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2 What is A Value? A Value IsA Value Is Not A quality of life that you value, that brings you joy and a sense of being you, that is at the essence of who you are. A moral principle An intangible (i.e. adventure, beauty, justice, kindness) An activity or thing (i.e. sports, family, gardening) At the core of who you areNot who you want to be or think you should be. Already within you, to be discovered and articulated. Something you chose or adopt 2

3 Core Values 3 Your right work is work that is aligned with your values. It gives you the opportunity to express your values.

4 Going to the Values at the Core Level 1 (Surface Level): The Experience Planning the annual meeting for the Smith Family Foundation Level 2 (Going Deeper): The Key Elements of the Experience Challenging research, a lot of freedom to decide how to do it, wearing multiple hats…. Level 3 (The Core): The Values Being Expressed or Honored Learning/growth/ challenge Autonomy/creativity/self- reliance 4

5 Examples of Values Taras Values Community/Web of Souls/Part of/Expected Creativity/Generation/Co-creation/Visioning Faith/Tenacity/Hope/The Path Beauty/Style/Art Change/Curiosity/Shake it Up/Non-Judgment Katherines Values Purpose/drive/meaning/unity/BabyCenter Loyalty/love/support Color/fun/variety/Target-time Leadership/inspiration/trust/teamwork 5

6 What Are Your Core Values? What are your core values? How do they get honored or expressed at work at now? How can you give them greater expression – in your current work, and as you think about your next professional chapter? To enjoy your work more To bring more energy to work To make a greater contribution 6

7 Recall A Peak Experience A time when You felt fully alive You felt like yourself Life felt particularly rewarding, fulfilling, rich You felt a sense of rightness, resonance, or being in the flow of life Work, school, volunteer, social, or recreational experiences What was the experience? What did you feel? 7

8 Building Out the Picture of Your Values Think about a second peak experience Think about the figures that most inspire you or the figures in public life you feel most attracted to/interested in. Which of your values do they embody? Ask yourself: what must you have, beyond the basic necessities, in order to be fulfilled in life? 8

9 Increasing Values Expression 9 How expressed are your values in your current job, on a scale of 0-10? What could increase values expression – where you are now? What does it look like for each value to be expressed at a level 8, 9, 10?

10 Increasing Values Expression ValueCurrent Level of Expression (1-10) Ways to Increase Expression of This Value Purpose/drive/meaning/un ity/BabyCenter 6Clarify my big goals with my boss. Take time to go to community events to reconnect to purpose. Loyalty/love/support4Sincerely thank others for the work they do. Cultivate meaningful relationships at work. Pause when I get really grumpy, and take a walk around the block. Color/fun/variety/Target- time 1Get involved in holiday and birthday celebrations. Set up fun lunches with co- workers. Allow more of my sense of humor through in my work. 10

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