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National Rural Employment Guarentee Act

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1 National Rural Employment Guarentee Act
NREGAsoft for National Rural Employment Guarentee Act MoRD- NIC Initiative


3 No.of States : 31 No. of Districts :599 No. of Blocks :6413 No. of Panchayats :

4 Implementation Status of NREGA for 2007-2008
S No Activity No. of households No. of persons 1. Registration 3,02,68,425 7,57,55,210 2 Job Card Issued 2,43,25,974 3. Demand for work 36,00,486 59,52,672 4. Work provided 32,92,485 54,05,614 Number of .Muster roll filled 10,07,668 Ongoing Works 249,823 No .of families completed 100 days 46,126 Persondays generated 9,45,56,032

5 Objectives of (NREGAsoft)
To bring transparency in the whole system Make various Registers, muster rolls, documents available to public. Provide single window interface for all the stake holders of NREGA Maintain records of 100 days of employment to a family Maintain accounts and generate all Registers/documents to be kept at Gram Panchayat in the format specified in guidelines Track transfer of fund to various implementing agency. Track the pattern of demand for work for future planning Prepare inventory of works/assets created under NREGA for future planning. Decide when and how much fund to replenish in which account. Highlight the irregularities, alerts to various stakeholders. Register grievances of workers. Facilitate information exchange.

6 Features of the software
Properly layered structure Separate role for each stakeholder Provide local language support Available in online as well as offline mode Offline module is available on Microsoft technologies as well as on open source technologies Loose coupling with BPL census 2002 and election commission database . Capturing data at grass root level User friendly

7 Work Flow Of NREGA Works Beneficiary Fund Transfer Works proposed
Gram Panchayat Fund transfer from Center Registration Technical approval Fund transfer from States Job card Issued No Reasons Fin. and admn approval D.P.C. Demand for work Shelf of work P.O. Admn. Exp. Other Impl. Agency Work allocation Transfer fund Work completed and assets created issue pay Blank muster roll forms having unique no. Unemploy. allowance Work provided, muster roll filled and wage paid Expenditure on material

8 Work Flow at Gram panchayat
Rural Indians with NREGA Job Card Rural Indians Registration Job card Demand for work Gram Sabha Ack. of Rect. of demand shelf of work receive Propose work Gram Panchayat Allocation Sheet Send work to P.O. for approval Allocation of work Generate reports/alerts/ Registers Payment on muster roll Measurement & Preparation of muster roll Receipt of blank muster roll form from P.O Maintain Account and prepare cash book Cash Bank Post office

9 Work Flow at Programme officer
Send work to engineers for technical approval TechnicalSanction With TS NO. and date is generated Send Technically approved work to D.P.C for financial approval Proposed work complaints issue blank muster roll to Impl. Agencies Attend complaints Programme officer Transfer of fund to GP/ other impl. agencies Maintain Account and prepare cash book Payment of unemployment allowance Receive fund Generate reports, alerts , analysis, muster roll issue register Admn. Exp.

10 Work Flow at D.P.C. Level Generate reports, Alerts, Analysis
Technically Sanctioned work Sanction works with unique sanction no and date complaints Generate reports, Alerts, Analysis Attend complaints District Programme Officer Transfer of fund to GP/P.O. other impl. agencies Maintain Account and prepare cash book Receive fund Admn. Exp.

11 Modules in NREGAsoft Administrative Module Beneficiary Module
Finance Module Works Management Module. Stores and Inventory Management Module Grievance Redress Module Cost estimation Module Knowledge network/solution exchange

12 Beneficiary module Registration Issue of job card Reasons
No Registration Issue of job card Reasons Yes Ack. for Receipt of demand Demand for work Approved work from work module Allocation of work Allocation sheet Muster roll issued by P.O. Generation of pay slip Work provided, muster roll filled,measurement done and wage paid

13 Codes Unique code to a household based on location code / family_id as per household survey e.g. OR /2860 Each member will be identified with serial no 1,2,3,4 and so on within the family e.g. OR /2860/1, OR /2860/2 Unique demand_id generated by system to account for the allocation of work fro that demand and calculation of unemployment allowance. Unique number to muster roll as printed on the blank muster roll issued by programme officer

14 Registration

15 Job Card

16 Details of Employment

17 Job Card Of Maharashtra

18 Kerala Job card in Malayalam

19 Kerala Job card in Tamil

20 Kerala Job card in Kannad

21 Demand for work

22 Acknowledgement for Receipt of demand

23 Work Allocation

24 Allocation Sheet

25 Muster Roll –Data Entry

26 Measurement Book –Data Entry

27 Wage List

28 Pay slips

29 Muster Roll

30 Muster Roll Of Kerala

31 Works management module
Revise the proposal No Proposal of work Technical sanction Sleep mode with Reasons Yes Financial sanction Shelf of work Suspended work Completed work Ongoing work Last verification of work Asset creation Last Verification of work

