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Joy of Work PMG Consultancy Services Hisar Zone Joy of work-PMG CS HZ.

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1 Joy of Work PMG Consultancy Services Hisar Zone Joy of work-PMG CS HZ

2 Work All the work is done by the ants do things-by tiny but untiring and regular additions. -Lafcadio Hearn Work is a challenge. -Dr. O.A. Battista Work spares us from three evils- boredom, vice and need. -Voltaire It is not enough to be busy…the question is : what are we busy about? –Henry D. Thoreau Joy of work-PMG CS HZ

3 In physics, a force is said to do work when it acts on a body so that there is a displacement of the point of application, however small, in the direction of the force. Thus a force does work when there is movement under the action of the force. [1]physics [1]

4 How to work efficiently? Keep your desk and your files organized to avoid wasting time shuffling through piles of paper. Go through your inbox at the beginning of each work day. Either throw away, file or follow up on each item. Joy of work-PMG CS HZ

5 Prioritize a list of the tasks you need to accomplish that day. Delegate tasks to co-workers and assistants if possible. Finish one task before you go on to the next. Reduce paperwork by storing important information on your computer or electronic organizer. Communicate effectively and plan carefully to make sure a job is done properly the first time around. Joy of work-PMG CS HZ

6 Schedule time when you'll be available, and let colleagues know, to avoid constant interruptions. Close the door if you need to. Take breaks. A short walk or quick lunch away from the office will increase your overall productivity. Before leaving for the day, tidy up your desk and make a short list of projects you will need to do the next day. Try not to take work home. You need the break. Joy of work-PMG CS HZ

7 Japanese work ethics Joy of work-PMG CS HZ

8 Japan has not only banished poverty but has become one of the most affluent countries. Her economic progress is un- matched in world history. Many factors have no doubt contributed to her incredible achievement but foremost amongst them is her work ethic, that is the people's attitude towards work.

9 Joy of work-PMG CS HZ The world over, workers detest their work, resent their supervisors and managers, show little genuine enthusiasm for their work. On the contrary, the Japanese love their organisation, respect managerial authority and strive for excellence in their work. It is necessary to understand how the Japanese work ethic has been developed and is being continually enriched and strengthened.

10 Joy of work-PMG CS HZ The Japanese are not a very religious-minded people but their dominant passion is to rise a little above others. Their way of life is profoundly influenced by Buddhism. The function of work according to Buddhism is three-fold: (a) to enable a person to develop himself, (b) to make him aware of the need to help and assist others and thus to satisfy the social instinct. It is through work that a man binds himself to society, and (c) to produce goods and services needed for a meaningful existence. Human life needs to be organised around meaningful work. Zen Buddhism has refined these ideas further in a number of ways. It holds that all work is sacred, all tasks important. 'If you have eaten your rice porridge, you had better wash your bowl.' Another famous Zen tenet is: 'A day of no work is a day of no food.'

11 Joy of work-PMG CS HZ The aim of education according to Zen philosophy is to enable the individual to improve his performance throughout his life. One has to strive for perfection till the last moment. This is the significance of the celebrated story of the famous Zen master, Hakuin Ekaku, who said that he took ten minutes and eighty years to paint a painting of Daruma, the founder of the Zen sect.

12 Joy of work-PMG CS HZ Training is life-time training in Japan for all employees, including the top personnel. There is a weekly training session in every factory and it is estimated that in the first ten years of service, almost five hundred days are devoted to training of various types. And this investment in training is found to be invaluable. It develops the urge for acquiring new knowledge and skills. It encourages team effort and above all, it dispels boredom which is inherent in routine work. The Japanese worker finds his work challenging and therefore of absorbing interest.

13 Joy of work-PMG CS HZ In Japan personnel management is considered to be the most important aspect of management. Large 'organisations guarantee life-time employment and bestow maximum possible care on the well-being of their employees. As life-time employment is assured, the employees are equally devoted to the company, co-operate with management and are prepared for technological innovations. They do not try to retard productivity. Japanese employees prefer an organisation rich in human emotions.

14 Joy of work-PMG CS HZ Japanese management spends very adequately on labour welfare and adopts various imaginative measures so that workers develop interest in their work. They are given wider responsibilities. In some factories workers themselves order the parts they would require the next day. A worker who has inspected the goods signs a card with his photograph. On the reverse, the card says: 'I have inspected the product for you and I am sure it is going to work, but if it does not, put this card in the mail.'

15 Joy of work-PMG CS HZ Japanese workers are alive to the economic realities of the situation. They are aware that their country is not rich in natural resources and they have to live on exports. They rea1ise fully the need to improve productivity and have in fact immensely benefitted by this approach. Their real wages are comparable with those of American workers.

16 Joy of work-PMG CS HZ Even family members attach great importance to office work. If the husband is called for work on a holiday, the young wife feels proud that her husband is indispensable to the organisation. One young executive had to work extra hours for a number of days on some important project. To give him some relief, he was allowed to go home early subsequently for a few days. But his mother advised him to go to the bar and come home as usual, as neighbours started enquiring whether he had any problems at work.

17 Joy of work-PMG CS HZ Animal Needs Company policy and administration Supervision Interpersonal relations Working conditions Salary Human Needs Achievement Recognition Work itself Responsibility Advancement

18 Be yourself TalentLooks ActsValues You Joy of work-PMG CS HZ

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