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Over view of working of Accounts department Accounts Department Gazetted cadre Sr.DFM- ( K.K.Goyal) DFM-I-( Sri N.G.Das) DFM-II -( Sri Ujjawal Goswami)

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Presentation on theme: "Over view of working of Accounts department Accounts Department Gazetted cadre Sr.DFM- ( K.K.Goyal) DFM-I-( Sri N.G.Das) DFM-II -( Sri Ujjawal Goswami)"— Presentation transcript:


2 Over view of working of Accounts department

3 Accounts Department Gazetted cadre Sr.DFM- ( K.K.Goyal) DFM-I-( Sri N.G.Das) DFM-II -( Sri Ujjawal Goswami) ADFM-I –( Sri. R.N. Banarjee) ADFM-II – Sri S. Goswami) ADFM-PC- (Sri S. N. Datta)

4 Accounts establishment( NG) Accounts office Sanctioned Strength Actual Strength Group-C135129 Group-D1511

5 Accounts Establishment Cash Office Sanctioned Strength Actual Strength Group-C5654 Group-D3531

6 Activities of Different Sections Administration- Salary, D& AR, Pass, PTO and other general staff matters, efficiency, Audit, Court Cases. Establishment / Non Gazetted---Salary, restructuring arrears, TA & OT vetting, Bonus payment, watching recovery on accounts of Admitted Debit, Hospital Diet Charge, Stock Sheet, Accounts and Audit Inspection. BOS Establishment Gazetted--- PF section: mainly accountal of PF Credit and Debits and their monthly reconciliation, PF withdrawals( approx. 800 Per Months), PF settlement (Approx. 80-100 Per months)

7 Activities Pension and Settlement– Disposal of all normal and abnormal retirement cases, court cases, service continuity, verification, printing of PPO, despatches etc. Suspense Section: This section maintain different suspense heads like HBA, MCA, Computer Advance, Cycle advance, Fan Advance, etc. Finance Earning: Finance earning proposals,( mainly commercial) SLR, STD/PCO, canteens,Land,Advertising etc. bills recoverable from outside parties like land building, siding,. Expendiure: All contractors and other Misc. bills. Telephone, electricity……….

8 Activities Finance Section : Scrutiny and vetting of Proposals, estimates, vetting of Briefing Notes and Tabulation Statements, Vetting of agreements, variation statements and other Misc. works Books II ( mainly Records keeping): all the paid Vouchers are received and checked........ and preserved for future references......... Books and Budget: All accountal, Debit and Credit from other units…printing of Cash Book……. Accounts currents

9 Activities Efficiency: Mainly MPR/ PCDO, replies to different letters from other offices. Inspection: Mainly inspection of different executive offices. Stock verification : Stock verification is done by HQ Stock verification wing but their replies, recovery and closure is watched by Division.

10 Activities Cash Side-Sr. DC Cash Pay side- Sr. DC Pay

11 Work distribution ( Sr.DFM) Administration Efficiency Budget All Finance proposals, Estimates, variations

12 DFM-I Audit objection Stock verification Inspection Tenders ( Sr.DEN-II,Sr.DEN- III, Den- Bridge and Electrical & Commercial Deptt.)

13 DFM-II Pension New Pension Scheme Books Tender cases of Sr. Scale finance power other than looked after by DFM-I Computerization and AFRES

14 ADFM-I Establishment both Gazetted and Non- Gazetted section. TA, OT, NDA and KMA vetting. Tenders of Junior Scale level.

15 ADFM-II PF withdrawal, settlement and Expenditure Post Audit including Cheque writing and Suspense section. Tender cases of Junior Scale level.

16 ADFM-PC Pension section. Bills recoverable and other recoveries. Agreement vetting, Briefing note vetting. Tender cases at Jr. scale level.

17 Action Plan items 1. Audit CasesOld 100 % by 31.12.2008 and current 80 % by 31.03.2009 2. Stock ShetOld 100 % by 31.12.2008 Current 80 % by 31.03.2009 3 Railway Boards Inspection Report Presently not pending 4 Suspense BalanceClearance of all out-standing items more than one year old.

