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ES&UE eTime Off Campus Work-Study Student Edition.

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1 ES&UE eTime Off Campus Work-Study Student Edition

2 Filling Out a Timesheet


4 You must enter and submit time on a weekly basis. Filling Out a Timesheet

5 worked as shown on the right. The system will calculate your daily and weekly totals each time you click Save for Later. Holidays will be auto- populated and will give a warning if you try to enter time on a holiday. If you actually worked on a holiday, ignore the warnings. Filling Out a Timesheet


7 reviewed so they can take action. You must submit your timesheet on the last working day of each week in order to get paid. Filling Out a Timesheet

8 After Submitting your timesheet, click Send Notification which appears after the page reloads This allows you to send a copy of the timesheet (PDF format) to your Agency Supervisor Send Timesheet to Agency Supervisor

9 After clicking Send Notification, this box will pop-up Enter your supervisors email and click Send Email They will review the file and forward it to the work-study office who will then approve it in the eTimesheet system Send Notification

10 8 Once you have submitted your timesheet to your supervisor your status will read Submitted, Pending Approval. Filling Out a Timesheet

11 9 Employee view of approved timesheet Filling Out a Timesheet

12 The most important thing to remember: Submission + Approval = Paycheck Timesheet Process

13 Students must: Enter time on a daily basis Submit timesheets by deadline / last scheduled work day of each week Send Notification to Agency Supervisor immediately after submitting timesheet Agency Supervisors must: Make sure their students are submitting time weekly Review PDF of timesheet (received via email) Forward PDF of timesheet to Work-Study Office with Approved in email each week Submission + Approval = Paycheck Critical Process Steps

14 Submission + Approval = Paycheck Remember

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