - Equality?

30 Social Policy t/files/documents/Bias_to_the_po or_Jan2012.pdf

31 Social Policy Big Challenge in motivating the Church to engage - Compassion? Britain is being refashioned into a nation which believes that helping the needy is morally and fiscally unaffordable – and no sum of money saved is worth that shame Laurie Penny (2012). Compassion – a subversive idea. New Statesman. 8 Feb 2012

32 Social Policy t/files/documents/Bias_to_the_po or_Jan2012.pdf

33 Social Policy Big Challenge if the church does get motivated This is a process where religious organisations reshape themselves to fit government policy and thereby lose their unique characteristics, while taking on the same institutional shape and processes as state agencies. Bretherton, L. Christianity and Contemporary Politics p43 After P. J. DiMaggio & W. Powell. Mimicking – Coercion - Normative Pressures

34 Social Policy My Research … 8790.pdf

35 Social Policy Thank you 07940 54 54 69

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