18 Action Plan Items 5.Re-Conciliation of PFOne month Arrear- it will be looked into 6.Hospital Diet ChargesOld 100 % by 31.12.2008 and current 80 % by 31.03.2009. Monthly billing be done. 7.Bills Recoverable75 % of old items other than Closed/ in- operative & 80 % of current by 31.03.2009 8.Verification of Leave accounts. 100 % verification of SR of staff superannuating in next five year.

19 Action Plan 9 Gazetted officers InspectionMinimum 1 per month 10 Submission of NPS data to CPAO/ New Delhi 11 Electronic Fund transferNot Implemented 12 Electronic Clearing SchemeThere is very Poor Coverage of 12.5 % ( Target is 50 5 )

20 Action Plan 13TDS and submission of e- return ( A) For ContractorsSubmitted (B ) For employeesPAN is not available for all employees and due to that it is not submitted for those employees for which PAN is not available 14Disposal of Finance proposals Within 10 days

21 Important Parameters which are monitored through PCDO PAN Numbers New Pension Scheme Revenue Expenditure Capital Expenditure Audit reports Stock Sheets


23 Audit Objection DepartmentNumbers Engg.9 Commercial4 Mechanical( Power)3 Mechanical ( C&W)4 Electrical Medical2

24 Bills Recoverable in Cr. Position as on Opening Balance BillingPaymentClosing Balance 01.04.20072.302.182.272.21 01.04.20082.211.521.302.43 01.12.20082.434.881.196.12

25 Bills Recoverable There is Rs. 55 Lakhs outstanding against sidings which have been closed since last 15-20 years. And there is very remote possibility of its realisation. There is Rs. 97.75 Lakhs out standing against In-operative siding which also is very difficult to realise. There is Approx. Rs. 30 Lakhs as electrical dues against Co-operative societies, union offices, Institutes/ Clubs which is also not being paid.

26 Bangladesh Railway Engine Hire Charges. Damage and deficiency. Single control

27 STOCK SHEET POSITION AS ON OPENIN G BALANC E ACCRETI ON CLEARAN CE CLOSING BALANCE 01.04.07194108 194 01.04.081941618192 01.12.2008192

28 Stock Sheet Major Deptt DepartmentStock SheetI.R. Not received Engg.7121 Operating062 Signalling180 Sr.DEE( G)145 MD/BRSH179

29 Hospital Diet Charge in 000 Position as on Opening Balance AccretionClearanceClosing Balance 01.4.0726,782,626,9722,48 01.04.0822,482,917,1718,22

30 Admitted Debit in 000 Position as on Opening Balance AccretionClearanceClosing Balance 01.04.200714,3137,1132,0919.345 01.04.200819.3452,571,1620,75

31 Unsanctioned Expenditure Item Deptt.Amountsince Parcel Handling Bill Comm.6,27,8385-86 Volt. TCComm.1,00,85April 83 OT Allow. Of MD/ BRSH Medical16,95Aug-92 to Sept.- 93

32 Revenue and Capital Expenditure Are available in separate sheet.

33 Pending work study Reports no

34 Periodical transfer of staff holding sensitive posts All staffs holding sensitive posts have been periodically transferred.

35 Computerization AFRES programme for Computerization of Accounts activities is under implementation.

36 Problem Area Revenue expenditure All department should strictly stick to the sanctioned Revenue grant. For all Revenue proposals of more than Rs 15 lakhs or Rs 20 Lakhs – prior administrative approval of DRM be obtained before processing.

37 Problem areas Bank Payment The division is lagging in salary payment through banks ( Poor 13 % of total employees). A drive be started to cover at least all supervisors. (Action Plan 50%)

38 Problem Area EFT For contractors payments EFT scheme have been implemented since Oct. 2008 and nearly

39 Over time – suggestion for reduction For all staffs earning OT more than 50 hours in a Spell ( 14 Days ) should be countersigned by ADRM

40 Completion Report As per Engg. Code for all Capital works Completion reports be prepared ( Chapter XVII- Engg. Code) but presently it is not being prepared.

41 Any Other Items Copy of Last month MPR is also attached for more detail information.

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