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What is SIGVOL? Ignatius Volunteer Service Foundation Born from CLC, Christian Life Community Works with the Society of Jesus Ignatian Seculars Constructed.

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2 What is SIGVOL? Ignatius Volunteer Service Foundation Born from CLC, Christian Life Community Works with the Society of Jesus Ignatian Seculars Constructed as a foundation after five year of volunteer experience

3 What is SIGVOL? Young Professionals Dynamic volunteers Team Base 4 full time members 2 part-time members 10 contributors 1 Jesuit

4 1.Christian Life Community, CLC We read the signs of the time and the images of inequality that were presenting themselves in Ecuador. SIGVOL emerged as a real apostolic alternative of work for the most in need. 2. We work in close relation with the Society of Jesus in Ecuador. 3. We work on social projects at a national level and we are always in service of those in the most need. Where we born?

5 What are our objectives? Make beneficiaries conscientious of their potential and rights, the tools and opportunities necessaries for their integral development. Support integral development of marginalized communities through volunteer work suitable for the job. Support efficient and effective apostolic and social projects from the CLC, the Society of Jesus and other national organizations,. Favor the union and collaboration between all the social work of the Society of Jesus forming its work like a body. Objective 1.- Attend to the people that are the most in need in Ecuador with development projects through volunteers

6 What are our objectives? Objectivo 2.- That the volunteer experience helps to transform the minds and hearts of the young volunteers and afford them the opportunity to transform the structures of society in the near future. We hope to create a culture of solidarity with volunteers ranging from young students, university students, professionals and others, and hopefully integrating within the work of volunteers the support of businesses, foundations and public and private institutions, for the benefit of the poorest people in the country. Offer volunteers the experience of direct contact with the most marginalized in the country, to unearth the society again. Offer volunteers a human formation and technical skills. Generate a space for dialogue and reflection within the volunteer process. Present to volunteers a new option or a lifestyle that includes love, happiness and justice. Help form social leaders who are socially responsible and committed.

7 How we work? Selection of the work and projects: analyzing the demand of the organization that requires volunteers and establishes the feasibility of support and determines specific activities, in order to obtain the profile of the volunteer. We always try to locate works and projects that work with the most marginalized. Promotion: start a project promotion campaign in high schools, universities and professional school, following the profile located interior. Initial Contact: in this stage, we inform the volunteer what we can offer them, and what we ask them for the volunteer experience. Selection and location of the volunteer: working together with the volunteer through an analysis of their personal goals, we find a place where they are best able to serve and best able to live the volunteer experience.

8 How we work? Technical Training and Human Formation previous to the experience: Volunteer work should be from a great impact in the project in which the volunteer is inserted; therefore, it is necessary that the volunteer has all the technical tools for their involvement. In this step, technical specialists capacitate before they indicate their experience. Moreover, the manner how the volunteer executes their work and the relation with is crucial within the experience. Therefore we give the volunteer a previous formation and during their experience that help them widen their vision and find themselves with their brother equal of equal. Insertion in the Project: It is the initial phase of the work, in which the volunteer learns about the project from within, familiarizing themes with their form of work and their philosophy, in this, they feel part of the work and the consequences to make more effective their work and enrich their experience. Human Accompaniment: It is the tool that grants us the process of reflection and development of the volunteer experience. We offer an individual and group support, according to the conditions of the project. Like this, the volunteer assimilates the experience that he is living and reflects about the changes that are going to achieve he and in the work that develops.

9 How we work? Following a work technique: During the development of the project, the volunteer will have the constant company of a member of SIGVOL; in this manner, we will guarantee a permanent technique following of their work in the project. Evaluation of the Experience: We carry out the evaluation from three perspectives a) from the volunteer; b) from the benefit the work project; c) from SIGVOL. Moreover, make evaluations before, during and after the experience so that we are able to determine the results and that we can improve. Alter the Experience: once finished the experience, we expect the volunteer has transformed into a generator of change. In that way, we try to maintain a constant motivation for the volunteers that have worked with SIGVOL; therefore, we have programs in distinct areas: cultural, spiritual, civic and political; and likewise the opportunity to collaborate in our offices. In these programs, the volunteer is able to share his live, ideas and projects, moreover to be in the permanent contact with SIGVOL and with other volunteers.

10 What type of volunteer do we propose? Structured and in platform Committed and professional In network With impact With permanent support and evaluation A space for realizing about the social conditions of the poorest of our country A skin colour

11 The beneficiaries of the volunteers work Children and youths Eldery Women groups Indigenous Migrants and Refugees Education Health Community Develpment Construction of Emergency Housing

12 Results of our work

13 20032004

14 Results of our Work Some of the projects that we have worked on: School reinforcement at a popular neighbourhood in Quito Construction of Emergency Housing in Guayaquill Accompanied the elderly School support at the dining room of the Mariana de Jesus Foundation Vacation camping in Manta Elaboration of the web site for the Camari Project Technical training for the tutors of the Inti Wasi School in Guamote, Province of Chimborazo Health Campaign at the Amazonia, Provice of Sucumbios

15 Results of our work Participatory diagnosis and Action Plan for some communities from the Province of Guayas Fair price in Guamote Community Development in Guale, Province of Guayas School Reinforcement at a poor neighborhood in Quito Health attention at a poor neighborhood in Quito School Reinforcement at an indigenous school in Guamote Social and demographic investigation at a poor neighborhood

16 Results of our work We have constructed more than 300 houses in marginalized neighborhoods in Guayaquill We have worked with around 30 projects annually at a national level We have offered more place for multidisciplinary work The majority of volunteers finish completely motivated from the experience they took

17 The efforts of the students have benefited more than 6,000 people (in 2004), in the poorest areas in the country The experience of work is defined by a healthy atmosphere and very constructive for youths We have growth in the number of youths that live the volunteer experience We have helped in the most efficient and effective way the social projects through well trained volunteers Fruits of our work

18 THANK YOU!! /

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