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© Whats Next? How To Make Life Work, After A Life Time Of Work Navigating Your Encore John Meeker Trail Guide and Advisor.

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1 © Whats Next? How To Make Life Work, After A Life Time Of Work Navigating Your Encore John Meeker Trail Guide and Advisor

2 My Best Advise is START Clarify your goals Find and work with a Trail Mate Start new beginnings working on own terms Dive deep, find treasures and share them Give back to communities How To Start

3 Tools to Move Forward Practical steps to start – right away o Set your own goals o Use your strengths o Travel with Trail Mates The Tools Should be Good For: o Those who are traveling in circles o Trail Guides - figuring out how to cross a river o Trail Mates – exploring and/or lost o Pioneers with Wagon Train Use the tools you have and figure it out! Practical Tools

4 Why Clients Hire Me as a Trail Guide and Advisor I am John Meeker I work with non-profit and for profit clients My clients hire me to guide them to learn practical ways to: o Start New Beginnings o Work on Their Own Terms o Give Back to their Communities This is How to Navigate your Encore! Why Me?

5 My Experience and Credentials Control Data – Pioneer Computer Based Training Minnesota Education Computer Corp o The Oregon Trail o Where in The World is Carmen San Diego Carolina - Chaplain and Head of Residence Life Michigan – Coordinator of Speakers Retained National Search Practice with Education Technology clients Writer and advisor for Baby Boomers -to guide clients through their encore

6 Learn About Each Other Your name? How long have you lived in Minnesota? Other places you have lived? Experience with for profits? Experience with non-profits? Experience with Public Health? Local, regional, state, or national government services? How many are re-entering the career market after extended time as a care giver? Grow A Community

7 More About Each Other How many expect to reinvent your career? (Less so to recreate yourself.) How many want to work full time? Flexible hours or part time? Free Agent or Contractor on a project? How many have already started your own company? How many times, like me? How many are interested in starting your own business or consulting career and have questions about how to begin?

8 The Journey So Far… Most of us Baby Boomers would say we got where we are because of our: Hard work, long hours Blood sweat and tears (Sometimes from others and sometimes our own) Sacrifices along the way (Sometimes our own and sometimes from others) Out competed others Outsiders might say we got to where we are today, by being Self Absorbed We may take too much credit and take on too much blame or shame Where Are We Now?

9 What Did Help Us Get Here: Trail Mates and those who influenced us o Parents and Siblings o Religious leaders and Mentors o Bosses and Teachers o Organizations: academic, non-profit, for profit and service Pioneering o Competing because there are so many of us o Being open to opportunities all over and making our own way o Willing to Pioneer again, as we are reaching retirement

10 So, How Is The Water? Going over a cliff? o Deep or Shallow o Rocky or Sandy o Dark or Light Cant swim? Hell, the fall will kill you! Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid Retirement Feels Like…

11 What is different for us in the journey ahead? Live longer than previous generations Nest eggs likely smaller Responsibilities for younger and older generations Employers are less loyal than we expected Easy to feel like you are a YOYO

12 Info About Baby Boomers MetLife o Fact Encore o Fact Civic Venture o Fact Data

13 Lets Give This Stage a Name… Second Half (as in sports) September (as in after Summer and before Winter) Life Portfolio Management (as in diversity) Big Shift (as in big change) Encore Career (as in what to do after performance)

14 Sherrie Rose,

15 Trail Guides Leave Trail Markers for those who follow Help you to navigate forward o Look back and begin again o Work on your own terms o Give back to communities Trail Markers & Tools

16 Trail Marker 1 RETREAT, REFLECTION AND SABBATICAL Why o Doesnt come naturally for many people BUT… o Research says it works o Look to others who have tried this Who With o Be on your own - for some o Be with fellow travelers or group o Professional and confidential advisor