32 Codes & Parameters Unique code to each work based on location code / work category /work_serial_no. ( /WC-Tank/9724) Unique code to each asset based on location code / work category/asset_Year of completion/asset_serial_no ( /WC-Tank/asset0708/2) Parameters Year of proposal Priority Location of work with khata number ,plot number. Area covered Existing status Proposed status Expected mandays to be generated Expected cost Work status Expected date of start and completion Date and number of Technical sanction and final seanction Whether included in annual action plan/perspective plan

33 Rural Connectivity

34 Water Conservation

35 Work Sanction–Data Entry

36 Suspend Work

37 Completion of work

38 Last Measurement/Verification of work

39 Gram Panchayat Staffing Pattern

40 Fund Management Module
MoRD State RD Department District Programme Coordinator Programme officer at block level Unenmployment allowance Other Impl. Agencies Gram Panchayats Expenditure on labour Expenditure on material Admn. Expenditure

41 Codes for Fund Management
Each transfer of fund gets a unique transfer _id Each receipt of fund gets a unique receipt_id Each receipt is linked to its transfer Parameters Transfer from whom Transfer to whom Date of transfer Amount transferred Cheque/DD/TT number Cheque/DD/TT date



44 Funds received by D.P.C.

45 Fund Transferred from D.P.C.

46 Fund Received by Programme officer

47 Fund transferred by programme officer

48 Fund Received by Gram Panchayat/implementing agencies


50 Procurement of Material Payment to skilled and semi skilled workers
Material Management Procurement of Material Payment to skilled and semi skilled workers


52 Payment to skilled/semi skilled workers

53 Progamme officer at Block level
Issue of Blank Muster Roll form Issue of Measurement Book Payment of unemployment allowance Attending Complaints

54 Issue of Blank Muster Roll form

55 Issue of Measurement Book To Engineers

56 Payment of unemployment allowance

57 Cost Estimation Module
Fill Prepare detailed estimate for work Engineers Schedule of rates Measurement of Site Calculate the labour payment as per measurement for a muster roll Calculate wage per day on a muster roll

58 Schedule of Rates(SoR)
SoR can be State level , Regional level , District level

59 Preparation of Estimate-Input Screen

60 Cost Estimation Of Earthen Road

61 Abstract Estimates

62 Measurement book Jr. Engg

63 Grievance Redressal system

64 Grievance –Data Entry Impl. Agency I have not got my job card


66 Bank/ Post Office Module
Create the masters which link the villages with BO, SO, HO. Update the Wrong Account Found (if any) Authorised muster for payment by Bank/Post Office Receive Cheque Generate Wage List Cheque Realisation Creadit Fund into Account Enter Fund Disbursement Details Close Account

67 Authorised Muster For Payment


69 Generate Wage List

70 Bank/ Post Office


72 H.O. Master Directory

73 Enter B.O. Directory

74 Credit Wage list/ Account of Worker

75 Social Audit Module Social audit calender
Issue raised and action taken(summary) Verification of documents and observation Grievance submitted action taken Minutes of meeting

76 Social Audit Calender

77 Issue Raised & Action Taken (Summary)

78 Verification of Documents and Observation

79 Grievance Submitted & Action Taken

80 Minutes of Meeting

81 Labour Budget Module

82 Labour Projection

83 Work Projection - GP

84 Report Generation

85 G.P. Level Reports


87 Registration caste wise

88 List of persons Demanded job

89 List of persons to whom employment offered

90 Work Status Report

91 Unfulfilled Demand

92 Alerts on Attendance

93 Alerts on Employment Exhausted

94 Cash Book

95 Works Pending For Technical Approval (GP)

96 Works Pending For Financial Approval (GP)

97 Social Audit Report

98 Verification & Observation

99 Grievance Submitted

100 Programme Officer reports


102 State Level Reports

103 MPR Reports From MIS




107 Financial Statement for Financial Year 2007-2008

108 MIS Analytic Reports


110 Expenditure Statement for Works

111 Work Register

112 Work Register

113 Average Wage Paid

114 Suspended Works

115 Expenditure on Work



118 Fund available at D.P.C.

119 Funds Flow Statement & Expenditure For DPC for Financial Year 2007-2008

120 Labour, Material Ratio Analysis

121 Outlays & Outcomes during Financial Year 2007-2008

122 Locations with absence of NREGA processes

123 Location With No Registration

124 Location With No Job Card Issued

125 Location With No Demand For work

126 Location With No work in shelf

127 Location With No ongoing work

128 Alerts

129 List of Registered persons to whom job Card Not issued

130 Registered Person Without Job Card

131 Demand And Delayed Allocation

132 Unemployment Allowance

133 Delayed Payment


135 Works running behind the schedule

136 Analysis-Boudh,Orissa
Wage,Material Ratio Analysis Work Execution Level Analysis

137 MIS issues raised by States
Family worked more than 100 days Entry of Wage per day in muster roll. Entry for previous financial year. Entry of skilled/semiskilled workers. Unicode enablement of system. Uploading data on websites from blocks. Infrastructure Set up at block level Editing /deletion of record Muster roll not found. Job card no is not available in the demand screen. Closing account at each level. Difference between fund available at a level and at a location.

138 Thank You

139 Status of NREGAsoft implementation of Financial Year 2006-07

140 Status of NREGAsoft implementation of Financial Year 2007-08





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