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Cal Stat Transition Summit Chapman University January 20, 2011 Presenter Desiree De Santos-Shaffer.

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1 Cal Stat Transition Summit Chapman University January 20, 2011 Presenter Desiree De Santos-Shaffer

2 Transition Programming Disability Disclosure Accommodations Work Site Evaluations Job Coaching & Natural Supports OJT s


4 ….to empower all individuals with disabilities with the skills necessary to achieve their full potential in adult living, through support and collaboration with families, education and communities.

5 Students use a personal grooming schedule to prepare for work. Students go shopping to purchase their hygiene/grooming supplies

6 Students learn how to use washing machines and dryers Students work on folding, hanging, and ironing clothing.

7 Students make daily lunch. Depending on their work schedule they have options of microwaving, making a sandwich or using the George Foreman Grill. Parents give input on choices offered based on dietary needs. Picture supports are given to students to make food group choices for the week. Students selects a variety of healthy and fun foods to eat.

8 Students take a lunch break at a dining establishment. Lunch Break

9 In the adult transition program students use public busing and/or walk to their destinations. With assistance students work on planning out their destinations and how they will get there.

10 Students go through the office building collecting the Recycle good such as Paper, Cans, and Bottles. Students work on greetings and making small conversation with the staff when entering the offices. Recycling Program

11 Students in the adult transition program work on office skills in the classroom and then use those applications at their site. Some of the skills the students work on in and out of the classroom are shredding, filing, folding letters, alphabetizing, computer skills, emailing, and copying.

12 Working on facing shelves in the classroom. Working on office tasks in the classroom

13 Lamppost Pizza Atria Senior Center Walgreens CVS Woodbridge Manor Chilis Candlewood Suites H-Mart JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store Heritage Library Stonecreek Animal Hospital Henrys Sports Authority Brandman University Hoag Hospital Double Tree Hotel Smart and Final


15 According to Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) – In a disability context, disclosure means that people with disabilities share personal information about their disability for the specific purpose of receiving accommodations.

16 There is no standardized way to share ones disability. Individuals need to determine the following: What, if anything, they want to reveal. They must determine whom to disclose to and how much information to share If they do not have an apparent disability one must decide if they should disclose their disability. Will it help the individual receive the accommodations they require? United States Department of Labor - Office of Disability Employment Policy

17 Decide how specific you will be when describing your disability. Do you want to use general terms? Do you want to give your exact diagnosis? Describe the skills you have that make you able to perform the main duties of the job. Qualifications/Technical Skills General Work Sites Describe any functional limitations or behaviors caused by your disability which interfere with your performance. Identify accommodations you need to overcome those functional limitations or behaviors. Optional: You may choose to describe the behaviors or symptoms the employer might observe and tell the employer what steps to take as a result. Point the employer to resources for further information.


19 Career Link – Irvine Unified School District


21 Modifications or adjustments to the work environment or to the circumstances under which a particular task is customarily performed that enable a qualified individual with a disability to perform the essential functions of that position (including jobs, education, and community involvement). National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth. (2005). The 411 on Disability Disclosure – A Workbook for Youth with Disabilities

22 In order to receive any kind of accommodation in the workplace or post-secondary education, information needs to be disclosed to the proper administration. While individuals are in grades K-12 the accommodations they need are disclosed through their IEP and IEP team. Before leaving the school system the individual needs to know that if they would like or need to receive accommodations it will be their responsibility to request these accommodations and that they may have to disclose their disability in order to receive the accommodations. Knowledge of their specific accommodations and when they require the accommodation will assist the individual with deciding what disability information needs to be shared. United States Department of Labor - Office of Disability Employment Policy






28 Student working the front desk at Candlewood Suites. She uses a filing place holder to help with her job task. Filing Accommodation

29 Student working at his job site folding napkins. He uses a tally sheet to total up how many napkins he has folded during this assigned job task. Work Accommodation

30 While at working at this site one of the young ladies wears her backpack at work with her personal belongings. She prefer having her items with her, so the team made this accommodation for her. Work Accommodation








38 Students working at Marshalls with their job coach. Job Coaching

39 Student interning at CVS works with his manager to face the shelves. Natural Supports


41 Person Centered Planning (PCP)……is an ongoing problem-solving process used to help people with disabilities plan for their future. In person centered planning, groups of people focus on an individual and that persons vision of what they would like to do in the future. This person- centered team meets to identify opportunities for the student to develop personal relationships, participate in their community, increase control over their own lives, and develop the skills and abilities needed to achieve these goals.


43 Curtis, Simonds, Koorndyk- Diagnostic Center Southern California

44 Allen, Shea & Associates Getting from Where I Am to Where I Want to Be!


46 What is OJT? Excellent job placement tool for negotiating employment for consumer Offsets training costs and fees to assist business with expenses related to training the individual Incentive for businesses to hire DOR consumer = good business sense

47 What is OJT? (cont.) Training Stipend for the employer/trainer only and not to supplement wages Non-binding contract among: Consumer, SVRC, and Business Opportunity to conduct community outreach to qualified local businesses

48 Goals of OJT SVRC collaborates with local Employer/Businesses = develops stable relationships for future hiring opportunities Incentive for businesses to hire DOR consumer Employer keeps consumer on as an employee

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