17 Trail Marker Tool 1 When o Daily (15 minutes) o Weekly (1 hour) o Quarterly (2 hours) o Annually (1 day) o Retreat (2 and half days) How to: o Use the tools and resources from class o Get in touch with spiritual roots o Unplug o Find your space where there are no interruptions

18 Trail Marker 2 Own It, Share It, and Let It Go Look back for your treasures and experiences Write About it, Photograph it, Paint it, Teach about it Share it with others who are interested: Colleagues, friends, family - younger and older Repack your bags and begin

19 Trail Marker Tool 2 Look Back Who were 3 most influential: tell them or someone who knows them 3 most exciting experiences: Memoir 3 whom you influenced - Feathers in your cap: Contact them Find a way to be creative with your treasures

20 Trail Marker 3 Join A Wagon Train Dont ride for the Pony Express – alone Important to network and connect – Trail Mates o Many of the questions you have can be answered by them o Make sure Trail Mates bring you energy –not take it away Spend time on what matters Choose an experienced Trail Guide

21 Trail Marker Tool 3 Connect with new Trail Mates o Redefine old ones o Work with different generations o Find those who balance your strengths Define Boundaries o People who bring energy o People who compliment you o Decide what is important Look for trail markers left by others o Find a good guide

22 TRAIL MARKER 4 This Your Journey What are realistic goals? o Travel, Family responsibilities, financial need Where are you now with career identity? Models to Achieve new career identity o Organization employees o Projects for organizations o Shift career fields o Interim assignments o Start your own business Find your voice and terms Organizations need Who will be on the trail with you?

23 Trail Marker Tool 4 Get Out Your Compass Satisfiers: Then and now Energizers: Then and now Select Trail Mates o Find new ones o Redefine old ones YOUR Strengths o Be sure about yours. Ask others o Gallups StrengthsFinder o Do what you do well o Throw your fast ball

24 Trail Marker 5 Take Control of Your Encore Assess your goals and objectives often o Know if you are a dynamo, cruiser or spectator o Define and redefine your goals Make sure your Trail Mates are on the same page Check your compass – how are you doing? What matters, gets counted Be accountable to yourself and to Trail Mates

25 Trail Marker Tool 5 Write your objectives down o Sync your goals with Trail Mates o If not in sync change them Be Accountable o Focus on short term objectives – this is a process o Re-Orient after each 90 days – or more often if necessary

26 Trail Marker 6 Timing It doesnt have to take long Starting is the hardest part Clarify goals, navigate forward for first 90 days Refocus and shift for the next 90 days Target 18 month accomplishments

27 Trail Marker Tool 6 6 Week Model Retreat Model Single Customized Sessions Goal setting How to find Trail Mates How to find advisors How to start your own business

28 Survive Disappointments and Hard Times Plenty of disappointments and hurts for all Breathe and give yourself a break Do Not Give Up – grip the rope and hold on Lean back into life (It takes time) o Not a parachute jump o Not a launch Rely on your strengths o Break out Take it easy, but take it Woody Guthrie

29 My Commitment to You If one of you organizes it, Ill meet with class members for coffee and a round table conversation during May or June If you send me your email, Ill include you in community building via publications, social media, and heads up about area events See flyer about professional services from NAVIGATE YOUR ENCORE TM Community

30 Other Trail Markers and Tools How to find out what energizes you, that they will pay for How to recreate your career identity How to learn what you need for media presence. What you need legally to hang up your shingle Work on your own terms with clients and colleagues How to manage your time and space New Beginnings: 1) creating; 2) teaching; 3) traveling How to be an effective volunteer How to be an effective employee in a non-profit How to establish the legacy you want How to write about your treasures How to travel and learn How to teach How to work with advisors or consultants Other products & services

31 Contact Information John Meeker Founder and Principal - Meeker Search and Consulting Speaker, Advisor and Guide Whats Next? How to make life work, after a lifetime of work Navigating Your Encore 952 921-3262 - Minneapolis office 612 750-3826 – cell Be in touch…

32 More Information Sherrie Rose,

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